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Chapter 16

All four of them arrived. Different senses, strong, sweet, crisp, floral. It was heaven. A large glitter banner hung across the room welcoming the students to their big night. Bright lights hung across the ceiling making it look like a disco.
Lexi and her sister's walked through the curtain arch way, looking at the crowd of people. The clique's still being their cliques, but they were beautiful. Pink, white, blue, green, purple dresses everywhere. People dancing on the dance floor to the DJ, spinning the disks on the deck located on the stage.
"Just remember be normal" she smiled at them and looked around. No Finn. She took a deep breath and walked to the punch table, grabbing a plastic cup, filling it with the red liquid.
She took a sip while she grabbed a sausage roll shoving it in her mouth. A chocolate fountain stood in the middle of the table, the students grabbed a strawberry or a marshmallow dipping it in the dreamy milk chocolate. Lexi followed what everyone else did and grabbed the soft cushion like marshmallow, and carefully dipped it into the melting chocolate, biting it softly.
Lexi stood by herself, her sister's were with their friends. Lexi's only new friend was Finn. Who wasn't anywhere to be seen. Chugging down the red liquid of a punch she walked to her sister's and smiled at them
"So these are your friends, introduce me sis" She looked at Phoebe and smiled making an effort
"Er this is Milly, Emma, Hannah and Lucy" Phoebe pointed to a girl with natural blonde hair wearing a light blue dress, it brought out her eyes. She looked beautiful. Emma wore a black dress with gems, the classic little black dress, which match her dark black hair. A yellow dress was worn upon Hannah, she looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Lexi's favourite Disney movie. Yellow dress, brown hair. Beauty. And Lucy, wearing a white dress with her brown hair curled down below her shoulders.
Even though they were classified as geeks, they were beautiful geeks. Everyone is beautiful inside and out, they just have to realise it as well as other people who criticise.
"You all look beautiful, just some advice, ignore the haters because somebody loves you" Lexi smiled at her advice that she gave them
"Lexi you look beautiful as well, you really do. Finn will see it from a mile away" Hannah the girl that resembled Belle told her. Lexi eyed her sister but smiled
"Er thanks? I am not getting my hopes up though" She sighed slightly and was pulled to the dance floor.
Time went by. The large white clock with black numbers and black hands placed upon it. It did feel like a Cinderella ball.
A large disco ball hung from the ceiling spinning around, reflecting the bright disco lights, like a moon, reflecting its bright shine.
Lexi, her sister's and her sister's friends were still on the dance floor. Lexi couldn't stop smiling or laughing as they danced hideously, but they were having fun, and that is all that mattered.
"I am gonna get a drink!" Lexi shouted over the music at Phoebe and walked over to the punch table. It seemed weird. She wasn't feeling the déjà vu feeling anymore, and she wasn't seeing Vashan in her imagination. She grabbed the ladle and poured the punch into the classic American party cup. She placed the ladle back into the punch bowl and looked at the food. The smells were amazing, sweet, strong meaty smells made their way into her nose. But a different smell was smelt. Finn's smell.
She quickly turned around seeing Finn standing on the other side of the room, he was standing with his mates. Her eyes fixated on him, not wanting to let go. He wore a classic black and white suit with a black tie. His dark brown hair which was now cut a little short than before. And a clean shaven face. He looked like prince Charming, and she was Cinderella. The story was a love story, two people fall madly in love with each other, but it ended in ruin. Like their love story did. She looked down at the floor, and looked up again. He was gone with his mates. Just like that. Just like Cinderella was.
She sighed to herself and found herself staring at a blonde girl, with layers of makeup placed onto her face. Abby. One of the evil step-sisters. She wore a pink fluffy dress with thousands of diamonds, they looked fake. Her hair and hair extensions were pinned up, where a large tiara sat on top. Bling and more bling.
"Ah Lexi, I didn't think you were coming" Abby smiled crossing her arms
"I decided to come with my sister's, why does it bother you?"
