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Chapter #2: The Bandits

Bandits..... Four men on horseback hiding their traces, with clots meant to clear the dust from their noses and wipe the dirt from their faces.....

The outlaws gathered quickly around the caravan. The single lawman, he was dead; one gunshot wound to his head.

One man the lead coach's driver, he gripped tight his shoulder. The youngest of the four bandits holding his gun stead handed between the downed mans brows, should the broad shouldered driver prove to be by the sack much bolder.

One more driver, the big one the bandits called him. Two men took turns pummeling this one in the head. Their fists bloodied with each impact of the man's face and jaw. The man fallen most assured to be soon dead.

The leader of the bandits, he forced the big one's wife into the back of the carriage. The bandit unbuckling his belt and forcing himself hard upon the defenseless woman, although the lady kicked and cried out in defense of their two year marriage.

"No! Get off from me!" The woman screamed.

"Leave her alone!" The downed and bloodied man hollered back.

The leader of the bandits ignored the woman's screams and her husband' demands. The vile man tearing at the lady's dress, her bosom and her beauty driving the bandit into an erotic frenzy. The tear in the woman's garment revealing her left breast.

Weighing himself down heavy upon her, the bandit began to remove his right glove. The sounds from an unseen bullet screeching through the air, it was an unearthly terrifying sound. This drew the leader of the bandits to the right side of the carriage. Of his oppression over the driver's wife, it was quickly losing ground.

The unseen bullet bore fast into the man's skull. The strange smells of fire and of brimstone the last thing the leader of the bandits will now chance to smell.

The leader of the bandits, he now flew through the left canopy cover of the carriage. The remaining bandits are quickly caught off-guard. the first wounded driver he now wrestled with the single bandit. The masked man's gun turned against the younger of the remaining three. One bullet clean through the throat and chin. The boy's eyes went blank even before he hit the ground.

The big one, as he was being called for so many reasons of obvious size and strength relations. This man was now fast on the other two bandits. the rough house boxer of a husband giving the two light weight pushers a taste of their own lack in professional graces. His first punch knocked squarely into the jaw of the first bandit, breaking the bone with a pronounced crack. The man's second uppercut strike knocking the first bandit clear from any more conscious acts.

The last man now took aim at the big one's back. The man's wife cried aloud, of the danger that his victory now attracts.

"Billy! Behind you!"

William Parson McPatrick dove and rolled to his left. The rough house boxer grabbing the revolverl from the first outlaw to have fallen from justice vindicated by his fists. The big one, not the best of gunmen. The man shooting the bandit in his left leg. The bandit crumpled to his left knee, a sneer crossed the wicked mans dirt ridden face.

"..... You had your shot, and I know you're out of ammo....."

William McPatrick hammered three times on the trigger. The bandit was right by his attempt at counting figures. Wild Bill the name for which the big one was more affectionately known, dropped the revolver to the earth. Upon his face no sense of fear to be shone.

That was until he saw the walker creeping up slowly behind the one bandit that was now the last. The big one and his wife turned away from the unholy sight. Dirt kicking up from their boots as they fled from the one bandit's jest.

"Oh no you don't!" The last of the bandits mocked the two as he drew back the hammer for his revolver and took fast aim of the wife. The sounds of boots slowly stepping up behind him, spurs rapidly spinning; causing the outlaw to look about, his eyes laying on the walker in all of its fright.

Whiteness now paled upon the bandits face. the man trembled and cringed as he loosed the last of his bullets at the dead man stranger that walked at a slow and menacing pace.

"..... Demon! Stay back away from me!"

The demon cracked its bone neck to the left once, and then a second time back to the right. Its eyes flared with fire from crimson's forging of blight.

"..... You are branded bastard son of bleeding and of strife..... I am here for you..... For I am the reaper that will end your life....."

"No! Somebody help me?"

The coward man cried out aloud, bringing his dead brothers to shame.

"..... You are the first of six..... The evils of Pandora's Wake will be unleashed by right of claim....."

The bandit screamed as a flaming brand scorched forward upon his brow from the skull beneath his flesh. The Walker of the Plains laughed in a booming tone. Of all its hunts, this one it will be the least of his tests.

The earth beneath the rider's skeletal booted feet now began to quake. the land, it shifted and cracked. For this outlaw, there will be no more breaks.

Flames arose from the unseen depths. The outlaw quickly caught ablaze. Flesh hair and clothing, the man began to burn. His life to end in a scorching of Hell's flames.

"..... Justice is now done..... Failure of the hangman's noose will no longer allow evil free reign to run as they choose....."

The mark upon the burning man's forehead creaked with a breaking of his skull. The Walker of the Plains shooting the man between the eyes with a special bullet, that was cast from Hades' forge.

"..... One seal broken, five to go....."

The Walker of the Plains now continued on its walk. Its destined path laid out before him. It will be one of blood and of wroth......

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