Winter's Edge: Winter's Edge Series Book 1

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Chapter 32: Intersect


THE Taurus raced down 17th Avenue at 100 mph. Buildings and lights streaked by at nerve-racking speeds. If I went any faster, I’d lose the Bimmer behind me.

The car’s clock said 10:46, its seconds ticking away.

The phone did its job, keeping me off camera and turning the stoplights green down the avenue. All except one—the rendezvous intersection.

I grabbed the phone to make sure the switches were flipped. They were. I banged it against the steering wheel. Nothing. The light was still red and I’d be there in seconds.

Why had I listened to Ian?

My heart tried to pound its way out of my chest. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead…and I accelerated full throttle toward the red light.

I would not lose him.

Just as the clock struck 10:47, my car flew into the intersection. One of our race cars shot past in front of me mere inches from taking off my bumper.

Our other race car barreled right for me. My car barely escaped the intersection. The Bimmer tailing me wasn’t so lucky. The race car plowed right through it at a good 140 mph.

The cars flew through the air, tumbling like acrobats set aflame, then smashed against building after building, shattering windows and spraying glass through the streets.

I braked hard, stunned that Ian’s insane plan had worked. That’s when the ABS warning flashed on the gauge cluster and the tires went into a full skid. Cars pulled into the intersection ahead, unaware I was careening right for them.

I forced the brake harder against the floor, as if that’d help, but the Taurus didn’t slow any quicker. The intersection still approached at ungodly speeds. My tires squealed as I slid the car sideways. I gripped the steering wheel and gritted my teeth. A car missed me by inches just before the Taurus skidded to a crooked stop.

I yanked the steering wheel around to spin the car toward the rendezvous point intersection I’d just come through.

Ian’s car slid through it before I could get there and came up alongside me.

My heart still pounded like mad. “You almost got me killed.”

Ian shook his head. “I threw a barrier out to the intersection that protected you when you went through.”

For someone who hadn’t been using his power long, he’d become exceptionally good with it to pull that off.

At my rear, our McLaren P1 came through the intersection and screeched to a stop beside me.

Joseph was behind the wheel. “What did you just do?” he said, frowning at the destruction. “Did you use the scrambler?”

I nodded then glanced back at Ian who also nodded. Thank God.

Joseph’s expression relaxed, but only a bit. “Split up and meet me back at the safehouse.” He peeled out down the street and Ian shot off in a different direction.

As I flipped the switch to kill the Taurus’s engine, it fell silent slipping into stealth mode, running only on the quiet electric motors in the back. I dropped first gear and headed back to the safehouse wondering if Ian and I had just killed someone.

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