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Chapter #1: Hunters Hunted

The Kikuyu, they seemed to be mesmerized. Their hunters they were now fast on the trail of the five. If that was not bad enough for the famous family of English hunters; they were hunting with African Devil Dogs.

The Khans, they ran. Their marked guide, he now ran with them. Thomas Elias Khan, the oldest of the family. The father of three, and husband to wife Stephanie; he gritted his teeth as the tall karroo thorn brush raked at his wounds. The lion, it had been a fearsome adversary. The right side of his face and has left arm roughly bandaged to stop the bleeding.

“.....Fear not, hunter man..... The thorns of the Karoo bushes; they may sting, but they are none of the poisonous or ravenous of plants that you may have heard of.....”

One spear now flew by the man’s right side. The blade only a couple of inches from the man’s face.

“..... We need shelter Mandawa...... The Kikuyu, they are relentless.....”

“..... Yes hunter man, indeed they are..... but even the Kikuyu will not dare travel where we now go.....”

A tall strange looking mountain now loomed before them.

Tommy Khan, the oldest of one brother and of one sister could not believe his eyes.

“..... You have got to be kidding me..... That’s Devil’s Peak!”

The guide Mandawa smiled.

“..... Yes, the son of Khan..... of the devil’s insights; this mountain does peak..... The Kikuyu they may not trespass upon its grounds.....”

Lupita Marie Khan looked curiously on the strange shaped low peaking mountain.

“..... It is sacred ground for the gods......”

“..... Why yes, lady Khan daughter....... Indeed, the gods watch over the mountain; and beneath its stone we may find refuge.....”

The family of hunters pushed on. their guide leading them past standing stones that surround the mountain’s clearing. The sounds from their pursuers trailed off.

locating a natural strewn hatch of bamboo and of guised natural terrain, Mandawa led the five into the tunnels beneath.

"Come? We will be safe in here for now..... We must not be travelling above at nightfall....."

Exhausted and partially stumbling, Thomas Khan led his family into the darkness.

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