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Chapter 18

He appeared...
Vashan appeared from the lightning strike. His foot, his body, his soul, his power on Earth. He wore the classic black and purple robes, he wore in Pandora. His black shoulder length hair was down, with some hair pinned back on top of his head, to avoid getting blind, by a strand of hair. His black goatee wrapped around his mouth and chin, and crawled up his jaw line to his ears. Pearly white teeth appeared from his mouth, as he smirked at the girls.
"Ah, look who has finally arrived on Earth! Vashan! Your great enemy" He chuckled smirking holding a ball of electricity in his hand.
"Where is the red head, I can't wait to see her"
Lexi looked at Finn and looked as their fingers, intertwined with each other. She bit her lip looking at him
"Finn, I need you to get to safety, and everyone else. But I need to give you something, for you to remember me by" Lexi bit her lip again and quickly kissed Finn. Feeling the same spark and fireworks going off. She smiled in the kiss and pulled back opening her eyes
"Please get to safety, please" Letting go of his hands slowly, her fingers glided along his fingers, until they fell off, like someone falling off a cliff. As she walked away from him, using her hand she wiped away the single tear that fell from her eyes.
"Ah! Princess Lexi! My favourite, sorry girls, but she is. She just has that spark in her, the dangerous evil that lurks in her source. She just needs to find it, then she will be like me" Vashan told the four princess as they stood together.
"No matter how many times you think that, I will never be like you. I may have the dangerous element, but I know how to control it, be good, like I am supposed to" Lexi explained to him. She wasn't ever going to be like him
"Trust me one day, Pandora and Earth will be destroyed by an element. One day. Now let's get the party started! You should show everyone around you who you really are!" Vashan shouted, echoing his voice through the streets. Everyone was staring, standing around. The students stood by the metal gate watching. Wondering what they meant.
"Ladies and gentlemen! Girls and boys! I would like to introduce you to the Princesses of Pandora, of the Elements!" Vashan raised his hand and swiped it across, right to left. Lexi and her sister's real clothing appeared. A red dress on Lexi. Blue on Phoebe. Green on Taylor. And White on Sky. They had their royalty jewellery on them, their necklace's as well as their tiaras. Their eyes turned to their normal state.
There were gasps from the students and adults as they watched the real girls appeared.
"Let me introduce you all to the girls, one by one! Princess Flame of Pandora, Element of Fire! Princess Splash of Pandora, Element of Water! Princess Rocky of Pandora, Element of Earth! And last by not least, Princess Sky of Pandora, Element of Air! They all lied to you! They are dangerous girls, with the power you cannot imagine! There real world is in war, but now there is nothing. A crumbling palace, the village evacuated, and their mother, captured, draining her power" Vashan smirked ready for the girls reactions.
"You're draining our mother's magic?! All because you wanted us! Now you have us! Give us your best shot, Vashan" Lexi shouted at him and looked at her sister's nodding. This is what they were created and born to do. Protect.
"Great! Now let's get you properly dressed, don't want a diamond falling off" Vashan swiped his arm over the girls, letting cats suits appeared on their bodies.
"Really? Cat suits?" Taylor asked
"I am sure the boys will like you more" Vashan smirked and stood in a stance. A few more lightning strikes appeared on the floor. Vashan's army.
"Whatever we do. Leave Vashan to me. He wants me, and I am strong enough to hold off his power for a long time, then we use our sources, wipe him out for good" Lexi ordered her sisters.
"Now let's have a party!" Vashan shouted. He flicked his head making his army run towards the girls. But they only focused on Splash, Rocky and Sky.
Flame created a large ball of fire, more gasps came from the audience beside her. She threw it towards Vashan as he ran towards her. The ball of fire blasted him sending him into a car.
Finn watched what was happening. Trying to get everything in his head. Princesses. Powers.
Vashan groaned in pain and chuckled
"Good hit" He stood up and cracked his neck, he suddenly threw a dark electricity ball at Lexi, she put her hands up using her telekinesis to stop the ball and threw it to one of Vashan's guards killing him, turning him to ash.
"That was my guard, with my power. That has been a first" Vashan smiled at her. He held his hand up creating another ball of electricity. He then threw it a different way. Flame watched it. Another nightmare coming to life. It hit Finn.
"No!" Flame ran over to him looking at him. She sighed in relief as he was breathing, a slight burn in his shoulder. She looked at Abby
"Do yourself a favour, put pressure on. He will be fine" Abby nodded and grabbed her cardigan pressing the material on his wound. Flame stroked his cheek.
"You are gonna be fine, Finn" she kissed him softly and got up, turning her whole body into flames. She walked towards Vashan and smirked
"Did I just hurt someone you love? Young love, who doesn't love it? Me" Vashan chuckled
"You shouldn't of done that Vashan" Lexi screamed at him creating a blast of fire throwing him down the road. She fell to her knees using that amount of power, gasping for air. Placing her hands onto the road she looked up, at Finn. He was looking at her, giving her a thumbs up.
Vashan stood up and wiped his hands clean.
"That was a great hit, more like a home run. Now let's get the real party started."

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