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Chapter 11

It was just a project Lexi. Just a evening with him, doing the project. That is it. Nothing will happen, nothing will ever happen
Lexi kept telling herself in her mind, nothing would ever happen during this project, nothing would ever happen between them. It was already the Friday were Lexi and Finn would be doing the project at his house. Just a project.
She walked to the gate by herself, noticing that he wasn't there. She hoped he would hurry up, so she didn't bump into Abby. A wall stood beside the gate, it looked comfy enough to sit and wait for him. Probably a detention as usual, he was probably one of those boys. Wait. Did she just think that. Remember, never judge a book by its cover until you have read what's inside. She always went by that, don't become a judgemental person, like the wannabe Barbie doll coming her way.
"Lexi, let me guess, your waiting for Finn? He is probably with an appointment" Abby smiled at her stretching the fake tan across her face revealing the bright pearly teeth
"An appointment?" Lexi asked raising her eyebrow
"Let's just say, he is the stud of high school, girls fall on their knees for him" Abby smirked. It clicked in her head what she actually meant. Lexi didn't care did she? No of course not. Not her problem, she didn't want it getting in the way of the project
"Well sorry to disappoint you Abby, but I don't care. If you're so excited about telling me about what he does, then you must be jealous that he doesn't pay all his attention to you. No matter how many times you try to make me jealous or upset, or a mean comment, I always have something back to say. I know what girls like you are like. Bitchy. Mean. Manipulative and jealous, thinking your all that, but really, your jealous, your jealous that you have to be all those things to get attention. To be honest, it is sad. Now if you don't mind I have a project to do" Lexi jumped off the wall and looked at Finn. Finn walked to the group of people and frowned at the crowd
"Have I missed something?" Finn asked frowning at Lexi. Lexi shook her head
"No, just trying to stand up to her. Anyway let's get this project done and out of the way" She sighed at him and walked away with him from everyone.

"I want to apologise in advance for anything that Abby says. She tries to wind people up, but unlike you, you can return it back, double the amount of insult" He smiled at her.

Lexi smiled at him and held onto her backpack and nodded.

"I have always stuck up for myself or my family"

"You and your sister's seem to stick together a lot. But like you said you stick up for your family, so they usually stick together. But if you need any help, don't threat. I am here to help" Finn smiled brightly

"Thanks. Glad to know not everyone is a dick or a bitch around here. So you and Abby seem, cute?" Lexi didn't know it sounded like a question, but she regretted the comment.

Finn chuckled at her and looked down.

"Me and Abby? Maybe in a nightmare or hell. She likes me, but I don't like her. I don't trust her" he smiled

"I am still trying to find the one right now, but you never know. He or she might be right in front of you" He grinned
After a short walk they arrived at a Finn's house. 2 floored house, red door, white windows, brown roof. Normal. He put the gold key into the key hole and opened the door. He moved over the way and waved his hand
"Ladies first" He smiled at her. Lexi looked at him and smiled walking through the door and standing by the stairs
"Nice place, smaller though, but perfect size" She told him, trying to be polite
"Thanks, anyway, follow me" He smiled and climbed the stairs. Lexi looked at the stairs, anything could happen up there, but she was strong, if she needed to use her gifts, she would. But nothing would happen. Placing a foot on the carpeted stairs, she followed him.
"So I think we should have pictures, lots of them. Pictures make things more attractive, plus it gets people noticing the project. They look at the picture and wonder what it is, and look for the information and are surprised by what they found out" Finn told Lexi. Lexi was sitting on his bed holding several sheets of information regarding the classical elements. She knew everything there was to know, but she needed to act normal and know hardly anything, so printing off about 50 pages to do with the elements, should just do it. Finn was at his computer looking at pictures they could include.
Lexi looked at him and smiled shaking her head
"So they look at the picture of a fire, and go, wow, I wonder what that picture is" She laughed at him
"You know what I mean" He smiled at her and spun around on his chair
"Yeah I guess, I know what you mean. Anyway how are we gonna lay this out?"
"Hmm, maybe use a presentation board, use something boring, but make the information and pictures make it stand out" Finn suggested. Lexi nodded at him and smiled
"Yeah sounds like a great plan" She looked at the papers and skimmed through the information, pretending to read it. The red head felt a pair of eyes on her, looking up and noticed Finn looking at her.
"What?" She raised her eyebrow at him
"Tell me more about yourself. I want to know more about my project partner. I can tell you about myself" Finn crossed his arms. He wasn't going to budge. She sighed and put down the papers. Time to lie

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