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Chapter 6

Lexi sunk to the floor against the white door holding in the tears. Lexi might have the most power-fullest element, they expect her to be solid as a rock when it comes to emotions, no emotions in her soul. But Lexi does have emotions, she tries to hide it, be strong for her sisters and her mother. To show you should never be afraid. Even if you try and face your fears, you should never be the one being scared.
She glanced at the bright blue digits on the alarm clock seeing the day was getting later. Wiping her tears on the end of her top, she stood up sighing to herself. She walked to the bathroom and started to run a hot steaming bath. A scolding bath made her relaxed, so she could think more clearly. Lexi added no bubbles, just the water. Dropping her clothes onto the marble flooring and dipping her feet into the water. She felt like a mermaid in the movies. When they touch water with their feet, they slowly take their time to transform. But Lexi wasn't a mermaid. Once her body was consumed by the scolding water she dunked her head under the water, closing her eyes and trying to concentrate. She was going to find a way to go home, one way or another, there must be a way.
She saw colours. Lots of colours, but they were in a blur. There was green, creamy yellow, blue, white. So many colours. Then there was a brick wall, and a large rose in a vase. None of these made sense. She started using a little more of her source. The source was the source to everything Lexi had. The normal people call it the heart. But hers was more than a heart. Her source kept her alive, but it also stored all the magic in her body, especially the fire element. Her magic is all around her body, leaking from the source, but the source stores most of the magic. It is like a jumper cable. When a battery is dead, the jumper cable jumps and provides the energy, making the object work. When Lexi needs an extra boast, she uses the source to make herself more powerful, but it is very dangerous, just like a jumper cable. You can electrocute yourself jumping a battery, but with the source, they pass out and it takes time to recover.
She felt the source giving her an extra boast. Her body was getting stronger, hotter. The taps started to move from the water moving through the pipes. Some of the blue tiles from the wall, started to crack and fall off the wall. She saw it. Pandora. She smiled to herself as her plan was working, but something was wrong with Pandora. It was blurry, the rose appeared again. The image looked like a painting, the way it was blurred. Lexi opened her eyes quickly and pulled herself out of the water breathing heavily. She was under for quite a while, and she couldn't breathe underwater, unlike her sister. The bathroom ceiling light exploded from the amount of energy in the room. She sighed to herself knowing it didn't mean anything. Or did it? Pandora, the image, looked like a painting...
The painting!
Lexi jumped out of the scolding water and grabbed the fluffy dressing gown, handing on the door to the bathroom. She didn't bother to dry her body or hair, it dried quicker as she moved. She quickly opened her door and ran down the hallway to the painting.
The painting of Pandora. It is what she saw in her mind.
"Lexi are you okay? We heard an explosion" Mandy asked rushing up the stairs. Mandy looked at the red head staring at the picture
"You said mum made this for a reason, what was the reason" Lexi asked Mandy, she demanded answers. She saw this image for a reason, she was sure this was a clue.
"She gave it to me to remind you girls of your home, she said you will find out the purpose when it is time. Lexi what is going on? What was the explosion?"
"Just a light, I needed to find answers, so I used my source" Lexi said shrugging it off like it was nothing
"Lexi! Using your source is a dangerous thing! You should of known that! You're supposed to be an example of your sisters, and Pandora!" Mandy shouted at her like she was trying to be her mother
"You know nothing Mandy, you are not my mother, you know nothing about all this. Stay out of it okay, I know what I am trying to do"
"And what exactly are you trying to do?" Mandy asked her concerned
"Trying to find a way home" Lexi sighed and walked away from her to her room and slammed the door.
Her mother designed that painting for a reason. And what she saw in her head was something important. Something about that painting was to do with home. Not the picture of her home, a way of getting home.

Lexi waited a few minutes until she opened her door. The hallway was empty. She could hear Mandy in the kitchen tidying up. She walked over to the picture and smirked

"That which is one now becomes two. That which is two forever will be. That which will be shall appear to you" Lexi spoke at the painting and smirked as it duplicated another painting. She took the real one and replaced the fake with the old. She picked the real picture off the floor and walked down the steps. She made sure the close was clear and opened the door to the spell room, which her mum built in. Lexi walked down the spiral stairs until the room came into view. She placed the painting on the floor and admired it.

"What is so special about you?" she asked and looked at it closely and frowned as she saw a figure in a window. She looked closely and frowned


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