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Chapter 15

No phone call. No text. No emails. Nothing. It's been 6 days since the incident with Finn. Kissing in the rain was a dream come true, only for it to be ruined by that one question. Prom. Will you got to prom with me? He had to ask her, then she had to break his heart. They didn't have school since the whole week was for everyone to study for exams, and get ready for prom.
She hadn't seen him since. She left messages on his answering machine, messaged him through texts, and even emailed him, but no answer. Some of the times he would read the messages but wouldn't say anything back. She ruined her chance, but it was never going to work. An Element and a human. It has never been done, and it will never be done. Family over love. She had no idea what has happened with the project, but to be honest, she didn't care if they failed. He shouldn't be a drama queen, and they would be going home.
The painting on the wall was actually a portal. Lexi and her sisters were practising magic in the room, built for them. They all decided to try and use their source to find a way home, and it would always end up with the painting. As well as exploding light bulbs, and glass, but they had found the answer in a book. A spell book writing by their mum, or copied from the one at Pandora, but this had an extra spell. Object to Portal, it was called. Any object could be turned into a portal, and the picture of Pandora was the portal. But it would only work when the time came. The picture would also start sparkling for some odd reason, the sparkle would get stronger, they had no idea how to work it. They moved the picture into the special room, Mandy said no magic in the house, only the room built for it, so they hung it up on the dark brick walls.
The room was like a witches house. Dark walls, stone flooring and a large cauldron in the middle of the room, it was brand new so the paint wasn't peeling off. Large glass cupboard stood by the walls filled with ingredients, plants, meats, liquids, everything, this would be heaven for a Witch. The smells that drifted around the room, smelt like home. It would stick to you and follow you around until the smell was completely gone. Lexi loved it, she would walk into her room and be spelling of home. She slept better. Her bed was covered in the heavenly scent, but she would open her eyes thinking she was at home, that everything was a dream. But it wasn't. It was all real.
The red head laid on her bed looking at the necklace. The Alchemical symbol of fire. He already made an obvious guess to which one she was. When she arrived home she took out everything in her pockets, money, mobile, keys and then she found the necklace. He probably snuck it into her pocket when she wasn't looking. She felt extra guilty.
Her and her sister's went shopping with Mandy yesterday, and of course, food shopping was in the large glass building with the bold letters 'MALL' across the top of the doors. And there were signs, the worst signs she could see. Prom. Sale. 50% of prom dresses. The mall was flooded with them. She even saw Abby.
The fake blonde was in an expensive shop with her parents, finding the most prettiest expensive dress with the most diamonds on. When Abby made eye contact with Lexi, she made that signature smirk, trying to knock Lexi down. Things got worse, Lexi walked past a shop, where a beautiful radiant red dress stood. Floor length with straps covering with little gems. At the chest it was cut like a bikini top, but the large gem in the middle attached the top to the rest of the dress. Her skin would show at the sides where it was cut off. At the back was even more beautiful. 2 Crisscross patterns, where the gem straps met with each other, showing off the back, and a trail of smaller gems would follow halfway and stop 3/4 towards the end of the dress.
But she turned it down. She wasn't going to prom, no matter what.
There was a knock on Lexi's bedroom door. None of her sister's dared to knock on her door, neither would Mandy. Lexi was set like a booby trap. Open her door and a ball of fire would come your way. This was the first time in days someone had knocked on her door.
"Come in" Lexi gave in and sat up looking at Mandy walking in with a large box. Her sister's stood in the door way, with dresses on. Prom dresses...
"What are you wearing?" Lexi quickly stood up placing the necklace down on her white bedside table
"We are wearing prom dresses, we are going to prom Lexi, as sister's and with a few friends. We are in the clique of, being in a group of girls where no boys would ask us out to prom" Sky explained
"And that's another reason why we shouldn't be going. It could be dangerous you know. We shouldn't. And if you came here to ask me. It is no"
"Is it because of Finn? Lexi you have known each other for months now, we all know you like him, more than like, you're just too scared" Phoebe told her sisters crossing her arms acting dominant
"I am scared. I am scared to lose the people that I love. I love our mother, I am scared when we go home, she won't be there. I am scared of losing my sister's in a war we might have to be prepared against, and I am scared of falling in love with Finn, because of who we are and he will freak out because I have powers, and he will tell everyone, or he will get hurt!" Lexi sighed letting the tears leak from her eyes. She looked down sighing to herself
"Lexi, we didn't know how you felt" Phoebe walked to her sister putting an arm around her shoulder. Lexi moved out of her sister's touch and walked to the double glass door
"Enjoy the prom, you deserve it" Lexi smiled slightly and looked down
"Lexi we are your sister's, we stick together, you're going to prom as our date. If Finn loves you, like you love him, he will see you and smile. Plus if things don't work out, you can create a small flood, like last week. But, another topic, which is why we got you this" They looked at Mandy, who opened the large box. She pulled it out. The dress. The red dress which stood in the shop window, was in the room, her room.
"When did you get that?" Lexi asked
"Mandy saw you looking at it, and thought you should have it, we think you should have it, go to prom and impress everyone, be the Belle of the ball" Phoebe smiled at her, watching Mandy hand the dress over Lexi.
Lexi looked at it, smiling to herself. The material was silky smooth like a brushed fur coat on an animal. The jewels shined in the light on the ceiling in the room. She looked at her sister's and smirked
"We are gonna be what we are best, princesses"
Lexi stood in the mirror. She wasn't Lexi anymore. She was Princess Flame of Pandora Element of Fire. Smoothing out the silky material that made her figure stand out, she smiled at herself. She felt like a princess, without the prince charming...
A glittery silver eyeshadow covered her eyelids, with a flick of eyeliner. Her naturally long eyelashes had one coat of mascara. She was making an effort for herself. Her plump lips covered in a moist red lipstick. A spray of a floral scent followed her around the room. Silver heels placed onto her feet giving lifting her off the floor. Diamond studs in her ears, with a matching bracelet, and the necklace Finn gave her, around her slim neck.
"He is gonna be star struck by you Lexi, he won't know what hit you" Taylor said
"Wow, I can't believe you actually said that, thank you" She smiled and hugged her tough sister.
"Let me take a photo of you girls" Mandy grabbed her camera and watched the four girls stand next to each other. They looked like a burst of a rainbow. White. Green. Blue and red, all in the same room.
"You girls look beautiful, your mum would be proud, so am I. You came to Earth and managed to live a normal life. Well done. Now let's get you to the ball" Mandy smiled at the princesses.

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