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The wilds of Africa hold many secrets and a great number of natural dangers..... Beyond the natural Savannas lie the hazards of the African Tundra..... Legends speak of human eating trees and of Oi, the spirit of disease; and of the Kikuyu tribe of Mount Kenya.....

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Prologue: The Albino Lion

Prey..... Once the hunters, of the most famous in the world..... The Khans, they never once in a million years would have thought they would be running from death itself.....

The Kikuyu tribe of Mount Kenya, warned them to stay away from the sacred grounds..... Money, and ego blinding the family of hunters to the unexpected dangers of desecrating hallowed savannas for the sport of the hunt.....

The rare albino lion, that was to be protected as the last of its kind; finding an end of its majestic existence. The lions claws marking each of the hunters with death's reigns, forging a pact with the spirits of the prides.....

The requiem of the majestic, it now called to the spirits for justice..... Rising in the indigenous people and within creatures great and small..... The hunters now must run for their lives.....

Only vindication of blood, to satisfy the spirits; on this nature's calling.....

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