Lies of the Sea

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Chapter 16


My first assignment since little Miguelito’s ass was killed.

I follow Aidan and Andrew through these titanium doors that lead into a factory. Andrew tells me that this factory creates paintball guns, as a diversion to hide the actual gun making. It is quite clever actually, they have all the licenses and stuff.

Below the factory and the offices, is the actual work. Where Aidan makes all the decisions, shipments, and other things.

Just like home, I thought.

Once down in the basement, we enter this room that looks like straight out of a Justice League comic; there is a round table, big enough to fit at least eight people.

“Ximena, we will be right back, we have to get some business done,” Aidan interrupts my gazing.

“Yeah yeah, whatever. Boys stuff,” I roll my eyes, continuing to look at the office.

“Boys stuff indeed. Your Dad never lets you in on assignments?” Emma appears with her fiance Jack.

“He does, especially when I am assigned. I don’t really care about the actual side of the business, I care about the fun part,” I look at the people coming in.

“You mean the on-field crap,” Jack raises his eyebrows.

“Yup,” popping the P, “I am the head of the assignments and training. It’s sorta my job, apart from working as a CNA.”

“You work as a CNA?” a mocha color lady walks in.

“I did, but that seems to be on hold.”

“Name is Star, I am the comms work here,” she shakes my hand.

“Good, you the best?”

“Nah, that’s Terrance, my brother. Although I like to be,” she shrugs.

“Well, you are my eyes and ears. I am afraid that I’ll be too busy on the task at hand.”

“Oh, I have never done that before, just hacking into the system. Is it rough?”

“Its okay, not as bad as you think. Just tell me if there are men coming my way if shit gets too hectic. La Sirena needs all the help she can get, it doesn’t matter if you are not experienced.”

The muttering and slight chattering all subsided once that name was said. I look around and the room had about five people, all from various backgrounds. Some are examining me, others whispering to their coworkers at the sight of me. Out of embarrassment, I sat down, waiting for Aidan and Andrew.

Sure enough, everyone else follows, some keeping an eye on me. I guess my mantra and my legend is heard here, just never the face, I made sure my face is well hidden. Inside, I smile to myself knowing that some people are afraid of me.

Aidan and Andrew reappear, this time the projector is turned on and we see a picture of Dom Uliza, our target.

“Okay, this is our one and only chance to get Dom, the Russian head mob. He doesn’t come out often but somehow he manages to sneak into France,” Aidan explained.

“Right, he will be at this casino owned by Russians, presumably the next top gang, the Strikers. He will be in one of the rooms where it is a small but luxurious apartment-like room. And according to our inside woman, he is looking to celebrate with plenty of women,” Andrew explained.

“As many of you know, he worked with us during my father’s command. Since then, he has been stealing merchandises and money right under our nose to create brothels throughout Europe. Our goal is to take him down and find out exactly where those brothels are at,” Aidan explains.

“Word on the street is that this casino opening marks the alliance between the Black Nights, our rivals, and the Snow Knights. Wild Dogs of Miami already had their party and he did not show. The Snow Knights are quickly fading, money is tight thus the alliance. We need everything that they know.”

“Fortunately, we have Ximena here,” Aidan points at me, “She will seduce Dom until we get in there and capture him. She has expertise in that field and this will be the perfect opportunity.”

“Wait. A. Damn. Minute. You never explain or even mention that I would be seducing a man,” I growl.

“You can do it, right?”

“Hmmm yes, I can. El Mar women have taught me enough. Usually, I do interrogations, not the seducing but I am sure I can do it.”

“You are El Mar?” Terrance speaks.

“Yes, I am sure you guys know that I have a bounty on my head. This is a perfect opportunity to get Dom and some info about the alliance. El Mar is doing their part in the States, we have to do ours.”

There are whispers about me and El Mar, stating how they are powerful. Some nodded and agreed to the brief alliance we are making. I return my glare to Aidan who is all but smiles. My frown returns, looking at him with hate.

“If I am going to do this, I need more than one pair of eyes and ears. Star mentioned that she does the comms work. I need her there, she needs to be protected and in VIP area guarded with men, or any area. There she can contact you should I need some assistance just in case things go haywire.”

“Star, would you like to do this,” Aidan asks, still looking at me. I turn my look to Star who is shaking in her seat. I give a small smile, hoping and begging, that she’ll take the job.

“Yes...sir...I would,” she stutters.


I smile and look back at Aidan, quickly returning a glare. The people at the meeting were glancing towards me and then back at Aidan. “I think she is pissed off,” someone whispers.

“I would hate to be on her bad side,” another one chimes in.

“Guys, this meeting is done. Terrance, Star, Jerry, James, and Tamar why don’t you guys head to the weapons lot, you’ll be coming with us. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, this is a casino party we are attending, blend in,” Aidan orders.

“I will get the comms ready and meet you outside before we leave,” Andrew announces.

They all nodded in agreement, I huff and get up, leaving with the rest of the crew. I hear Aidan cough, more like clearing his throat. I turn around and he raises an eyebrow, signaling that he needs to talk to me. Rolling my eyes, I walk up to him, leaning against the table.

“What,” I groan.

“My, my. You don’t think you can do it?” He asks

“Oh I can, but a heads up would’ve been nice. Jerk,” I hiss at him.

