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Chapter 8

Everything was a blur. The people, cars, shops, just went by as a blur. Mandy wanted the girls to be early enough, so they could be prepared before a stamped of students ran to their classes.
Lexi leaned her head on the window watching everything go by. This was going to be her day. The same every day except on weekends. Getting up, getting ready, going to school, doing work, coming home, doing homework, having dinner, and getting ready for bed, only for it to repeat over and over again. Unlike in Pandora, there was so much to do. Explore hidden places, ride the horses, having an adventure, all gone.
The car came to a sudden halt, making Lexi blink her eyes several times. She looked around and noticed black spiky gates, that surrounded the whole of the building in the middle of the land. High school. They had arrived.
"Remember girls, no magic, and stick together" Mandy advised them
"Go to reception, they will tell you from there, and your surnames are Wolff, adopted children of Mandy Wolff"
Lexi and her sister's nodded and opened the car door and got out. She grabbed her school bag and looked around. Hundreds of students walked to school, different race, shape, clique. But it all seemed to fit like a jigsaw puzzle, perfectly.
They started to walk towards the large black gates, that invited you inside.
"Remember to stick together and keep your head down" Lexi advised them. They nodded in response and all walked towards the gates. Once they were in, there was no way in getting out. No wonder students described high school like prison.
They took a few steps and entered the hell hole of a school. They had to do this only for a year, but they could already tell this was going to be a long year for them.
People were staring. They all stood in small groups, staring at the strange new kid. Why did they do that? It's like they were a freak show. But they were 'normal' kids attending high school. So normal.
The four sisters continued to walk up the slope to the school until a blonde girl stood in front of them. So this was the fashion nowadays. The girl had it all. Orange fake tan with extra foundation, with a thick gravy line around her face. Thick clumpy eyelashes, with layers of fake eyelashes on top of each other. Eyebrows thickened by the dark black crayon stood out from her face. And her hair, a messy white blonde beehive with fake extensions. This was this generation, the 'in fashion'.
"Hi, you look a little lost. My name is Abby, I can show you around if you want" The blonde with the push up bra trying to make her chest the main show of her body asked them
"No thanks, we can find it ourselves, we don't want to be the laughing stock on our first day, I know what you orange girls try to pull" Lexi smirked at her responded comment and walked past Abby going to the school doors, hearing loud ooh's from the other students.
"Nice one sis! Didn't think you were capable of a good comeback" Phoebe complimented her older sister
"I know what them type of girls are like, one word. Bitches, with a capital B" She smiled at them.
They all followed the signs with big bold black letters saying 'RECEPTION' and walked through a double glass door. An old woman with grey hair and bright red lipstick sat at a computer typing away. The sound of her long fake nails echoed the room, making the taping very irritating.
"Er excuse me?" Lexi interrupted politely, slightly. The old woman stopped typing away and looked up seeing the four girls
"May I help you girls?"
"Er yeah, Lexi, Taylor, Phoebe and Sky Wolff, Mandy Wolff's adoptive daughters. We are staring today" Lexi explained
"Ah yes, short notice, but we have managed to fit you into your new classes. Here are your time tables, and your codes for your lockers. If you need any help, come back here" The girls nodded at the lady and walked away. Lexi turned around and looked at her sister's
"Remember no using the m word, and try and fit in, don't do anything stupid and stay away from that Abby girl, and everyone else, we have to try and do things on our own now" Lexi smiled reassuring her sisters. She sighed and walked off finding her locker.
After looking at the black numbers on the grey lockers, Lexi finally came across locker 333. Her favourite number, 3 times. She looked at her code 195. Placing her hand on the dial she moved the dial clockwise and anti clockwise. Pressing the latch, the locker decided to play hard to get and not open.
"Just what I need" She sighed and tried it again.
"Need help?" Lexi jumped out of her skin and turned around seeing a boy with brown hair that came to his shoulders and a bit of muscle on his body
"My locker decided to be a pain in the arse" Lexi explained
"I had that locker once, I think everyone has, it always does it, in the end all you need to do is" He formed a fist with his hand and thumped the locker by the dial. He smirked as the locker opened casually
"Oh right, er thanks, I will keep that in mind" She smiled slightly and put her bag in the locker and looked at her timetable
"I'm Finn by the way, Finn Collins, you must be Mandy Wolffs adoptive daughter"
"Let me guess, we are the talk of the school and town" She raised her eyebrow. Typical
"Good guess, but don't worry, no one will bother you. Oh which reminds me, good work on the comeback at Abby, no one has done that before" He pointed out impressed by her skills
"I just don't take crap from anyone, plus someone needs to put her in her place. Anyway I better get going to class"
"What is your first class?"
"Er project with a Miss Emma, took it instead of PE, not my thing sports"
"Good, your with me, maybe I can show you the way?" He asked. She looked at him, say no, say no
"Sure thing, lead the way" Lexi smiled at him and grabbed anything she needed following him to class. What did she just do..

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