Winter's Edge: Winter's Edge Series Book 1

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Chapter 55: The Unseen


A dark one separated from Ian and grabbed my waist, raising me over its head with one hand, then cast me to the ground like a ragdoll. My head bounced hard against the stone floor in the spirit realm, throbbing.

I tried to pick myself up off the ground, but the beast kicked me hard in the gut. My body spun several times in the air before hitting stone. Half my body vanished inside of the bridge as I rolled through it. I didn’t need to breathe in this form, but it felt like I was struggling to take breaths. What the demon was doing to me in this body was affecting my physical body.

I groaned for a moment, then pushed myself to my feet. In a fit of rage, I mustered every ounce of strength in me and hurled myself at the red-eyed beast, thrusting out a foot.

It connected with the monster’s head, causing a scream to lash out of it. The shriek was awful. The beast turned and swiped across my stomach. Four neat gashes appeared beneath my shirt, smoke seeping from them.

It was all I could do to shrug off the searing pain and focus on the beast.

The wicked voice came. “Befriend the dark one. Absorb him. Let him fill you with power.”

My eyes went wide.

Kat materialized and kicked the giant beast in the back of the knee. It went down, low enough for her to jump and kick his head, sending him to the ground. She slammed a foot into his ribs. He grunted loud and threw an elbow out, smashing into Kat’s stomach. She flew back, skidding across the grass. She shook it off and stood.

The dark one rushed her.

She tried to dodge, but he was too quick. He smashed a shoulder into her, throwing her across the ground. He was on her in no time, tossing her back my direction. She collided with me and rolled away.

Kat groaned. “You sure know how to get yourself into trouble, don’t you?” Then her eyes grew large.

The statement had distracted me for a split second. When I turned back, the beast came down hard with a crushing blow.

I collapsed to the ground and screamed as a foot, black as death, crushed me.

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