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Chapter 13

Ever since Lexi visits Finn to do the project, the deja vu feeling comes and goes, it's been a few months. Something about Finn, the cologne, it has a connection somehow, but she didn't know why it was connected. Something would click in her mind and it would all make sense.
It was a normal Saturday morning. Getting up later than usual and having a greasy fry up for breakfast. The project between her and Finn was getting on and was nearly finished. All they had to do was provide some jewellery. Similar to hers, but with the Alchemical symbol. The students would take a test and see what element they would come up as, all depending on their star sign and personality. It was a little harder than they thought, but they were a team, they got through it.
Lexi fluttered her eyes open and noticed the curtains closed. She was so used to Mandy opening the curtains at 7am in the morning for school, but she was still getting used to the darkness in the morning. About to lift her head up, there was a strong pulling in her neck, a painful pull. She found it hard to move her body to sit up. She was in so much pain, she couldn't move her neck.
Lexi placed her body back on the comfy bed, not wanting to get up, but she had to eventually. She had to use her powers to help her, telekinesis would move objects, but it would be a little harder for her to use it on herself as the object. Sighing to herself, she closed her eyes and managed to teleport off the bed and onto the cream fluffy carpet, where her feet sunk right into. The mirror hung on the wall and showed her reflection . She looked a little brighter from her first night she slept in that bed. Instead of the bags under her eyes, she had clear, clean skin. She didn't look tired. Lexi was getting better on living on Earth.
A strong smell of greasy food travelled up the large marble stairs, and sneaked its way under her door. Then she got a smell of something else. Cologne. The same cologne Finn was wearing. Lexi ran to the door and grabbing her dressing gown and slipped it onto her body.
If he was down there what was she going to say? Or do? Why was she thinking like this? Worried about what to do or say? She had only known him a few months, but during the few months, spending time at his house, working on the project they enjoyed and knew so much about, she had learnt a lot about him. He tended to keep to himself sometimes, but sometimes he enjoyed the company of certain people. So far, he enjoyed Lexi's company out of everyone. He said she had that smile, the smile that make someone stands out from the crowd. A small but sweet smile.
She grabbed hold of the silver door handle and pulled it down and quickly opened the door. He must be downstairs, the hallway was empty, and her sister's bedroom doors where open. They were all down there. She knew what he sister's were going to be like around her. Tease her. Inhaling a deep breath into her lungs, as well as getting the strong seductive scent of Finn's cologne.
She started to casually walk down the stairs and heard the silent whispers of her sister's. The two smells of greasy food and cologne was getting strong and stronger, and stron-
"Finn, hi, what are you doing here?" Lexi asked. Finn was at the bar eating some bacon and eggs, which Mandy decided to cook for him
"Oh, I came to see you actually"
"You came to see me?" She raised her eyebrow, surprised at him and slightly smiled. She glanced at her sister who smirked at her. Lexi put her hands in her fluffy dressing gown pockets, and started to form her hand into a fist while looking at the glass. The glass started to crack due to the expanding of the glass. Lexi smirked as the glass smashed into several pieces spilling all over her.
"Seriously?!" Phoebe stood up quickly and grabbed some tissue wiping her dressing gown. Finn quickly turned around and looked at glass and frowned
"I think you need to get a new glass" he chuckled slightly and looked at Lexi.
"Yeah for the project"
"Oh right yeah, of course the project, what about it, it is finished, we just need to sort out the necklaces" Lexi removed her hands from her pockets and walked to the milk jar sitting on the counter, pouring herself a glass
"Yeah exactly, I decided to order some off the internet, I found a website, it is just the Alchemical symbol of the elements, and they are ready for collection" he smiled at her impressed by himself, but what he did. He was trying to impress her. And it was working. All these several months, 4 to be exact, he was trying to impress her
"Oh okay, so how much do you want for them?" Lexi asked grabbing her purse. Mandy gave them a weekly allowance, one for not using magic in the house, and generally being good
"Oh, these are on me. You have been really dedicated to getting all the information and the decorations right. I wanted to do something useful, and it was my idea. They are already paid for, we just have to collect. So I was wondering if you wanted to come with me, and hang out, and get lunch after" Finn grabbed the napkin beside him, and wiped the corners of his mouth as he finished his breakfast. Lexi looked at Mandy wondering if she could
"You can go, you both deserve it, just be careful Lexi. Have something to eat first, you need to start the day with energy" Mandy smiled at her handing her a plate of bacon and eggs.
Lexi climbed onto the barstool and started to eat, while Finn checked his emails from the jewellery company. He then started to look at cafe's nearby. The feeling. That damn feeling, was coming again. Deja vu and butterflies, but for a reason. She liked it.

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