Justice For The Queen

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Beautiful Queen Medora is raped by three dastardly knights. If King Jehan is going to get justice for his bride he will need the help of many peoples, the shee, the nyads, the chimerans and more. Queen Medora was raped in her own garden. If King Jehan is to get justice for her he will need the help of many peoples and their incredible mounts: the shee and their pegasi, the nyads and their unicorns, the chimerans and their salamanders. But will the Queen survive the experience? And will the King be able to find the men and bring them back to face trial?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It was a lovely day.The young King Jehan, with his long dark hair flowing over his shoulders spoke to his queen, Medora.They were the king and Queen of the land called by its people, Shinna.He was a stocky, strongly built man.He was also wise, and sometimes a little playful.“My dear,” he said.“Why don’t we take a walk in the garden?After all, the nights are getting longer and soon the snow will fly.We will have few enough of these kinds of days to enjoy in the sunshine.”His beautiful, raven haired, queen agreed.With her slender figure and her blue eyes, as piercing as his own, she was completely agreeable.She was a gentle creature who loved home and family best. And, she could be a little playful too.

The king was wearing the chain mail that had become so customary for him now that he would have felt naked without it. Over that, he wore a relatively plain green doublet with some embroidering with gold thread around the edges. The decoration was almost nonexistent, but of pome-granate leaves. He word matching green hose below it. The queen’s long black hair was in tiny braids that fell down her back. She wore a plain cream-colored gown extending to the floor and just warm enough for this day.

“Shall we have our son to come with us?” she asked. “Yes,” said the king. “A little time out of doors will give him and his nurse a lot of good.” They both looked into the other room and saw the young prince in his nurse’s arms. Nearby on a bench lay the nurses own child. The queen stepped into the other chamber, they were. The child had been born just this summer. The child, Prince Inigo, was wearing a light dress. Not so light as he had worn during the summer, it was easier for changing soiled clothing. That would happen on a regular basis until the child was at least 2 years old. His nurse’s son was dressed in almost the same manner, but it less expensive fabric. His nurse was dressed as an ordinary peasant with a white veil covering her hair and a bodice that was easily opened to allow her to nurse the babies.

The queen was careful not to step on the nurses own child, also a boy. The queen thought, as was common, that a mother produced different kinds of milk if the child was a boy or if it was a girl. Therefore, the royal couple, and anyone else needing a nurse, had to have one whose child was the same sex theirs was. “We are going out into the garden,” the Queen told her. “We would like you to bring the babies along. They could use some time in the garden before the cold of winter strikes.”

The nurse followed the King and Queen out into the garden with her tiny charge, and her son. Walking down the garden path, they observed the denizens of the garden. They walked between plants marking a path. As they looked, they saw pixies playing around the base of the plants. They were each glowing slightly, enjoying the last few days of warmth and sunshine. They were also different colors; some pink, some blue, some green. Then it would be time for them to breed and die. Their offspring would know the sun when it returned.

In the trees their winged cousins, the fairies were also playing. They too glowed different colors. Their colors were a bit brighter than their earth bound relatives. They too would soon mate. They would lay their eggs in the hollows of trees to await the spring. Then they would die, but their eggs would survive, hatch, and know the sun when it returned. For now, it was play time.

In the garden also were three young lordlings. They were knights, complete with their spurs. They did not see the pixies or the fairies. That was not given to all men.

But these men were not the heirs of their fathers, that was for their older brothers. The first one to speak was Sir Joopi. “I’m bored,” he said. “There is nothing for us to do now. I tire of sitting around all the time.” The next was Sir Kendrew. “My horse is getting fat,” he said. The last was Sir Matyes. “And that is the best to be said for this time.” They were drinking wine as they looked around the garden. They got up, walked off, and left the king and queen alone still watching the pixies and the fairies.

That evening, at dinner, the three young men were even more drunk. “You’d better watch that,” the king spoke to them casually, “or I won’t have enough wine in my cellar.”

A bard played that evening. He was feeling happy. He was settling in for a winter’s worth of work. For here, in this northern place, it would snow enough that the castle would be snow bound for a week or more at a time. But so long as the cellar and the larder were both full, there would be no problems for the bard. So he played his instrument and sang a jolly song.

