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Chapter 10

Lunch. Everyone's favourite part of the day at school. An hour lunch of stuffing your face with junk food, or messing about with your friends.
Lexi sat at the table with her sister's, looking into the brown bag to see what surprises were in store. Probably a plain sandwich and nothing but healthy foods. Looking into her bag, Lexi pulled up a tub of pasta. Pesto pasta. Her favourite, along with crisps, a healthy snack bar, and some chocolate. As well as a whole bottle of Dr Pepper. Okay maybe living on Earth could be a good idea. She was definitely going to get used to this.
"So Lex, your first class, how was it?" Taylor asked looking at her sister. Lexi looked down
"Er fine, just peachy"
"Lexi, tell them, don't lie, unless you want me to tell them" Phoebe raised her eyebrow. When Lexi's double project lesson finished, it was break, and Phoebe managed to catch her sister, and of course, she needed to know everything. Or she would of gotten into her sister's mind somehow.
"Fine, it was quite fun. I kinda got paired up with a boy called Finn. We are doing a project on the classical elements" The tone in her voice got higher, trying to act innocent
"Please tell me you are joking?" Taylor asked. Lexi sighed and shook her head
"No, I got forced with him, but I would prefer him over Abby. Plus he knows about the classical elements, he thinks it is cool to learn about it. I can't change my mind, or his. He is dead set on it. And for some reason, I can't hurt him emotionally. I always get a Déjà Vu feeling in my system every time his name is mentioned"
"Usually you get Deja Vu when you have seen something before or heard it" Sky explained
"I know, but we have gone through a lot in a few days, it has messed with my mind. Anyway, let's just get this day over and hopefully this year will go fast" Lexi started to dig into her pasta smiling as it was satisfying
"Seriously? This year will not go fast. Guess what is happening this year. Prom. Which everyone will be talking about this year, all day, every day" Phoebe explained
"Well, we don't need to worry about anything. We will not be going to prom, even if someone asks us, we may be the main attention at home during dances, or celebrations, but for us, this is something we cannot do. Brings attention" Lexi pointed her fork at her sisters to make a point
"Talking of bringing attention" Sky nodded her head. All 3 sisters turned their head seeing Finn walking towards them. Great
"Just don't say anything and let me talk" Lexi advised them
"Look where it has got you so far" Taylor raised her eyebrow. Lexi sighed and turned her head to Finn
"Hey Lexi, er, when are you free? To do the project? I am kind of grounded because of partying, but maybe you could come round my house on Friday? Plus we could hang out as well, show you around town, get to know you" Finn smiled at her putting his hands in his pockets.
Lexi looked at her sisters and bit her lip. Act normal. Be normal
"Yeah, sounds great, Friday after school, your place for the project" Finn grinned widely at her
"Great, see you by the gates on Friday, after school" He smiled and walked away. Lexi turned her head to her sister's
"What? We were told to act normal, blend in, this is what you do when you act normal and blend in, make an effort, he probably would think if I said no, then I don't want to hang around him"
"But you're not supposed to, your rule" Sky told her sister crossing her arms
"I am trying to act normal, and this is what normal is. Anyway enough about that, something weird is going on. I looked out the window, looking at that tree that stands in the field, I swear I saw Vashan standing there. Then I blinked a few times, and he was gone"
"Just hallucinations Lexi" said Sky. Sky was the genius in the group, but not all the time
"It may be that, but it may be something else, something important. And I want to know, what is going on. Last night, I used my source to find a way home, for a reason it resulted in the painting of the picture of Pandora. Something about that painting"
"It is just your mind playing tricks, ignore it Lexi" Sky said stuffing a crisp in her mouth.
Lexi couldn't ignore it. Something about that painting and the feeling when she saw Finn, it meant something. She wasn't going to let it go.

Lexi shook her head and excused herself from the table to use the ladies toilet. She grabbed her bag and walked inside of the school into the ladies toilet. Luckily no one was in the bathroom so she went to the furthest one and locked herself inside and closed her eyes. She had so many emotions running through her body. She needed to be alone. To get her head straight.

Until she heard the bathroom door open. She quickly lifted her legs up off from the door and placed her bag on her lap. She unlocked the door but put her hand up pushing the door forward, to act as it was stuck using her telekinesis.

"That new girl is super weird. Red hair, weird symbols and she is already flirting with Finn" The voice of Abby echoed the bathrooms.

"I know right. Totally weird. Aka freak" another voice followed after. Beth.

"No new girl is going to embarrass me like that. She will get what is coming. And I think I know a good plan" Abby continued to taunt making a plan.

Lexi gritted her teeth and put her other hand up and tensed it up, forming her palm into a fist until she heard a squeal from the mirror breaking. She then heard some rummaging and a bathroom door closing. She sighed to herself and put her arms down and rubbed her head.

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