Winter's Edge: Winter's Edge Series Book 1

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Hunted by a vicious shadow government, Ian ends up in an underground city beneath Denver full of people with powers. He must find a traitor before his girlfriend falls victim to cold-blooded murder. Using powers can age you, kill you... ...or drive you mad. Ian Sharp knows none of this when his destructive powers wreck his house and nearly kill his sister...because no one knows powers exist. Ian is forced on the run the day before graduation as the ruthless Hunters of a vicious shadow government track him down. Soon, he finds himself in a hidden, underground city near Denver built by giants before the great flood. A city full of people with special abilities. But Ian is drawn to the only one without powers—Abby Pierce. Just when the two grow closer, an elusive traitor frames Ian for murder, getting him exiled. Ian must risk madness and depend on an insane teleporting monk to help him find the city again before Abby falls victim to cold-blooded murder. Told through the eyes of Ian Sharp and Abby Pierce, Winter's Edge is an urban fantasy action adventure for teens and adults. Find out why professional reviewers kept saying things like, "Wow, what a crazy fun fantasy adventure!” and, “This author LOVES him some plot twists!”

Adventure / Fantasy
Brian Carman
Age Rating:


If what happened to me ever happened to you, you’d choose a life of internal solitude, too. That’s what secrets do to a person. Sure, there are people around me—people I love. But to ensure their safety, I must keep this thing inside of me locked away…forever.

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