Lies of the Sea

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Chapter 8


“Cynthia, this is too revealing. I am not going to a club, I am going to a house party,” I groan at the dress.

“Come on, you wear these types of outfits for assignments, why not for a bit of fun,” she puts on her heels.

“I happen to like my pants!”

“Fine! But next party you ARE going to wear that dress.”

“FINE! And thank you.”

I immediately take off the ugly dress, tossing it in the abyss of my closet. I want to speak to the designer because the idea of having basically a black cardigan tied into a single knot beneath the breast is a terrible idea.

I search my favorite black leggings, thick and fleece, just how I like it. I put on a white tank top and tuck it in. Then I toss on a red leather jacket and put on some boots. Even though it is September and the actual autumn season is weeks away, I want to look cute but badass.

“Okay I see you Cynthia. Don’t you have a boyfriend?” I ask as I put on my lipstick.

She fluffs out her hair, clearly ignoring my question. She is wearing a tight olive green dress that reaches mid thigh, exposing her long legs and the booted heel adds to it. She tops it with a black leather jacket and some hoop gold earrings.

“Alex bought me this dress so the guys can drool and I can tell them off,” she smirks and blows me a kiss.

“Alright hot stuff let’s go!”

“What are you wearing?! Jesus Ximena you are hot, care to look good for once!”

“I promised next party I will wear that incredibly awful dress. Now let’s go!”

“No, wear like a crop top or something. You want to get guys not scare them away.”

“Fine. White crop top and that’s it.”

“Instead of flat boots, how about some heels.”

“Boots that have heels.”


I mutter some curse words as I change my into a white crop top, barely touch the tip of my belly button. I decided to toss aside my favorite fleece leggings and go with black high waisted jeans. I come out and Cynthia stands there grinning with the black boots. I snatch them away and put them on.

“Lets go!”


“You’re a real-life fantasy, you’re a real-life fantasyBut you’re moving so carefully, let’s start living dangerously

Talk to me, babyI’m going blind from this sweet-sweet craving, whoa-ohLet’s lose our minds and go fucking crazy..”

We are an hour late, but that didn’t seem to bother the party goers.

It was a hassle finding Aracely’s dorm room, it would have been easier if she met us out front but she insisted that we came. After what happened with Jacob, she felt uneasy and I don’t blame her.

“Goddamn, see you licking frosting from your own handsWant another taste, I’m begging, yes ma’amI’m tired of all this candy on the dry land, dry land, oh!”

“Obviously they love this song,” Jessica shouts.

“It is kind of catchy. Although “wanting another taste” implies more than just tasting cakes,” I wiggle my eyebrows.

“Gross!” Aracely smacks my shoulder.

“Hey Alex did that to,” Cynthia was about to say until I smack her shoulder.


“Lets get some drinks!” Jessica shouts as the whole crowd roars in her approval.

“Oh about that, Xime-”

“It is okay Cyn, I think it is time to break my streak. Just watch me alright. After two cups I am done,” I swipe my hands, crossing my neck.

“Just two?” Jessica looks at me.

“And I thought you said you do not drink!”

Jessica gulps and runs to the kitchen, presumably to get some alcohol. Cynthia ask for the best they got, while I steady myself with some beer. Whiskey and scotch, or Vodka or Tequila are not in my mood. If I really want control, I have to control what I drink.

“Solo en tu boca Yo quiero acabar Todos esos besos Que te quiero dar A mí no me importa Que duermas con él..”

My guilty pleasure, my favorite singer in the world. Apart from Selena and Beyonce, this man owned my heart for years. I just have to confirm.

“Si te vas yo también me voy Si me das yo también te doy Mi amor Bailamos hasta las diez Hasta que duelan los pies..” the song changes.



“AYYYEEE LETS GO XIME!” Cynthia shouts back.

I sway my hips back and forth, dancing next to and around the group of girls. Jessica comes back with the red cups, handing each of us our drinks. Soon the crowd joins us and begins dancing with the music. I am so glad that they are playing some Spanish music, I love me some English songs, but Spanish does something to you.

Feeling thirsty, I drink out of my cup. I almost immediately spit it back, as I was planning to take it slow. I forgot the taste of alcohol, even though it wasn’t as strong as whiskey, but it was good. I swallow it, I didn’t drink my cup until the song changes, hoping my body adjust to the alcohol.

“Voy a reír (eeso), voy a bailarVivir mi vida la la la laVoy a reír, voy a gozarVivir mi vida la la la la

A veces llega la lluviaPara limpiar las heridasA veces solo una gotaPuede vencer la sequía”

“Oh this calls for some SALSA!” Cynthia shouts.

We begin to sway our hips even harder, catching the attention of the crowd. Given the fact we grew up with these kind of music, we knew how to make it fun but also sexy. Cynthia grabs Jessica while I grab Aracely and we dance like we were celebrating a quinceanera.

The crowd claps with the music, some joining in the fun, asking each of us to dance. I got another girl, her name I forgot, and we dance. I took another sip of my drink, letting it burn in me. I haven’t felt this much fun in awhile. Everything feels good for once and all my worries went a way for a bit.

