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Chapter 5

Reaching the second floor of the house, she turned her head left and right seeing the long hallways, it reminded her of horror movies, long corridors, empty dark corridors, horror lurking in the dark shadows. She decided to take a guess and gamble to where her new room was. Turning her body right, she walked down the hallways seeing the hanging portraits attached to the creamy walls. There was a picture of what it looked like a smudged painting. Lexi looked at the gold plated label below the picture
"Pandora" She frowned at the title, and looked at the painting a little more. It was home. It was Pandora, but why on Earth was a portrait here.
"Your mum gave me that" Lexi turned her head seeing Mandy smiling at the portrait
"Why did you give you a picture of Pandora? Isn't it a little dangerous to do that here?"
"Lexi, no one is going to know, your mum didn't want you to forget where you came from"
"More like rub it in our faces, make us homesick even more" Lexi sighed looking at the ground
"Your mum also said there was more to that portrait than we think, I don't know what she means by it, but she said all four of you will figure it out soon, and when the times comes" Mandy had a confused expression on her face. Lexi frowned and looked at the picture
"Just looks like a normal picture to me" Lexi shrugged
"Your bedroom is the door at the end of the hallway, straight on, some things are in there for you" Mandy smiled and walked back downstairs.

The redhead turned her head seeing a door straight down from the hallway. She walked towards the door and grabbed the silver handle. In that room was her new life, she could be staying in this room for many years. Everything she needed was in there, it was like her whole new life was just the room. She pulled the handle down and opened the door. Looking around her new room, it looked like home. Large bed with a red duvet and red pillows to match. A wardrobe with glass sliding doors, a vanity set, sat beside the wardrobe. Two large doors stood on the opposite side of the room. Walking towards it, she felt the soft fluffy carpet beneath her feet, it felt like walking on a large fluffy cloud. She opened the door to reveal the balcony. It was like a flashback or Deja Vu. It reminded her of this morning, opening the door to her home seeing a war going on, now she see's her new home, but with driving cars and people walking by. No magic. Nothing magical about this place.

Lexi left the balcony and closed the door as well as the curtains to block out the new world. She placed herself on the bed, it was soft, she could melt right into the mattress. It was really like home. A feeling erupted from her stomach, her stomach turning. Quickly getting off from the bed she ran to her ensuite bathroom and managed to reach the toilet, throwing up everything she wanted to get rid of. Home sick. She hated the feeling and wanted to throw it all up. Clutching the toilet seat, she helped herself up from the floor, flushing the sparkling clean toilet and making her way to the sink. She felt a little dizzy from the throwing up, but held herself up from falling to the floor. Looking in the mirror seeing her face, pale, dark circles under her eyes. She needed to get herself back to normal. Normal? She would never be normal. A freak. A weirdo. She wasn't normal, no one is ever normal, they are all unique and different in their own way. But not her. She was a weirdo, no one else in the world could do what she could do, they are considered freaks, aliens on Earth. Live a normal life her mother and sister's said. Impossible.
She looked at herself again and her eyes gazed to her bright red hair with orange flame tips. She needed to sort it out. Mandy had said, she bought some hair dye. She opened the medicine cabinet which had the mirror attached to it. The cabinet had everything in it. Everything for her teeth, to make sure they were as clean as the pearls around Mandy's neck she wore. Face cleaners, other small things that could probably come in handy, and a hair dye. Lexi picked up the box to look at it
"Cool brown, like everyone else. Oh yeah, your supposed to blend in and be normal Lexi" she sighed and started to set up the hair dye. New life. New home. New looks. New names. Even new eyes and hair.

Half an hour had gone by since Lexi had dyed her hair. To make her normal. Her wet hair was pinned together to make sure the dye didn't dye anything in her room. The silver alarm clock in her bedroom had gone off. It was time to have a normal look. She turned the alarm off and got off from the bed, putting a type of electronic device down. She was reading a book, about a girl who thought she was invisible to the world and a boy she had liked for many years. But one day, the boy noticed her, he always had, he was just worried she wouldn't like it. It was a happy ending, but it was a story. Nothing is usually a fairy tail. She walked into the bathroom and started to wash out the hair dye. A fountain of brown dye ran out of her hair doing down the plug hole. She stopped the water and grabbed a towel to start drying her hair. She stood in front of the mirror and sighed
"The new Lexi. Gonna have to get used to it. This is all just a dream, and I will wake up soon, all from this nightmare" she sighed and looked down. She looked back up and frowned in the mirror. Moving her head closer to the mirror she saw a strand of red hiding within her new look. She grabbed the strand of hair and carefully pulled it out putting it down the toilet. She walked back to the mirror and frowned widening her hair
"What the hell is happening?" Her hair was turning back to it's original bright colours. The brown was disappearing as the colour red took over her brown strands. It only took a few seconds before her whole head was back to normal
"Well there goes the hair colour. I guess this is something we can't change" She gritted her teeth and placed her hand on the mirror. Her hand was heating up from the rage inside her. The glass started to crack until it broke into several pieces, including in her hand. Lexi pulled her hand away and looked at the blood surrounding the piece of glass buried in her skin.

She walked out the bathroom and walked downstairs to Mandy
"You got any experience with glass?" She smiled slightly holding her hand up. She was dragged into the kitchen and her hand was stuck under the cold running tap
"Ouch, that stings" she gritted her teeth
"So Lexi, the element of Fire, is finally feeling pain?" Mandy asked smiling to herself. Lexi frowned at her
"I feel pain all the time, I may have the strongest and dangerous element, but I still feel things you know, I don't have a frozen heart" She shook her head and took her hand out of the water as the blood started to stop. Mandy walked to a cupboard and grabbed some tweezers. She took Lexi's hand and carefully pulled out the glass, she grabbed some tissue and applied pressure
"How did this happen anyway?" The nurse like woman asked
"I dyed my hair, but it didn't work, my hair turned back to normal, normal" she laughed to herself
"Have you gone slightly crazy Lexi?"
"No I haven't. Anyway I got made and smashed the mirror"
"You smashed the mirror?"
"Unless you wanted a fire in the bathroom, then your choice" Mandy shook her head and grabbed a bandages and wrapped it around Lexi's hand
"I know, you're not used to living here, but it will all work out"
"Work out? Nothing is going to work out. Life on Earth isn't going to work out, it always backfires. Something will happen and yet again it will be up to use to fix it"
"You were born to protect you know"
"No we weren't just born to protect, we were born to thrive, give the elements a name. Make magic exist, if we didn't exist then, magic would be weak"
"Magic isn't weak, it is everywhere, just lurking in a corner"
"Exactly, and when someone is in trouble, who do they call? The elements, we aren't just used to fight and protect, we have something which people don't think we have, feelings" Lexi shook her head at Mandy and pried her hands away from Mandy's hold. She walked up the stairs to her room and slammed the door, making a photo frame on the side of the wall, smash onto the floor.

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