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Chapter 7

High school. Who likes it? Truthfully no one loves or even likes school. Maybe the geeks but there is nothing wrong with geeks. Parents expect us to be excited for high school every day like a child, or a child receiving a puppy for Christmas. High school was about fitting in, being labelled into a clique. Goths. Geeks. Jocks. Poplars'. That was going to change. Lexi and her sister's didn't fit into any of those. They were normal, or trying to be normal kids. Whatever happens. Do not reveal anything magical. Instead of getting a degree in a high Maths, they would get a high degree being stuck in a concrete cage, while people stop and stare like they are a zoo animal stuck in a cage, or worse. Tested on by scientists. Nothing ever goes to plan, no matter how much you plan out, something will go wrong.
Lexi stood in the mirror looking at herself. Monday morning. Who likes that day? Early and the first day of the week. Who invented Monday's?
She sighed at her image. Plain jeans tightly wrapped around her legs. Skinny jeans were in fashion, and these skinny jeans were made for twigs. A pink top with white bows sat on her upper body. It was slightly hot outside so they needed to match their clothes with the weather. Her feet were inside black Converse pumps. They were also in fashion. In this generation, you had to have what was in fashion, otherwise you were the outsider, the girl or boy without no fashion sense. No fashion sense. But luckily for Lexi and her sister's, Mandy managed to grab all the in fashion clothes and shoes as well as accessories. All about impressing other people. But that didn't matter to Lexi, whatever you felt comfy in, was your fashion sense, not theirs. Your body, your clothes. If they weren't happy, they were jealous.
Lexi wore a natural look on her face. She did not dare wear makeup and look like an orange. Her eyelashes were naturally long, long enough to look fake. But they didn't need to be ruined by clumpy mascara. Her big pouty plump pink lips stood out. They were always plump, not cracked, every time she seemed to talk to people, they gazed at her lips for some odd reason. Her perfect sized nose didn't need to be messed with by surgery. Deep brown eyes that looked dreamy enough to fall in love with, like dreamy chocolate. Sharp eyebrows that were not drawn on with a thick black pencil to make them look fake. Apparently that was the in fashion lately, drawing on your face...
Small pearl studs stuck in her ear lobes, while her elemental necklace was wrapped around her neck. Each of the Elements had their own accustomed necklace. The necklace had a circle pendant hanging with the element designed it on. Fire, had flames carved onto it, with a blood red gem. Water, had a wave carved with a bright blue gem placed on it. Wind, a gust of wind was carved with a white gem placed onto it. And Earth, top to the bottom of a tree with a dark leaf green gem. The necklace laid on Lexi's olive skin making the silver stand out from her body.
Her hair was in a tight side plait placed by the right side of her neck. Something simple but made an impression. She didn't like to impress, but she also wanted to blend it, kind of. Red and orange hair didn't help. She sighed at herself, and grabbed the leather jacket she arrived on Earth, slipping it onto her arms. Grabbing the plain black school bag, flipping it onto her bag, she walked downstairs, so eager to start her first day at high school. Not.
"Are you girls all ready?" Mandy asked and looked at the four girls standing in front of her.
"If we said no, could we like, not go to school?" Taylor asked raising her eyebrow smiling
"No, you're going to school, if you don't go now, you will never go and I will have the governing board from the school on my arse. Your lunches are in these bags along with some money. Spend wisely. All your school stuff is in your bag, they will provide more stuff if you need it. Now take your lunches and make your way to the car, princesses" Mandy said smiling trying not to laugh. Four princesses going to school? This was a first.
Lexi and her sisters shook their heads and walked in single file grabbing a lunch bag each, walking to the black Mercedes sitting in the driveway. As her 3 sisters walked to the car, Lexi looked at the sky. Gloomy and slightly grey with a touch of purple. Strange. She shook it off and walked to the car getting into the front. She shoved the brown lunch bag into her black bag and strapped the seat belt across her body. Mandy got into the driver's seat and looked at them
"First time in a car today?" She asked turning the engine on
"We are used to riding horses or riding my dragon. I miss my dragon, I hope Blaze is okay" Lexi sighed and looked down. The red head was a dedicated animal lover, she couldn't bare for an animal to be in pain or dead.
"Maybe mum sent your dragon to dragon world?" Taylor suggested smirking. Lexi looked at her in the mirror attached to the roof of the car. She flicked her hand making Taylor's seatbelt wrap around her neck. She smirked as her sister started to choke
"Every time you say that or something similar, I will strangle you, with anything I find" Lexi put her hand down releasing the seat belt. Taylor started to cough heavily and gain her breathing.
"Lexi! What did I say to you?! No using magic!" Mandy shouted at her and looked at Taylor
"Actually you said no magic in the house, we are outside, in the car" Lexi told her, making a clear point. Mandy sighed at the red head and turned her face to Taylor
"Are you okay Taylor?"
"Yeah peachy. Jesus! You could of killed me Lexi!" Taylor shouted holding her neck which started to turn a dark red
"We will probably be dead soon anyway Taylor, so you don't have a problem. Anyway, aren't we supposed to be going to school? First day, don't want to be late, do we Mandy?" Lexi raised her eyebrow. Mandy sighed and shook her head and drove out of the drive way on the way to school

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