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Chapter 14

Lexi shut the door hearing the lock click from the inside. She walked down the pathway smiling at Finn, who stood by the hedge beside the gate. He had the biggest grin of his face, she never knew she could do that to someone.
"You know for a girl, you can actually get dressed quicker than I thought" Finn stood up straight and walked beside Lexi, as they left the land of Mandy Wolff
"Well I am not one of those girls, I know what to wear, and I don't do anything fancy with my face or hair. I like natural"
"Me too, girls seem to get more fake these days, no wonder they get called all these names thrown at them"
"They deserve it. Anyway, enough about fake girls. Let's get these necklaces and hopefully pass this project" Lexi smiled and looked around the town. Even at 11am in the morning, people were already walking about, plastic bags filled with food or rubbish they didn't need. It was so lively here in New York, compared to home. She continued to look around watching normal people live their lives, while an Element, a magical human being walked on their streets. Their territory. A black lamp post stood on the corner of a path, the lights were flicking. Why were they on at this time of day?
As both teenagers continued to walk, she continued to watch the lamp, the light turned purple. A bolt of electricity escaped from the bulb and made its way down the black lamp post until it was held in someone's hand. The hand that belong to, Vashan.
Lexi stood still watching her enemy stand underneath the lamp post. He had a smirk on his face, he raised his arm up and threw the ball of electricity at Lexi. She raised her arm up, as she wouldn't dare use her powers in the open. A large lorry drove down the road, blocking her view of Vashan. But he was gone. The lorry drove past, and he was gone, along with the ball of electricity
"Lexi? You okay?" Finn stood frowning at Lexi, as she looked a little strange to be doing that in the middle of the path
"Yeah, just, bright sun" She smiled at him and continued to walk down the cobble stone path.
The shop seemed to be miles away, she felt like they had been walking for hours. But they weren't. At every site, she swore she could see Vashan standing there, with his signature smirk. But it was all her imagination, but it meant something.
"Here we are" Finn smiled and walked to a door opening it. The jingle of a hanging bell echoed the shop. Lexi walked behind him and looked around. It was heaven. So much jewellery. She was in the zone.
"By the large smile on your face, it looks like your very happy that you came with me" Finn chuckled to himself and walked over to the till, where a middle aged man wore circle glasses upon his face
"How can I help you?" The man asked
"Finn Collins, I ordered about 50 necklaces, Alchemical symbols" The man nodded and walked to the back of the store.
Lexi looked at a necklace. A silver chain with a silver mermaid, she was holding a pearl. It looked beautiful, but with a beautiful high price. She shook her head and looked at the matching earrings. Her eyes went big and bright like a cat in the dark stalking its prey. Wanting it, but missing it by a mile.
"You have good choice" Lexi turned her head looking at Finn. The smell of his cologne drifted into her nose again
"Er yeah, always expensive choices though, maybe one day when I have money like Mandy"
"Can't you ask her, maybe a birthday present?" Finn crossed his arms, he also stared at the necklace. Out all of all the diamonds, pearls and jewels in the shop, this one necklace stood out.
"Nah, Mandy may be rich, but I am not being a common rich kid, asking their rich parents for money. I am fine with my necklace, means a little more" Lexi smiled as she explained to him. Finn nodded at her
"Fair enough, so prom is next week, they always do it before exams, exams are more important, plus it gets it out the way. Are you going?" Lexi felt her heart stop. The word prom. Usually her and her sister's are the Belle of the ball, but this time it was different. She didn't want to have big puffy dresses, beehive hair, glitter everywhere on their bodies, even in places they shouldn't. She might as well have the word Fake tattooed across her forehead. She had to listen to her own advice
"Er not really into prom to be honest, too much hassle, plus no one to go with" Lexi sighed and turned her head
"Oh necklaces are done" She walked to the till and smiled
"Finn, you got good at picking jewellery, hopefully they will be a hit" She smiled at him and took the bag feeling his hand brush against hers. The feeling was back again, but this time fireworks were ready to be set off, and explode in her stomach. The hairs on her body stood up forming goosebumps. She quickly moved her hand away and headed to the door. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"You fancy taking a tour around a garden? It's an attraction. Plus you get to take a free flower home" he smiled. Lexi nodded at him and smiled

"Sure thing. I need a tour around this town. Then maybe some lunch at a cafe? Mandy took us to one near here actually"

"Yeah sounds good" Finn smiled and walked towards the tourist attraction
A cafe lunch, a tour around a garden, and a visit to the local carnival, made it a perfect night for Lexi. Time had gone so fast. Why is it, when you're having fun, time has to speed by like nothing matters.

