Winter's Edge: Winter's Edge Series Book 1

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Chapter 38: Three Nights


I blinked, not trusting my eyes. A part of me died when I saw my father. He was on top of me, ready to put a bullet in my head.

Something welled up inside of me from long ago when my powers had first manifested.

Pure, unhindered rage.

I’d buried it deep within back then, not wanting to feel that for my dad. But it was back…with a vengeance.

The dark voice in my head returned, no longer a whisper. “He hates you, Ian. He’ll kill you.”

From what I was told, madness amplified powers. So I gave in to its command.

A shockwave ripped out of me in every direction tossing my dad into the air. It slammed into the Hunters and smashed cars and SUVs, crippling their sides, shattering their windows. Their tires squealed in protest as they pushed away involuntarily. Electricity followed the shockwave at its outer edge, tearing through the vehicles, sending their alarms and lights into frenzies before they exploded.

I rose from the ground, power coursing through my veins. My stomach twisted with a disgusting blackness.

The voice inside spoke again. “Kill him, Ian. Now.”

The evil force within yanked at me, drawing me toward my dad, compelling me to kill him. Part of me even felt like it wanted to. Badly. What was wrong with me?

I winced and brought my hands to my temples. “AHHH!”

No. I would not give in.

Fighting its pull, I broke the trance. No matter how much I hated my dad right then, I wouldn’t kill him.

So I ran.

I couldn’t run with my powers for long, but I could run long enough to escape…probably.

Lights streaked by. Slowly, I eased off the speed.

When I stopped, I changed directions and ran without powers.

Finally, I forced myself to stop in the middle of the city and checked for anyone following me. It was clear.

I hurried toward the warehouse district, the disgust still wrenching my stomach.

After a few blocks, I flagged down a taxi and jumped in.

A while later, the taxi arrived at the warehouse complex. I slapped way too much money into the cabbie’s hand. “Keep the change.”

I hopped out and ran into the maze of buildings. In the northwest corner of the complex sat the quite warehouse, devoid of activity. Not a good sign.

When I reached it, the door wouldn’t unlock. It was a number pad lock. I pushed my hand against the mechanism, searching for the pins telekinetically, but I couldn’t breach the exterior of its case. So I crushed the box and the lock fell from the door.

Inside, there were no signs of life. They must’ve started packing up as soon as I’d left with Joseph earlier. The only vehicles left were the Range Rover and the silver Aston Martin Vanquish. Who in their right mind takes a Ford Taurus over an Aston Martin?

The keys to the Aston and the Range Rover were nowhere to be found. I tried to start them telekinetically but had no luck. Without the transponder in the key, the vehicles were no more than elegant-looking paperweights…for really huge pieces of paper.

I hit the button to open the garage door and the warehouse filled with the tinny sound of clanking metal. I ducked under the door as it rose, exiting the building, then leaned back against the dirty, weather-worn metal wall and sank to the ground.

Where would I go from here? Only a few citizens knew how to get to Winter’s Edge, and I wasn’t one of them.

Then I remembered Abby’s story about Elian Frost, who’d left Winter’s Edge to join a monastery. Maybe he knew a way back to the city. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a monastery around Denver.

Just as I stood to my feet, something in a tuft of grass next to the warehouse caught my attention. A tiny white envelope.

I turned it upside down and a rectangular black key fob fell into my hand. The Aston Martin symbol shown through its clear top.

A small note fell out along with it. It read, Let’s play a game, shall we? When the clock strikes 10 p.m. on the third night, if you haven’t made it back to Winter’s Edge, I’ll kill your girlfriend.

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