“Want me to get you another,” ask the girl.

“Sure, why not,” I smile.

Soon she came back with a smaller cup and I took it, drinking it. It was not beer but a shot of tequila. That made my stomach churn a bit, I was about to throw it up but I held it down.

“First timer?” She asked.

“Naw, haven’t had some in a while.”

That’ll be the last of it too. Get your own drink Xime.

“Tú y yo durmiendo con los enemigosDos seres que jamás hemos queridoLos dos saciando un bendito capricho.”

“Oh my god, they know what is up!” I shout.

“Hell yeah! Me and you Xime!?”

I grab her hand and we stuck close together, just how you do with bachata, especially with the group like Aventura, the Kings of Bachata. Actually, Aventura is Cynthia and I’s favorite band, no matter how much we love Destiny’s Child or the classic Rock Bands.

“Hey, I am going to get my last cup,” I whisper in her ear.

“Okay girl, just come back!”

I walk past the crowd who seem to be following our lead, dancing extremely close to their partners. I smirk knowing we kind of made this party a tad bit extra. I go over to the kitchen and it was kind of empty since the party seems to be in the front. I see a guy standing by, one cup in his hand and the other busying away, texting.

Party pooper!

I search for the beer kegs, hoping that there was some left. I didn’t feel groggy or hazy, I am exhausted as the dancing clearly wore me out. I frown as there wasn’t any beer left.

I go to the bar and I see some type of juice mixture, I take a quick sniff and confirming that there is alcohol. I get a new cup and that is when my phone rang. I look at the caller ID and see it was Papa himself.

“Ello Papa?” I shout in the phone.

“A Donde estas mija?” he asked with a pissed off tone.

“Le dije a mamá que estoy en una fiesta. Tengo a Cynthia y other friends mirándome con alcohol,” I let out a slight burp.

I am not that drunk.

“Mira mija, we got some news on the Black Nights. They know where you are.”

I shake my head, not registering, “No they don’t otherwise I would have been dead. They know I am in Seattle?”

“Yes. Where exactly are you mija,” his voice sounds more worried.

“I’ll text you the address,” I release my phone and copied and paste the address that the guy wrote and send it to my dad.

I heard a few mumbles and shouting, that woke me up and I stand up straighter, hoping to hear the commotion. I lean in to the bar, to balance myself as I am feeling a bit dizzy.

“Ximena! Saca tu culo de la casa! ¡Están planeando a dispar ese casa!”


My phone drops into the bowl of liquid, I grunt out a curse word as I see you bump into me.

“Asshole,” I mutter.

I reach for the phone and tap it. Genesis move Ximena, why didn’t you bring a fucking case. I let out a small frustrating yell, hoping no one heard it. I shake my head, deciding whose phone I should borrow.

I see the guy that was standing, now leaning by the fridge. Well, here goes nothing.

“Excuse me sir,” I smile shyly as he looks at me with some emerald green eyes.


How do I not have the courage to speak up to her. I am the leader of Les Serpents, not some high school boy. She is standing right there, frowning at the fact that there isn’t any more beer.

Right there.

I move a little bit closer, this time leaning by the fridge. I want to hear her voice, but the stupid songs are blocking her out. She shakes her head, she is on her phone. I don’t move as she removes it to text. Man, she is hot in those jeans. Okay, when she is done on the phone I will talk to her.

I remember walking in and seeing her move those hips, exposing her figure and her curves. Who knew she can dance to Latin music like that. I asked Malcolm to right down the songs that were playing as I wanted to understand what they are saying, causing the girl to smile and move like that.

Some jerk bump into her, causing her to drop her phone. I almost wanted to punch him, but my eyes laid on her, watching her reaction. I get a text on my phone, telling me the transaction went through.

Next thing I know I hear her voice, “Excuse me sir.”

She is cute. Her smiles bring some damn sparks in me. I am actually trying to hold back a smile and trying to act nonchalantly.

“Yes,” I answer back.

“My phone fell into the drink, some asshat bumped into me. Do you mind if I make a quick call?”

“Sure, uhh it’s no problem. Let me unlock it,” I set down my drink and pull out my phone.

“Thank you so much. I owe you,” she smiles as she dials in the number.

She turns to face forward, leaning against the counter, a couple of inches away from me. She does smell like sweat and alcohol but there is a hint of vanilla-strawberry fragrance.

“Papa?” I hear her speak, “No te preocupes, un amigo mío déjame usar su teléfono.”

She speaks Spanish, damn. I try to ignore the conversation as I sip on my drink and said hi to a few men.

“Me dijiste algo sobre uuuuuhhhh Black Nights,” she kind of shouts.

My head turns immediately to her direction after hearing that name. My rivals name came out of her mouth, she must work for someone or is someone important. Just when I was about to tap her shoulder, she gasp letting go of the phone and running towards the front.

“Dude, they are here!” I hear Malcolm shout.

I heard the glass breaking in the front, I see some bodies drop.

Bang. Bang. Bang.





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