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By kellyi All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 1

I hated hospitals. They smelt and it was always uncomfortable to just stand there and watch.
I was visiting my Gran. She had been sick for a while, but everyone said she would be ok. I wanted to believe them, but knew better. I was with my Mum and Dad. They were awfully quiet. Gran was in room 2A floor 3. I was looking forward to seeing her. I barley got to see my Gran, she was really nice though. 

We kept walking when we passed room 2A my stomach lurched. I looked inside and saw my Gran. She was obviously asleep. I thought that we would just walk straight out of the hospital and come back to see her another day. But that wasn't what my parents had planned.

We walked down another set of corridors and into a room that was placed away from the rest. My parents turned and looked at me dead in the eyes. "So. Um what are we doing here?" I asked trying to keep my voice level. "Your Grans here." My Dad told me. "No. She was in the other room. 2A remember. This room is empty anyway," I checked outside the door to try and see what number the room was. "This rooms missing it's number." I said                        "Just another few minutes." My Mum told my Dad. It was like I wasn't even here to her. "What are we waiting for?" No answer. I started to feel very nervous. Something wasn't right. I should never have come. I absolutely hated hospitals. 

I heard running footsteps. "Ah, there here." Said my Dad. Two doctors ran into the room. "There, get the kid." the first doctor said. The second doctor came up to me and hauled me over his shoulder. "HEY! LET GO OF ME. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! MUM, DAD." But they weren't there any more. Something was wrong, something wasn't right. "it's ok," said the first doctor as he jabbed something into my arm. "Your sick. We'll make you better." 

And then it all went black.

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