"No, it doesn't bother me, actually it makes things perfect, I want you to meet my date" Abby smiled and grabbed a boy by his arm
"Meet my date, Finn" Lexi looked up seeing Abby's arm attached to Finn's arm. Finn looked at Lexi surprised
"Lexi? What are you doing here?" Finn asked frowning
"I came with my sister's, problem?"
"No. You look beautiful by the way" Finn smiled at her looking at her body. Abby looked at the red head and the prince charming.
"Oh do you like this Lexi? Finn bought it for me when he asked me to Prom" Abby held a pendant in her hand. The same necklace in the jewellery store. The mermaid and the pearl.
"You gave it to her? Are you trying to be a player, like they all say you are? Because your doing a darn good job with it. Are you trying to rub it in my face?"
"No! Of course not! I just thought I should give her something" Finn exclaimed tyring to defend himself
"Give her something" She laughed to herself
"The same exact necklace I saw in the store, the same day you asked me to prom, but I said no. Revenge? Is that what your trying to do? Get revenge on me. You ask me to prom and then you turn your way to the biggest fakest slapper in the school and give her the necklace? You know what Abby? Enjoy it, because you deserve it. I hope you two are happy with each other" She put her drink down and walked quickly out of the dance hall running outside down the stairs.
Her sister's ran after her and stood in front of her to stop her
"Lexi what happened?!" Phoebe asked looking at her sister. Tears in her eyes, with makeup about to run
"He asked her! Finn asked Abby to prom because I said no!" She explained holding in the tears
"He is such a-!" Phoebe covered Sky's mouth
"Chill Sky, didn't know you had a mouth on you" Phoebe looked at her sister concerned
"Neither did I, just came out" Sky defended herself
"It's because we are here, on Earth. It has changed us! He even bought her the necklace I had my eye on. He is trying to break my heart, like I broke his. He has done it" She sighed
"Er, let's get you home before it gets worse, we don't want you throwing fire balls" Phoebe advised taking her sister's arm. Lexi frowned and turned around seeing Finn, his mates, Abby's and her minions.
"Lexi! Please let me explain!" Finn ran down the stairs holding his tie in his hand, and his top buttons of his shirt undone.
"I don't want to hear it Finn!" Lexi shouted and started walking until she felt a hand grab her wrist and spun her around
"Listen to me. Look, what I did was wrong, completely an idiot move. I was upset. Really upset and I turned my sorrows to Abby. She was desperate for me to take her out, so I did, just for this night. I wanted you, just you Lexi. Because I have feelings for you, big feelings, you just broke my heart" he sighed explaining to himself
Lexi looked at him and scoffed laughing letting the tears run down her face
"I broke your heart? I kept a promise I set myself, I wasn't even supposed to talk to you! But then we had to get partnered together in project. Then I found out you weren't one of those popular boys, who loved to have girls around their arms. You were different, I liked you for it. I said no to prom, because I knew me and my sister's would be the laughing stock. That is what new girls become. The laughing stock by the popular girls. I wanted to protect me and my sister's!" she sighed gaining her breath back
"I never knew that Lexi" Finn said looking at her
"Well now you know. Enjoy your night Finn. I am going home, I don't want to ever see you again" She shook her head and walked alone
"Lexi let me walk you home, so you get home safe" Finn pleaded. Lexi turned around and looked at him
"I am going back to where I came from. And I am going to stay there. That way I don't have to deal with the bitches and the pricks in this school. I am done with everything"
"Lexi but we can't go home yet, we can't" Sky said looking at her sister
"I am going to find a way, one way or another, I am not staying here" She looked at the necklace around her neck and pulled it off with force throwing it to the floor.
"Keep it, I don't want to be around trash" She shook her head and walked off just as the heavens opened.
She walked to an empty field, with both her hands up, creating the same storm and flood like last time. Letting go her emotions, showing what she was capable of.

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