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Chapter 20 - Epilogue

Flame stood in the streets of the town of New York, watching the school. Cars were off the street getting a fix from the fight from the previous week. The road was patched up again, and the fountain was gone to get repaired.
She smiled as she saw everyone. No one remembered anything. After returning to Pandora, they rescued their mother, and she created a powerful memory spell, everyone forgot everything. Flame was upset that this happened, Finn had forgotten about her. And everything they had was gone.
"Can i help you miss?" Flame turned around and looked at him. Finn. He was standing in front of her, but he called her Miss. He didn't remember,
"Er no, just looking at his school, just seeing what it is like. Just wondering if it is a good school that's all" She explained looking at the school building.
"Oh, I just thought you would be looking for me Princess Flame" He said. Flame turned around and looked at him and smiled
"Finn, you remember me?"
"Of course I do, I am guessing a memory wipe? Love is stronger. I remember everything, because I love you" he smiled at her. She smiled and hugged him quickly, she then felt a pair of lips on hers. Flame missed this, his smell, his touch, his warmth. They pulled away from each other and she took his hands.
"I want to keep a promise I told you" She smiled at him and closed her eyes. They teleported off the streets like they were never there.
Finn was amazed but what he was looking at, Flame grinned seeing him look so happy.
"Welcome to Pandora"

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