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Chapter 19

So much dust. Dirt. Crumbling building materials. Cars on fire. Large puddles of water. Roots growing from the ground creating large cracks in the ground, big enough to fall down, and strong gusts of winds to spent you spiralling down the road.
The four sisters were getting tired, they had cuts and bruises forming on their delicate skin. It had been a long fight, 30 minutes may not be long, but for them, using their powers all the time, it was.
"Getting tired princess?!" Vashan shouted looking at Flame on the ground. She got hit by a large blast of electricity, it took out some of her energy in her body.
"No! Never!" She shouted and carefully stood up looking at Vashan. All her sister's turned around and looked at their sister on the ground. Concerned worried faces formed on them. They had never seen Flame like that, but the reason was her heart. Breaking, seeing Finn hurt and on the floor. It made her weaker.
Flame looked at him and then her sisters. It was time to finish this. Once and for all.
"You know Vashan, you should never mess with the four elements, four sisters, more powerful than anything in the world. Those were kinda of your words" She smirked at him and teleported behind him. Once she appeared behind him he was done.
"Now!" Splash, Rocky and Sky turned around after finishing all their enemies. Rocky and Sky held up their hands creating a force field around Vashan. He created a ball of electricity and threw it at the force field. It backfired, hitting him in the shoulder. He groaned in pain holding onto his shoulder. He managed to create a larger one, holding in the pain from his shoulder, as he moved it. He threw the ball at the force field but it bounced back again. But some of the energy absorbed into the shield. He smirked at the sisters, they all looked at each other.
"That's new" Rocky pointed out
"We can't hold this for long, we have to finish him now!" Sky shouted. They put down their arms, but using their minds to control the shield.
All four girls held hands with each other. Their hands were clammy with sweat, covered in dust and dirt.
"You know what to do. Everyone needs to find cover!" Flame turned her head looking at everyone
"Everyone do as they say! Get behind something or go inside!" Abby shouted, and nodded at Flame. Flame was thankful towards Abby but she was still a bitch.
All the students fled behind a wall or a car, or they ran inside. Abby helped Finn up and stayed behind the brick wall.
The four sisters looked at each other smiling to themselves. They closed their eyes and took a deep breath.
"I am fire, I am water, I am earth, I am air" They all chanted. They said what element they were, they chanted like Witches around a cauldron.
"I am heat, I am wet, I am hard, I am everywhere" They continued to chant.
Their element started to appear around them, and wrapped around their bodies. The power was getting stronger and more powerful. The ground shook slightly, as well as windows, doors and cars. The fountain broke in half killing the fountain.
Lexi groaned feeling the scorching heat surround her body. It was getting stronger.
"I am fire! I am water! I am earth! I am Air" They continued to shout and chant, over the strong noises from their element.
Fire surrounded Flame. Water surrounded Splash. Dirt and rocks surrounded Rocky and Air surrounded Sky.
"No! No!" Vashan shouted widening his eyes at the four elements, using their sources. He pounded onto the shield.
"Now!" Flame shouted over the strong power surrounding her body. Rocky and Sky put down the force field. Vashan lifted his arm up creating a ball of electricity. They all opened their eyes, they were brighter than usual seeing the energy and power in their body.
"I am an Element" They finally said realising their hands from their link with their sister's, their source of element stopped surronding their body. It disappeared into thin air, until it came back and blasted towards Vashan. The blasts of fire, water, earth and air surronded Vashan. He couldn't move, he couldn't use his powers. The blasts of their elements started to lift him into the air.
"I am Fire! I am Water! I am Earth! I am Air! We are the Elements!" They all shouted. Vashan screamed until the blast took over him, soaking into his body.
His body then exploded. Turning into ash.
The four sisters fell onto the floor exhausted and out of energy.

"Lexi! Wake up for me!" A voice, a blurred voice. Flame couldn't understand it properly. She groaned and moved her fingers and head slowly. It all made sense. The dream before, Finn, was in her dream. That is why the cologne was so similar. And she would get the déjà vu feeling every time she saw or touched him. It all made sense. He was the boy. The one.
She opened her eyes carefully, a blurred image was in front of her. She blinked a few more times before seeing Finn looking at her. He sighed in relief as she awoke. He hugged her quickly thankful that she was okay.
"Lexi, your okay, you scared me" Finn explained quickly. Lexi sat up and held her head in pain, feeling a pain in the neck, literally.
"What happened?" Flame asked, she gained control of herself and slowly stood up. Finn held onto her arm and helped her up. She stood firmly onto her feet and sighed.
"We felt like a blast, we then stood up seeing all four of you on the ground" He explained.
Flame looked at her sister's who slowly gained their balance. They all looked at the pile of ash on the floor. Vashan was finally gone.
"At least everyone can live in peace now. He is gone and everything will go back to normal. Everyone will live a normal life here, and we will have to rebuild Pandora, but I am glad your okay" She smiled at Finn.
"I am glad your okay Lexi, I don't know what I am gonna do without out" Finn said. She sighed looking at the ground
"Finn, we can't stay here, we have to go back home, go back to where we came from"
"Let me come with you then"
"Finn, you can't it's complicated, but I promise you one day, you can visit, I will come back to visit. We just have to rebuild Pandora."
Finn sighed and nodded looking down understanding.
"Thank you for coming to Earth, I would of never met you, glad I did"
"No problem rapunzel. But we have to go now, before we get arrested and tested on. Just please be safe for me" She smiled and kissed his cheek.
"Lexi, I am in love with you" The teenage boy held hands with the redhead who had dirt and blood all over her. Flame looked at him and smiled
"I am in love with you Finn. Just remember that. Even though what I said on Friday and today, I still mean it, but I have fallen in love with you" She smiled at him and felt his lips on her.
"Flame we have to go" Rocky said and held her hands out and closed her eyes, the picture of Pandora appeared in her hands.

"What's with the picture?" Splash asked

"I actually found out, this is our way home" Rocky explained
Lexi nodded at Rocky and held Finn's head in her hands
"I will come and visit and show you Pandora. I promise" She smiled and kissed him softly again and moved away from him. Finn grabbed her again and hugged her
"Be safe princess" He smiled. She chuckled and pulled away. She sighed and smiled at him, walking to her sister's standing beside them. Rocky looked at the picture and smashed it onto the floor. The picture started to explode with colours, a blue portal started appearing from the picture. The sisters held their hands together. Flame looked at Finn and smiled letting a tear fall. A bright light came from the portal and they were gone.
Finn covered his eyes as the bright light came from the painting. He then put his hand down as it disappeared. They were gone. The picture was back to its original picture. Not broken. He picked it up and smiled, seeing 4 figures, red, blue, green and white dresses. They were back home...

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