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Chapter 9

Lexi walked into class with Finn. Everyone in the class stared at her, like a piece of meat. A friendly welcome so far. Finn lead her to an empty table at the back of the room
"You can sit here, no one sits here. Luckily my desk is beside you" he smiled at her and sat at the desk next to her. She smiled slightly. She was breaking the rule she set. Don't talk to anyone, especially boys.
She shook her head shaking the thought out, sitting down on the plastic chair and looked out the large window. A tree stood in the middle of the field. A little strange for a tree to be, but it stood out and looked beautiful.
"Nice tattoos" She turned around and looked at Finn confused.
"On your wrists" She then looked at her wrist and nodded
"Oh yeah, just two simply ones. No more" She smiled slightly lying straight to his face. Tattoos? More like symbols or birth marks
"They mean fire right?" He asked. She looked at him. She couldn't lie if he knew the truth could she?
"Er yeah, both mean fire, I am into the whole astrology, I'm a Leo, I have a fire elemental personality" She told the truth this time
"Oh cool, I kind of believe in those things, the whole classical elements, something about them, kinda like a tribal thing, different cultures believe in different things. Gods and Goddess'" He smiled feeling brainy, trying to show off to her
"Yeah, I believe in anything mythical to be honest, grew up believing in magic" Lexi shut up! Shut up, keep your mouth closed! She sighed to herself, mentally telling herself off. Luckily a teacher walked in
"Ah my lovely students, another year doing project. We also have a new student joining us, Lexi Wolff right?" Miss Emma, Lexi guessed. Black skirt, black heels, white shirt, hair pinned back making it look like she has had a face lift, and bright red lipstick. Professional. Too much professional.
"Yeah, Lexi Wolff" She smiled slightly keeping the conversation sweet and short.
"I didn't know Mandy Wolff was into adoption, we all thought she was a loner, but she landed with 4 girls who's mother didn't want them" Abby smirked. She had to be in Lexi's class. After what Lexi said to her, she knew exactly what Abby's plan was
"Well Mandy picked me and my sister's, your parents are stuck with you" Lexi smirked. Everyone made the 'ooh' noise again. Finn smiled and whispered
"Nice one, hope you have more, you are gonna need them" Finn advised Lexi.

Why was Lexi the one to have a mouth on her. She advises her sister's to be good, but then she has to open her gob.
"Okay class enough. Abby that is not a way to make a new student welcome. Anyway class. This is your last year of project, I want to thank you for choosing it over Physical Education. Every time we do a project, I always tell you the topic, but this year, it is up to you, Whatever you want to do, but this time, instead of making your own team or partner, I am putting you into pairs. This way ideas will clash, and new ones will be formed, as your discover interests and skills within each other" Miss Emma explained.
Lexi put her hands inside her leather jacket, crossing her fingers so tightly, they started to turn white. Please, if there is a God, don't pair me up with Abby. She said in her head, begging to the sky
"Okay, these are the pairs. Hannah and Becky. Oliver and Martin. Jill and Freya. Ben and Cole. Abby and Greg" Lexi sighed and smiled to herself as she wasn't paired with the school's orange with fake extensions
"Lexi and Finn." Lexi felt her heart stop. Her and the guy. Her and Finn. For a reason something weird happened with her head. Like a pulse going through. Her body felt warmer. Something was strange, but she shook it off. She looked out the window frowning seeing something standing by the tree in the field. Not something. Someone. A man. He wore purple clothes, a goatee, long hair. Someone who looked like...Vashan. Lexi quickly blinked seeing the figure gone.
Something was tapping her on her shoulder. She then heard her name being called. Turning her head around she looked at Finn who was the one tapping her shoulder
"Are you okay? You look like you have seen a ghost?" Finn asked concerned
"No, I am good. So partner, what should we do on our project then?" Lexi asked, trying to make an effort, like Mandy said. And in order to make an effort, she had to talk to a boy. Finn. That feeling rushed through her body again. Magic getting stronger in her blood stream.
"We could do it on the four classical elements, make it fun, since we both know about it, make a quiz, make a few items" He suggested. Lexi looked at him thinking about the idea. If she said yes, then she could be risking herself with all the knowledge, but she could just be a geek on the whole thing, like Finn was. Or say no, and break his heart. One decision to make.
"Er yeah sure, sounds great actually" She smiled slightly. What was she doing? Ruining her life? Exposing herself and magic. Just stay on the down low. That is it.
"Great, a project on the four classical elements it is. We can put two of our brains together and create the greatest project this school has ever seen!" he smiled getting excited
"Yeah sure, sounds quite fun" She faked a smile. Oh Lexi...
15 minutes went by. The class was filled with voices, thinking of a project to do with their partners. And with Lexi and Finn, the conversations about the four elements were being exchanged between the two of them, they just seemed to click.
"Okay, I think you have had enough time to exchange ideas. I want to hear an idea from, Finn and Lexi" Miss Emma smiled and all eyes were on Lexi. Great.
"Er, we have decided on the four classical elements. A lot of people don't know about them so we are going to present it. Based on what different cultures believe, what they call them, and reflect them onto people's personalities" Lexi explained. She casually glanced at Abby who had a slight smirk and giggle on her face
"That is something different actually, and your right, a lot of people don't know about the different elements, that actually keep us alive. I can't wait. Can you tell me about one of the elements?" Miss Emma asked. Lexi looked at her wrist seeing her fire symbols. She was an expert at the fire. She nodded and smiled slightly
"Er the fire element is associated with the qualities of energy and passion, in a Greek myth, Prometheus stole fire from the gods in order to the protect the helpless humans, but was punished for doing a kind thing. Fire as a alchemical symbol in alchemy, a upward pointing triangle. If you are born under the sign of Sagittarius, Leo and Aries then you are to believed to have dominant fire personalities. They are good leaders, rebellious, passionate, brave, but can be hot headed, snappy, uncontrollable and angry. And the element is mostly seen in wiccan or witch traditions and is related to the devil" Lexi explained, catching her breath. All her history of what she knew about herself, was all in that speech. She felt proud of herself.
She looked around the room seeing everyone staring at her. Surprised at the new students knowledge
"So does that make you a witch or do you worship the devil? Since you know all that" Abby smirked. Lexi looked at her
"No it doesn't just proves I have a sense of knowledge"
Everyone laughed at Abby and smiled at Lexi. Maybe she would fit in with the normal kids. Just this once, she would be normal for once. Maybe this was a good idea.

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