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Chapter 3

Flame looked disgusted at the environment surrounding her and her sisters. Surrounding them on both sides were brick walls covered in old dying moss, some kind of art decorating the walls which stood out from the grim dark alley. A large waft of smells hit their noses, between the smell of alcohol and greasy food. She looked at the floor looking at the tarmac, broken glass from bottles laid on the floor along with pink pieces of chewed bubble gum. Flame admired herself and her sisters, something had changed. Their clothes. Instead of the original plain clothes she used to fight their enemy, or the princess robes, they had been dressed in normal clothes. Flame compared herself to the people walking by the alley, they seemed to be looking normal. Jeans and a top with flats.
"Well we seem to be normal enough, I think mum had time to think things over" She sighed looking at her sisters
"But one thing hasn't changed, our hair, you still have your red and orange hair" Splash had pointed out to her hot headed sister. Flame grabbed a piece of her silk hair into her hand and sighed at the red and orange tips in her hair
"Well you still have your blue air, Rocky has her brown and green hair as well as Sky having her blonde and blue hair" Flame said looking at her sisters. There was aroma coming from their bodies. They all sniffed the leather jackets they had situated on their shoulders, the smell was a floral smell, similar to a fresh flower in a field full of flowers.
"Mum did really think this out, like she had been planning this for such a long time" Flame said trying to figure something out
"Mum can't see the future Flame, how was she supposed to know this would happen?" Sky asked concerned to where her sister was going with the idea
"Mum must of known something, she planned on where we would stay, how we would look and how we even smelled, come on, she can't think of all of it in a matter of seconds or minutes. She knew this would happen one day, and she kept it a secret from us, her own daughters" Flame scoffed smiling and decided to leave her spot on the tarmac walking onto the black pavement mixing in with the normal people.

It amazes you how many people can be in one place. Different race, different shape, different image. And it all fits in together like a jigsaw puzzle.
Flame walked along the pavement sweeping her way through the charging people walking in the opposite way from her. Looking up, she saw the clear blue sky with scattered clouds, they weren't thick, but the warmth from the sun felt amazing on her skin. The smell of burning fuel glided out the exhaust from the metal cars which drove along the road.
Her sisters had managed to keep up with their sister who seemed to be leading them somewhere. She had no idea where they were going.
Rocky had grab her sister's arm and spun her around on the spot
"One question we would like to know, do our powers still work?" The brunette asked raising her thin eyebrow. Flame sighed and looked around. They were out in the open, human beings walking around them in every direction, they couldn't use their abilities out in the open. Flame looked to her right seeing a door open, which allowed the many different strong and sweet smells to waft into her nose, a smell between fish to meat. Looking up bright blue and red letter stood out on a white sign above the large window and door. 'Fire & Ice Cafe' What a coincidence. Flame scanned the entrance of the cafe door watching the customers stuff the greasy food into large tunnels also known as their mouths, while some customers sipped on a white mug, pointing their pinkies up to the ceiling, where a large dusty ceiling fan turned around and around.

