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Chapter 4

"Well now your nightmare has come true" Flame sighed and looked around the room. The house was huge, a small mansion. She compared it to the tardis in Doctor Who. Small on the outside, but bigger in the inside. The white marble floor is spotless and shone brightly due to the large crystal chandelier hanging from the high roof of the room. Two large staircases which wrapped around a status was placed at the back of the room leading up to the second floor, this was only the hallway and it was huge. A large mirror hung above a table which was covered in photos, flowers and a few bits and pieces
"This feels just like-"
"Home, exactly like home" Flame interrupted Splash from speaking. She felt a slight twist in her stomach feeling a little sick. She hated this feeling. Home sick. Walking to the table below the mirror she noticed a photo in a silver vine photo frame. Picking it up she smiled slightly
"That was the day your mum told me about everything. Magic. I had to remember it, just in case anything happened. Your mum was a kind, caring gentle woman, the bestest friend anyone could ask for" Mandy stated smiling at the 4 girls standing in her pristine hallway.
"Do best friends lie to each other? That isn't a perfect best friend" Flame put the silver photoframe down
"Flame, don't be like that okay. Mum did what she had to do alright, get over it" Rocky said gritting her teeth crossing her arms at her sister
"Get over it? She lied to us all our lives, please don't tell me you aren't bothered by it at all?" Flame asked raising her eyebrow
"Well I am a little bothered actually" Splash butted in
"Course you would, your her opposite element, you just follow everything Flame says and does" Rocky responded to Splash
"Hey! Stop fighting, mum wouldn't want this, she may of caused a little tension with us, but she had to do it for our own good" Sky shouted at her fighting sisters. The tension in the room was thickening, and you could cut it with a knife, a big sharp knife.
Flame looked at her sisters and sighed looking down at her feet
"Fine, but we need to set a few rules for being on Earth"
"Your sister is right, and I have set some up for you girls to follow. You may be princesses, but on Earth you are four normal sisters, living a normal life"
"It's going to be a little hard for us to adjust, no maids, servants, no tiara's, or princess gowns..." Splash said staring into thin air "this life is going to be depressing" she finished off
"Oh shut up, you're sounding like a prissy princess, and we can prove to ourselves and each other we are not" Flame shook her head at her sister and then turned to Mandy
"What are the rules Mandy?" she asked ready for the list of rules.
"First rule is no practising magic in any room, except the room for practising magic" said Mandy
"There is a room for practising magic?" Rocky asked frowning. The princesses were confused but relieved
"Yes, that brown door there" Mandy pointed to a brown door hidden in the shadows from the large statue and the two sets of stairs
"Your mother designed it, there are stairs that lead down under the house, makes things well, less obvious" She smiled
"Okay what are the other rules?" Flame asked
"You girls need to change your names, Flame, Splash and the name Rocky doesn't sound, normal. Sky does so you can keep that" Mandy smiled looking at the girls who had a confused emotion on their face
"Change our names? We were born with them, why weren't we born with normal names?" Rock asked confused
"Because we were named after our element, if you listened to the stories and the lessons we had, you would of remembered, anyway can't be that hard to call yourself something normal" Flame pointed out to her sisters
"Fine, then I will be called... Phoebe" Splash smiled at her sisters at her new name idea "Yeah, Phoebe"
"Okay then Phoebe, what about you Rocky?" Flame asked her other sister who seemed confused and stuck on her new name
"Okay, I think I have found the perfect name. Taylor. Sweet but also sounds a little hard" Rocky said smiling and crossed her arms nodding
"Hard? Your not ghetto you know, two minutes on Earth and she is already acting like a stereotype" She smirked, but decided to laugh inside her own mind, just in case she upset her sister
"So Phoebe and Taylor, what about you Sky?" The 3 of them looked at their blonde sister
"I er, I will stick to Sky. Sweet and innocent, like mum said to me. Mum named me and it reminds me of mum" Sky stated
"Your name reminds you of mum?" Splash raised her eyebrow and frowned
"Yeah it does, Sky is my real name and my Earth name" Sky said looking at the ground
"So, Princess Flame, what's your new name?" Rocky crossed her arms getting ready to insult her sister's new name
"Lexi. I have always liked it. It also means defender, since I do defend my family and the kingdom. But now I defend my sister's, Mandy, this home and maybe Earth if it comes to it"
"Why should we defend Earth? Earth is all about war, no one is happy" Splash pointed out
"But if we have to, we have to defend Earth, especially against Black magic"
"Why would black magic come here?" Sky asked
"Vashan will do anything to kill us and gain the elements. There is a 95% chance that he won't make it to Earth, but"
"But there is a 5% he will" Splash sighed and looked down
"It won't come to that, I won't allow it, but if it does we have to defend against him" Flame said
"What about the humans? Defending against him will expose magic and us to the world!" Sky exclaimed in a panicked tone
"Sky, think about it, we are the reason he will probably come down here, and we have to sort it out, plus if we do have to go to war with him, we can wipe out everyone's memory, but we might not have a chance"
"So what do we do? Hand ourselves in to scientists or the police? Flame open your eyes, we could be tested on, this world tests on anything weird, dead or alive" Rocky shouted as she started to get annoyed with her sister's idea
"No, we will have to use a strong, a very strong spell, that will take us back home, I promised mum one day we would only use it if we needed to. And if we do, we will. You have to understand what we have to give up, and do in order to save the humans and ourselves, they may know that magic exist, but they will have a hard time finding us, since we will be in another world" Flame explained. It was all simple to her, but she knew deep down, if anything did happen, nothing would be the same again.

"Have you girls finished arguing? I have more rules" Mandy asked looking at girls who started to stress out because of the situation. They all looked at her and sighed nodding
"Yeah sorry carry on" Flame let her continue the list of many rules
"Thirdly, you will need to dye your hair, you girls kind of stand out a little, you will need to blend in. There are hair dyes in the bathroom for you to use" Mandy stated
"Okay, anything else?" Splash asked
"Yes, you will attend high school like everyone else"
"What? Why?!" Rocky said in a huff crossing her arms
"Remember, you girls are not princesses down here, you are normal kids, you will receive a proper education and learn, you will probably need it in the future"
"Wait, in the future, we will be back home in the future right?" Splash asked worried and concerned
"We don't know how long this will take Splash, we just have to wait patiently" Flame said looking down
"Plus if you don't go to school, a high member of the school will maybe send me to court or interview you, we can't say, your magical girls from a far away land, princesses to be exact and do not need the proper education. Plus you will be bored"
"Is that it?" Flame asked
"Yes it is" Mandy nodded
"Well I have my own rule" The red head stated
" Do not, under any circumstances, fall in love with a human"

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