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Chapter 12

Lexi looked at him and played with her hands. She had to lie, think, think. Bingo.
"I, I mean, me and my sister's, we come from a really small island, called Bermuda"
"Wait is that related to-?"
"Yeah the Bermuda Triangle. I don't know if it is real, they say ships, boats and other things, just disappear. Anyway, it is a really small, and one day we wake up, and there is dust, bodies, and bullets flying everywhere. A war had started suddenly. So the next thing, we were dragged outside and evacuated, all children, and teenagers up to the age of 28. The rest stayed behind, including my mum" Lexi kind of told the truth, and she kind of didn't. It was close enough. She looked at him, Finn looked at her wide eyes and shocked
"I am so sorry, I, I didn't mean to pry, if I knew, I wouldn't off asked"
"It's fine, but we were taken to the nearest shelter, and we had to wait until someone could take us, they were informed my mum had a friend, and we could stay with her, and here we are. Kinda feel like World War 2, being evacuated and sent to another country. But we are over it"
"Is your mum, okay?" Lexi bit her lip and looked down
"I don't know, but I am trying to get in contact, or find a way to go home"
"Why would you want to go back home now?" he was baffled by what she was saying
"Because I grew up there, family, friends, my life is there, my mum is there, I don't want to stay here. I would rather be back home to see what was happening, instead of waiting and stayed here only to received that phone call" she sighed loudly and shrugged
"Let me guess home sick? Well talking about home, let's stop talking about it. Let's talk about you. Tell me about you"
"I thought we just did" Lexi raised her eyebrow
"I mean favourite, colour, animal, song" He chuckled
"Oh well, I like the colour pink, I love panda's and dragons, I know they don't exist, but it relates to fire, and I have to say I can't choose, I know so many good songs, I can't pick. Enough about me, tell me about you" She crossed her arms. Two can play at this game
"Well I live with my younger brother and mother, my dad well. We got into some trouble and now he lives behind bars" He sighed

"I'm sorry" Lexi said looking down

"It's not your fault. Half the people I know think I am going to turn out like him. But I am trying to keep myself out of trouble. Anyway. I enjoy different kinds of music, I prefer the colour blue, and for an animal, a dog. I am not that special"
"You can't say that, you may choose boring things no offense to dogs out there, but everyone is special in their own way" Lexi smiled at him trying to lighten the mood. He stood up and walked over to a IPod dock pressing play.
"But then there is you, your special in a way, you stand up to Abby even though you don't even know her, I like that about you"
"I try and protect myself and my sisters, and anyone who I care about. Plus she was talking rubbish about you"
"What kind of rubbish?" He frowned looking at Lexi a little worried
"Well, she said you had appointments, you're the stud of the school, and all girls fall on their knees for you. I kinda got the innuendo for that one" Finn sighed at her
"Lexi, she is winding you up. To ease your mind, I have never been in a relationship, so no first kiss and I am still, pure as what they call it" Finn smiled at her. She was surprised. He was good looking, she was just surprised that he hadn't had any of his firsts
"Oh well ditto" She smiled biting her lip and looked at the papers
"You have never been kissed?" She sighed and looked at him
"No, never, not really bothered, just trying to find the right person to be honest, I don't want to waste any of it. Plus where we come from there are rules"
"You know that is what I am like, trying to find the right girl to share and experience it with, but no luck"
"Let's join the same club then" She smiled at him, and felt it again. The type of Déjà Vu feeling in her body. Then the flutter of butterflies in her stomach. This was getting stranger. Then she smelt something similar. A strong masculine scent going to her nose. She breathed it in again. It reminded her of a dream she had, she could smell it. She frowned a little confused about it
"Can you smell that?" She asked Finn. If he couldn't smell it, then she was going crazy
"Yeah it's my cologne, why?" Lexi just looked at him. Cologne. All boys must wear it then, that's why it smelt similar to a dream
"I just, have smelt it before"
"Really? It only came out tomorrow, it is really expensive, everyone is waiting for it to go down in price, but I saved up for it" He grabbed the glass bottle and showed it to her. She took the glass bottle, smelling the deep strong scent coming from the bottle. There it was again. A deja vu feeling. Something wasn't right.
"Oh, wow, then must of smelt it somewhere" She looked at the time seeing it was getting late. Another excuse to quickly leave the house, before the deja vu keeps happening. She handed the bottle back to him and stood up
"You okay?" He asked a little worried
"Er I have to go, sorry" She quickly grabbed her jacket and ran down the stairs running home.

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