Lexi and Finn walked down the path on the way back to Mandy's house. Finn thought it was polite to walk her home before curfew. In their hands, they held a steaming hot chocolate smothered with whipped cream, and melting marshmallows. Perfect. Lexi kept telling herself that it wasn't a date, but somehow her mind and heart kept drifting to the idea.
"Today has been really, nice, no, fun" She smiled at him
"Thanks, I kinda wanted to impress you but without being a jerk" Finn smiled at her taking a sip of his drink
"You wanted to impress me? Why would you want to do that?" Lexi looked at him a little confused. Why would the so called popular guy wanting to impress the not so popular girl? Finn turned to her and sighed
"You want the truth?" He asked. Lexi nodded at him
"Yeah, I don't take lying very friendly" She admitted looking at the ground.
"I, er, I like you Lexi. A lot actually" Lexi shot her head up like a bullet coming from the barrel of a gun. She looked at him shocked
"You like me? W-why?"
"Because your different, you stand up to people against bullies, you believe in so many good things, your intelligent, funny, unique, different, and beautiful" Finn gently put some hair behind Lexi's ear. She looked down wondering what to say
"Finn I-" A sudden rumble of thunder exploded from the sky sending a down pour of rain from the sky. It was heavy and getting very wet.
Finn grabbed her hand tightly, not wanting to let go, and ran to the nearest alley where there was shelter. They stood underneath a railing where stairs lead up to the number of flats. There was a trinkling of rain still falling on them, but right now they were laughing
"Just like the movies" Finn said looking at Lexi. His back was against the wall, with her body pressed against his chest. Finn wouldn't take his eyes off her, while Lexi had her head turned the other way watching the people run to get shelter.
"Can I ask you something?" Finn asked. Lexi turned her head towards him
"Yeah sure"
"Can I do something, which I have been dying to do?" Lexi rose her eyebrows at him wondering what he meant
"As long as it doesn't hurt, because I will hurt you back" She laughed slightly, but she was serious. She wasn't going to let him hurt her, she knew how to fight. Yes, she was a girl, but she was changing the rules.
"Don't worry it won't hurt" He smiled and placed his finger underneath her chin. He held her head delicately with her chin, he moved his head forward, getting closer and closer. It was happening! It was going to happen! She felt a spark of electricity and warmth go through her body, as his soft lips touch her plump lips. She had never been kissed, neither had he, but it was all natural. She was shocked, but she closed her eyes enjoying the passion between them. Her long eyelashes formed together while a smile rose on her lips, as they kissed in sync.
What they say is true. Kissing in the rain is romantic, passionate, something everyone should experience.
They slowly pulled apart opening their eyes looking at each other. Passion was in there eyes. And those fireworks that were ready to set off, blasted off and exploded in her stomach, it was magical, she loved it, they both did.
"Wow" Finn silently said
"That was wow" she smiled and bit her lip. Both their eyes were wide from the experience
"Is it me, or is the rain trying to drown us while we kiss?" He asked chuckling to himself. The rain was getting heavier, and large drops it of fell from the stairs above. She smiled at him and moved the hair out of her eyes
"About prom. I asked about it earlier, because I want you to be my date for prom"
Lexi looked at him surprised. He just asked her to prom. Any girl would love that, but for Lexi, she had to keep her promise. She already broke a few. Talking to people, especially a boy. And now falling for one. She had to make up that rules; Don't fall in love with a human. Her head was telling her no. But her heart was saying yes. Stuck in the middle, it was like she was being pulled, between family, and love. It was unfair
"Lexi will you go to the prom with me?" She looked at him. She had to keep the promise
"Finn, I really, really, like you, but I can't. It's complicated, right now"
"Tell me then, tell me about it, I can help you" She shook her head at him
"No one can help me. I'm sorry" she sighed and moved away from him running out of the alley, making her way home. Just like in the movies.

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