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Chapter 2

"Ah!" The red head breathed heavily, she placed her hand on her heart feeling her pulse quicker but the second. She took deep breathes and closed her eyes. Deep breathes. Calm. The heart beat slowed down in her chest as she regained control of herself. Nightmares. She hated them, but she had never had a nightmare like that before. Sighing she shook her head and looked around her room as her hands glided along the red silk of her duvet. Her large king sized bed was fixed in a dark brown wood frame, with red see through drapes hanging around the frame. Laying her head on her silk pillow looking at the large chandelier in her bedroom hanging above her bed. Not the best place to hang a large light source. She looked at the red crystals hanging from the ceiling and noticed something a little off. Her light was moving. The little red crystals swung lightly to the sides. Quickly sitting up to admire them more, they stopped suddenly. She shook her head lightly so she wouldn't get too dizzy
"Nightmares" she sighed rubbing her head and slipped out of her bed and straightening out her red silk nightie dress. A lot of things were red in her room, it was her symbol. Who she was. Princess Flame of Pandora, Element of fire. She lived in a magical world called Pandora, where magic thrives and is used and shown off all the time. But only certain people behold the magic of the elements. Her and her 3 other sisters. Born a year apart from their mother. Queen of the castle and queen of the land. Queen Petal of Pandora. Her mother was a little more powerful. They called her Mother of Nature. Flame and her sisters held the magic of the elements. Fire. Water. Earth and Air. People believe they are just a study of philosophers, but they actually exist, but no one knows, and it would stay like that. Each princess had the power over one element. Princess Flame has the power over fire, she could manipulate it, create it, do whatever she wanted to do, it was the same for her sisters except they belonged to the other 3. They also had other talents. Being a princess wasn't easy. Wake up early, go to bed early, have meetings with the council, travel to other lands. She wanted to be free, and somewhat normal.

Straightening out her nightie she walked over to the large mirror that hung above the chest of drawers. Flowers and gems and pieces of junk that Flame to an eye to. She looked in the mirror and looked at the features from the nightmare. Her olive skin had turned slightly white, her amber eyes tired from the lack of sleep. She licked over her dry lips which were plump shape. Her red hair tied in a side ponytail to keep it curly in the morning and during the day, with little flickers of orange tips at the strand of each and every hair. The mirror suddenly cracked
"Okay I had a nightmare, didn't know I looked that bad" She sighed and turned away from the mirror only for the mirror to drop and fall onto the floor. She turned around quickly and looked around the room
"Whoever is playing tricks on me, you better stop unless you want to be bald" She stood in a defensive stance looking around the room squinting. Her body started to shake. The floor shook, everything was shaking and falling onto the floor. She held onto the door frame to her en suite and grabbed onto it tightly. Something was wrong, very wrong. She managed to run from the door frame onto the balcony, bursting through the white glass doors and stood onto balcony holding onto the railings.
She widened her eyes at the horror that stood in front of her. They were under attack. Pandora was under attack. Smoke everywhere, dirt and rubble everywhere. Even some bodies laid on the ground from defending the castle. She aimed her eyes down in the castle grounds between the castle doors and the castle gates. People were fighting. Gazing her eyes over the people who looked like ants from where she was standing, they were attacking and defending against... Vashan. Pandora's enemy. He had the power of black magic and from day once since her sister's were born, he has tried everything to get rid of them and gain the power of the elements himself, and make himself the ruler, the king of Pandora.

Flame quickly left the balcony and managed to quickly get out of her silk nightie without ripping it. She walked to her wardrobe. A large walk in wardrobe filled with jewels and numerous amount of clothes and shoes. She was a princess, that's what you would expect. She grabbed a red top and some black trousers and rushed them onto her figure. Leaving the wardrobe and grabbing a hair tie putting her red hair into a messy bun, she left her room to fight.

Flame ran through the many halls until it came to the grand staircase. Marble made stairs with the colours of white and black. A modern touch to the castle. People from the village were evacuated into the castle for protection. She looked at every single one of them. Scared to their bones. Shivering in fear. Some children hid their face into their parents bodies to block out the sounds of fear outside. Some of them were quiet, some of them were crying. The parents and other people from the village just looked at her. Flame turned to a guard
"Take them to the vault, make sure they are safe, provide them with blankets and food and water, make them safe and comfortable" The guard holding the sword nodded at the princess. She started to panic herself. Her heart beat racing faster, adrenaline running through her system. Running to the large closed castle doors, they opened for her. A waft of blood and dirt hit her body. More bodies laid on the ground
"Get the bodies somewhere safe and save them if you can" Flame instructed another guard. She ran out into the courtyard and stood by her sister. Splash. Element of Water
"Enjoy your sleep princess?" Her sister said in a sarcastic spiteful tone
"I was having a nightmare and was having trouble waking up" She defended herself and looked at the many guards walking towards her. Not her castle guards, guards from Vashan.
Flame held out her right hand and create a fire ball. It was harmless to her, it was her. She looked at the guards and smirked as they stopped putting their shield in front of their bodies and showing their long sharp swords. She aimed at them and threw the fire ball out of her hand hitting the shield of one of the guards. Once hit, the ball of fire erupted and created a large explosion. Guards flew in every direction, sand and dirt lifted from the air.
"Well, well, well. Princess Flame decided to join the fight?" A man in a dark laughing tone spoke up. The redhead turned around and looked at the man. Enemy. Vashan. He had black hair which hung just above his shoulder with his fringe tied back onto the top of his head. A black beard crawled along his jaw line and wrapped around his mouth and chin. He wore dark purple robes that just covered his black shoes stood in a stance on the sand.
She looked at their enemy and held a larger ball of fire in her hand. She smirked at the man, ready for a fight.

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