While walking towards me, he narrows his eyes, examining my stance. Suddenly, he is in front of me, looking down at me with his emerald eyes. I feel his hands snake around my waist pulling me closer to him, causing me to hitch my breath. I felt his free hand grab a chunk of my hair, pulling it down to make my head face him.

“It aches me,” he leaves feathery kisses on my jawline, “to put you in that position. I don’t want any man touching you.”

He reaches the bottom of my lips, planting a hugely passionate and fiery kiss. His lips move with mine, soon our tongues began intertwining, becoming more heated each second. My hands move to his face, pulling him in, wanting more.

Fool, you just met me and we had only one kiss.

“This is for that stunt you pull in the room,” he pulls away abruptly, leaving me upset.

“We have a job to do, Mr,” I whisper back letting him go.

“Jesus Ximena, you can’t let me have anything,” Aidan mutters.


“Since you are seducing, I should show you the room where we have all of our clothes,” Star appears when I exit the room.

“You got anything sexy, exotic, and maybe long sleeve?”

“I have something in mind,” she smiles.

I follow Star to a room that has clothes hanging everywhere, some even are on mannequins to flaunt exactly how the clothing will look like. I help Star find the dress I am exactly looking for, given that Dom loves women.

“Ah, here it is,” Star comes up with a black dress.

“Cool, I’ll go put it on while you find a dress. Don’t worry about something flashy, unless you want it to be,” I smile taking the dress.

“Noooo, I am cool with a simpler dress,” she laughs walking back to the clothing room, “We have 30 minutes before we leave, so we have to hurry.”

“Okay,” I yell back as I scatter my clothes on the floor.

Wow, this dress will get the man’s attention. Although it is black, it is a split cut, exposing both of my legs, just covering my womanhood. It then has a deep v neck cut, allowing my breast to be cover, but showing just the middle part of my chest.

I pull out my hair tie allowing the curls to fall in place. I put on some mascara and falsies then a red lip. I want the dress to do the talking, so I put on simple black heels.

“Wow. Ximena, you,” she smiles.

“Yeah, thanks. How am I going to hide my knives?” I ask looking at the dress.

“Oh, don’t worry. Wear these heels instead,” she hands me these very heavy heels, “On the back, there is a knife. Both of the heels have them, simply just stomp your foot and it’ll pop out.”


“I designed it,” she grins with happiness.

“You look hot too. Got the comms?”

“Yup, there are earrings, shaped like a black diamond.”

“You designed these as well?”

“My brother, he knows what he is doing sometimes.”

“We need have girl time, you clearly know what you are doing.”

“Once we get Dom, we should hurry. The party has already started, and Aidan doesn’t like being late.”

I follow Star to the parking lot, walking by every man who is either gawking at me or at Star. Star’s very curvy figure is squeezed into her tight short dress. It is velvet black, sweetheart neckline and helps create the illusion of longer legs. She is a bit shy as she moves closer to me, hoping that the men can take a hint.

“Don’t like the attention,” I whisper.

“I do, but from the opposite sex,” she mutters back.

“Oh shit. Can I be your wing woman,” I smile.

“Really? You don’t mind?”

“Why would I? Just as long you are not a rapist or a child murderer, I think we can be cool.”

“You and Terence are the only ones that have accepted me. My so-called friends never did.”

“Trust me, you are immediately loved by me.”

We finally made it outside, waiting for the black Bentleys to pick us up. I see Aidan and Andrew with a few other men coming out, looking dapper in their suits. Since it is a black-tie event at the casino, the guy’s bowties are in various shades of black.

Going into the car, I see Aiden in the back with his jaws drops. Andrew looks my way, his jaws drop as well, soon the other men gazing their way at me.

“I know! Star looks amazing!” I exclaim.

“It’s not me,” Star scowls.

“I know, I like to give them a hard time.”

I smile and blow them a kiss as I enter the car. There I am greeted by Jay, who happens to be my driver.

“Jay seems you can’t get enough,” I flirt.

“Ms. Ximena, I see that YOU can get enough of me,” he smiles back.

“To the casino please,” Star interrupts.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Here Ximena, wear these contacts. I have managed to put cameras in them, sort of like glasses. The comms in the earrings will help me talk to you, while these contacts help me see. They are blue, I try to get them to match your color but that takes days and well, we only have one.”

“Honestly, I think I may work here. Although Bella, my sister in law, might be pissed that you are quickly taking over my amazement.”

“It is no biggie, truly. I am just excited that someone actually appreciates my genesis,” she smiles.

“Aidan doesn’t?”

“He does, but he has never found a use for them. We always do smaller missions or assignments that only require comms work. Since his father...passed on...we only focus on the little guys and not the big ones. This is why I am very excited.”

“We are going to have a big conversation about that.”

“Ladies, we are here. Let me help you out. Aidan wants you, girls, to go in first, then him, to avoid distractions,” Jay interrupts our conversation.

“Star,” I motion her to get out first.

“You are the hot one!” She exclaims.

“But you need to be seated in VIP so you get out first,” I urge her.

“Ugh fine.”

Since this casino opening is an event, paparazzi-filled the streets, hoping to catch some stars. They took a couple pics of Star, reloaded, then quickly take pictures of me as I walk out. I smile, hugging Star’s arm as we walk in the casino.

I inhale deeply, praying that this mission goes smoothly as possible.

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