Flame looked around once more and looked at a glass in front of a man in a suit, the glass was filled with sweet orange juice. She concentrated on the glass and put her right hand out a little bit and flicked her wrist ever so slightly, which suddenly caused the glass of orange juice to tip over onto the man's white shirt. She smirked at the drama she had caused between the panicking waiter and the arguing man. She looked at her sister's and smiled
"they still work" Stuffing her hands in her jacket pockets and continued to walk down the pavement. Her sisters strolled beside her while panicking around the surroundings.
"Are you not afraid of anything? I mean I am terrified of being here, I feel like a mouse running into a mouse hole hiding away from a fluffy cat" Sky told her sister in a slight panic
"No I am not afraid of having a new adventure, this is Earth, this is the same as home, just except the sand, beaches, and the magic. Nothing scares me anymore" Flame responded
"But she is afraid of one thing though, Jess" Rocky pointed out to her sister making Flame stand in her spot. She gritted her teeth and turned around looking at her sister who had the nerve.
"Don't bring her up Rocky, that is unfair. I am not scared of her, she is a memory, a buried memory that is buried in the deepest ground, where they will find our soul" she flicked her eyes at her sister causing flickers of flames to erupt from her iris
"That's uncalled for Flame" Rocky crossed her arms causing her iris to flicker with crumbling rocks
"Guys, stop, don't cause a scene, remember what happened last time" Their blue haired sister tried to remind them
"Yeah, I won, and beat her arse. Never bring up Jess' name, she is long gone and good riddance" she blinked her eyes several times to return her eyes back to their original colour
"Our eyes have changed" Splash said putting her face closer to her sisters looking into their eyes like they were in a stare off
"Splash is right, Flame you have brown eyes, Rocky has brown, Sky had blue, what do I have?"
"You have blue eyes Splash, told you mum had planned this all out. Anyway we need to find this house with a woman called Mandy if I can remember" Flame said and looked around and sighed
"If you can hear us mum, show us the way please" She continued to look around and bit her lip as she concentrated. She closed her eyes and reopened them and frowned
"Are you seeing this?" Asking her sisters she looked around quickly
"Are we seeing what? Are you high or something?" Rocky asked smiling slightly "We can't see anything"
"What are you seeing then?" Splash asked and continued to look around
"It's purple, a purple line, in a texture of a cloud, like you can walk through it, it is going in one direction, like its a trail to follow" She explained
"Like mum actually helped us, it must be a trail to this Mandy's house, otherwise to our death" Sky smiled slightly
"Well there is only one way to find" Flame said and followed the trail of purple, sliding past the walking people and the driving cars, causing the drivers to press hard on their horns. She completely ignored them, like they didn't exist, like Flame and her sisters don't exist in this world.

Flame continued to follow the trail with her sisters managing to keep up with her.
"How long have we been walking, it feels like forever" Rocky sighed stopping in her place and holding tightly on a black metal fence with her other hand on her hip
"Where is this house?" Splash asked sighing
Flame looked at the purple cloud trail and stood on her tip toes to see to where it would lead it. The trail turned left following up a gravel path and round a fountain which was outside a large house, with large brown doors, similar to the castle doors back home.
"Bingo" She smiled as her sisters turned their attention to a large mansion with a black slate roof. Flame smiled and walked to a large black gate. Looking at the metal gate beside it, there was a silver plaque attached, engraved with 'Ms. M. Wolff'.
"This must be it, M means Mandy right?" Flame raised her eyebrow and pushed open the black gate, following the gravel up to the large doors. Splash decided to stop by the fountain and admired it, like a child with wide eyes receiving a puppy for Christmas.
"Seriously Splash? We aren't here for a fountain" Rocky said crossing her arms but was distracted by a topiary in a shape in a shape of a spiral, similar to a DNA strand.
Flame stood on a door step with a mat saying 'Welcome' while her sister Sky standing beside her.
There was a large knocker on the door, it was a lion head with the knocker placed between his mouth. For a door knocker there was a lot of detail. Flame didn't hesitate, grabbing the ring from the lions mouth, and knocked on the door hard enough for the woman to hear. Flame looked at the floor and waited until she heard the sound of high heels clip clopping on the hard floor.

The door opened. There stood a woman. Dirty blonde hair standing just above her shoulder with a fringe covering her eye brows. Her blue eyes stood out from all her features, a small nose with small plump lips. She wore a light purple cardigan with a cream t-shirt underneath, with blue jeans followed by some small heels which made a loud noise on the marble flooring.
"Can I help you girls?" The woman asked. Flame didn't know how to explain everything. But something popped into her head. She pulled up the leather sleeves revealing her bare arms, showing the woman the inside of her wrist. Symbols. Two symbols laid on either wrist. On her left was the alchemical symbol for the classical element of fire. While the other symbol was an actual fire symbol. Flame looked at the woman. She had the panicked look in her eye. She grabbed Flame by her wrist, also grabbing Sky by her arm and pulled them in
"Quick, you two get in!" She shouted slightly at Rocky and Splash. They did as they were told as Mandy slammed the door shut and looked at the four girls
"I never thought this day would actually come. Your mother warned me, but I never thought it would come to this day. The four elements, on Earth"

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