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Chapter 17

Gloomy. Just gloomy. Dark grey clouds with a touch of fog surrounded the town. A gloomy Monday morning. Classic. Everyone hated Monday's and even worse, a gloomy Monday morning.
Everyone was talking about the confrontation between Finn and Lexi at school. Even though school was already here, they were still getting over Prom. It was a busy night, dancing, drinking, eating and probably making out with random strangers in cars.
Lexi didn't dare talk to Finn or Abby, she was afraid she would burst into flames. And bam! The secret is out. The day was slow, dragging along. Classes were boring, conversations were boring, even the food was boring.
She finished her class, maths. Such a fun lesson on a fun day! Her bag was hanging over her shoulder just about to fall off. But she wasn't bothered about it. She wasn't bothered about anything right now. She was just trying to get home.
Lexi looked at the ground not wanting to look at anyone's faces. They would be snickering away to their friends, who would laugh and pass it on. She wished this was a dream, nothing but a dream, but no matter how many times she would pinch herself, she wouldn't wake up. She was stuck in a nightmare.
Something hit her. She walked into something. Looking up to see what she bumped into, him. Finn. He looked at her wanting to say something, but he couldn't find the correct words for it.
"Sorry" Lexi mumbled at the ground and stepped to her right and walking forward.
"Lexi" He grabbed her arm softly, not wanting her to yank it so hard, it hurt her. She sighed and looked at him
"What Finn? I have nothing else to say. Everything I said on Friday is all I have to say today, to you, just please, do us both a favour. Leave me alone" She stood there doing nothing, waiting for him to say something, or let go of her arm. He sighed at her wondering what to say without hurting her emotionally.
"Lexi, I regret hurting you. I haven't slept a wink since Friday. I was such a prick, as you put it, and I agree. Why did I even do what I did? I really don't know. Let's say I was mending my broken heart, but in the wrong way" He sighed at her and let go of her arm
"I am really sorry, I am so sorry Lexi" Lexi looked at him and was about to say 'i'm sorry too' but her sister's ran over to her.
"Lexi! It's happening!" Phoebe shouted at her sister, pulling her away from Finn to the open. Finn frowned and was confused and looked at everyone else, with their wide eyes and their mouths open, catching flies. He followed everyone to the open where the lunch benches sat, wondering where all the drama was coming from.
"What? What are you talking about?" Lexi asked sighing to her sister's, not wanting to play games. Phoebe pointed her hand to the sky, where Lexi's head followed. It was happening.
The gloomy grey clouds, weren't gloomy grey clouds anymore, they were dark purple clouds. Filling themselves with electricity, ready to strike on the ground. Everyone started whispering with their friends, wanting to know themselves, why the clouds were purple. It wasn't sun set or sun rise, these clouds had an abnormal colour. Everyone was going to be watching what was going to happen, what they were gonna experience and see. The Elements, in their true form.
"Vashan. How did this happen? How did he find a way to find us?" Lexi asked. Her heart was pumping out of her chest. You could see her chest raising up and down.
"I don't know, he must of gotten stronger or found something. Mum must of left something behind or, they did something to her" Phoebe explained, the tone of panic in her voice.
"Mum isn't in pain, she isn't hurt or well dead. We would of felt it. But he found a way to Earth, and we know what we have to do. We have to protect it" Sky told them biting her nails, as she got more nervous.
"Lexi what is going on?" Finn asked standing in front of Lexi. She looked at her sister's and sighed
"Something bad is about to happen. And you're gonna find out who we really are Finn. If you want to do something right for me. Get everyone inside, get them safe, no one is to leave the school"
Lexi looked at Finn and sighed looking down holding his hands
"I was going to say sorry for breaking your heart, but now you are going to see the reason why I said no, and the reason to why me and my sister's need to go home" Lexi looked at her sister's and nodded at them, to leave her alone with Finn. They walked towards the school gates to the middle of the road looking at the sky. Not taking their eyes off it.
"I have been lying to you the whole time, Finn" Finn frowned at her
"What do you mean lying to me?"
"My name isn't Lexi. My name is Princess Flame of Pandora, Element of Fire. I am from a magical world called Pandora, where magic exists. I am the fire element, that's why I knew so much about it for our project. I am the element. I am a princess where I come from. I have gifts, powers beyond my control" She tried explaining trying to Finn, who wasn't saying a lot.
The sky rumbled with fury, shaking the ground, the water from the fountain sprayed out of place landing on the floor. The lightning was getting stronger and more powerful. The lightning strikes, started seeping out of the purple thick clouds. But one strike. One strike hit the ground.
He appeared...

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