Destined hatred

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Will their destiny be more powerful than their hatred for each other? Laura is someone who has never lost in any field. Trained. Driven. Dean is someone who has to keep up with his family's name and protect something that Laura has. Being on opposite sides, their hatred is justified. But what will happen if these two were stuck together for a particular timespan. Will they overcome that hatred? Or will they destroy each other? All rights reserved

Adventure / Action
Amisha Kesarwani
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No freaking way!

No frickity-frackity helleta-hellity way!

“Is this supposed to be a joke?” She muttered and shot daggers at him before turning to the person who could maybe get her a ticket out of that situation

“Boss I cannot work with that cooler!” She said pointing at the boy

“I know, I know Laura but this is the most important part of this search. We started it to finish it while holding the treasure in our hands, didn’t we. And with him here there is no way we can succeed. No way until it is him against you. I am sorry but I want to go home. As soon as possible. You know the deal! We do this, we get out. We fail, another quest”

She sighed and looked at him again trying to tie his shoes. Dumbass is what she thought he is. She could beat him. She wanted to go home anyways. To see her little sister. There was no one in the world she loved more than her sister. For her she would do anything. Even put up with the boy who she hates till the very core of the earth.

“Alright I’ll do it. But give me permission to stick his own dagger in his throat if he tries to get on my nerves”

“We are here to excavate not kill Laura. Don’t do anything stupid. Go get ready. It is going to be a long night”


“What are you waiting for? Jump in. It might lead us to the exit”

“Why don’t you go in first?”

“You’re the one who got us in this situation. So you go in first”

“Look! Isn’t that a wild boar?”


“Down there”


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