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The Frame

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What happens when the twins, Madison, and Miles find an adventure behind their parents' frame. It's Narina but even better. Find out what trouble these twins get into in The Frame.

Adventure / Children
alexis rogers
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Icy Battles

Light blue eyes stared into her soul. He stared back with his blue eyes into hers. Locked in with each other anticipating every move. They charged into each other, tackling, pinning each other to the floor.

“Miles, give me back my phone or I tell Mom you snuck out yesterday and last week,” Madison shouted while chasing her twin brother Miles across the room

“No way, you snuck 2 weeks ago Maddie, so I will tell Mom that you snuck out when you were grounded.” Miles teased going the opposite direction to tackle Maddie

“I had to cover up for up 3 weeks ago, because of what you did, like always,” Maddie stated, slowing down she crept behind Miles and pinned him down

“Get off me you big fat idiot, ” Miles screamed

As soon they heard the door creak Maddie got off Miles and sat down at her desk pretending to do her homework.Miles scrambled to the other side of the room working on his project that he barely started.

“Hey, kids me and mother are going out for at least a week or two. Be good and we didn’t hire a babysitter because we think you are responsible enough to cook and do your homework as soon as you get home. ” their dad, Byran called out

“I except you kids to be good and don’t go into our bedroom to watch TV.” their mom, Brianna said and kissed each of them on the head.

“Bye, Mom and Dad! We love you.” Maddie and Miles shouted. After their parents headed into the car Maddie and Miles stared at each other and resumed their fighting.

“I am gonna get you back for sitting on me,” Miles said and chased Maddie across the room.

“Yeah, right, you are too fat to even get up.” Maddie teased.This triggered Miles to charged at Maddie and pinned her down

“Fine, you aren’t fat. Now, can you get up?” Maddie whined. Miles though for a second and got up.

“Thank god, I would have died under there and that is not how I planned to die.” Maddie joked and went back to her desk to finish her homework

“Ha,ha because that was a great joke.” Miles said sarsactically.“Do you ever wonder why Mom and Dad tell us not to go in their room every time they leave even just to go to the grocery?” he asked

" Not really I just assumed it was adult stuff was going on, but we are 14 and we know adult stuff like you know, this and that.” Maddie said not really caring

“But don’t you think its still strange they tells us every time they go out even to the kitchen?” Miles asked

“I guess. What could be so important that they had to hide from us?” Maddies wondered

“Well, what are we dong, lets go into their room and find out” Miles said

“No, Mom and Dad said no and I am not getting trouble and then I have to cover up for you.” Maddie said and turned back to her homework. 

“Really, well I am forcing you to come.” Miles said and pulled Maddie into the parents' room

What they were about to discovered would unleash some secrets that they were happy to find out and some were the worst but they asked for it so they are going to get it.

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