The next day, again the weather was lovely. The queen went out alone into her garden. This time the king could not come. He had court that day and was deciding issues between different persons. One lord had an issue before him of another lord infringing on his land and insisting on grazing his cattle there. “Your highness, please,” old Lord Palton pleaded, “tell Lord Ghino to get his cattle off my land.” “I cannot help it,” Lord Ghino said, “if my cattle wander on to his land. But they will be gone soon anyhow. It is my habit to put my cattle into barns during the winter at any rate.” “At any rate does not help Lord Palton,” King Jehan said. “And there is the matter of you not maintaining your fences. If your fences were properly maintained your cattle would not ‘wander’ on to Lord Palton’s land. We must therefore order you to remove your cattle from Lord Palton’s land and repair the fences that should have been maintained by spring and assess you a fine. You will pay 1,000 royals into our treasury as punishment for not maintaining your fences. Lord Pelton, you will also pay 1,000 royals into our treasury. At least half the fault for not maintaining those fences is your’s. If you did your part in maintaining the fences, his cattle would never have gotten on to your land.” The king struck a piece of wood with his small hammer. Lord Palton sputtered a bit. But there was nothing he could do now. Lord Ghino payed the money into the hands of the king’s treasurer. So, eventually did Lord Palton.

As the court cases continued. Two of the tradesmen in the town had a disagreement about some work that one had commissioned from the other. One was the master blacksmith and the other the master tanner. “Look at how this is tanned,” the blacksmith said. The king did look it over. He knew fine tanned leather when he saw it. This was not it. “How can I use that and add any metal to it. It is shoddy work.” “I let one of my journey men work on it,” the master tanner said. “I have told the blacksmith that I will fix it myself. But he refuses to consider it.” “He is right,” the King said. “This is bad work. The journeyman should be let go for this. You must replace the leather free of charge to the blacksmith. And as punishment for your poor judgement, I fine you 100 royals.” The tanner was unhappy, but the blacksmith was pleased.

Outside, to the rear of the castle, the queen was observing the behavior of the pixies and fairies in the garden. As predicted, they were beginning to mate. The mating was so hard on the males that, after it was over, they died. Their bodies simply could not handle any more. The pheromones they produced it doing so were pretty strong.

The three young knights of the day before were in the garden again. Again, they were drinking a lot of wine. When pixies and fairies behaved like that, it could and did have an effect on nearby humans and animals. It was especially so if they happened to be drinking wine or strong drink.

The three young knights, seeing the queen alone in the garden, were not afraid to approach her. “Good afternoon your highness,” Sir Joopi bowed, “We would like to accompany you, seeing that you are alone in the garden.” The Queen noticed that he had dark hair, like Lord Ghino had. It was not surprising, she remembered. He was Lord Ghino’s son. He also was about the same height and general musculature.

“I have no objection, though I do not really require accompaniment, Sir Joopi,” she responded. She walked a little further then, listening more to what the pixies and fairies were doing then to what the men were doing. After all, they were getting drunk. They also smelled the pheromones that the pixies and fairies were putting out. “This is a lovely day,” Sir Kendrew blurted out drunkenly. He was lighter then Joopi, although he would not be considered fair. His hair was long and brown and fell in waved down his back. He was shorter then Joopi, but well-muscled. The Queen remembered that his father was Lord Tenigal. Their red headed friend was also there. His name was Matyes, and he was between Joopi and Kendrew in height. But he was not so aggressive as they. He was always more the follower of the group. “It is indeed,” the queen said. Sir Kendrew was becoming more effected by the pheromones that he was not quite aware of. Queen Medora was beginning to be aware of his behavior. But she would not believe that a true knight of the realm would dare threaten the queen.

The young knights continued to follow her around the garden. They also continued drinking from their own supplies of wine. They proceeded to the corner of the garden. There the pixies and the fairies had been particularly active. There were even a few dead males on the ground, their poor hearts having given out form the strain of mating. There Joopi put a hand on the queen. “You are very beautiful, my lady,” he said, turning her toward him.

“Take your hand off me,” she said, clearly ordering him. “I am your Queen.” “I will not,” he responded. Kendrew came up to them and began to stroke the queen’s hair. “Stop that,” she ordered. But he would not. She tried to pull away from them, but Matyes blocked her path. He got his arm around her throat and his hand over her mouth. Now she could not get away from them and could not call out either.

She tried to squirm out of his grasp, but Matyes held her firmly. Joopi drew his hand across her chest. “You have such fine soft skin on your breast. Shall we see how far it goes?” he asked. “Yes,” shouted his cohorts in unison. Joopi ripped her gown at the neck. He could get his hand in far enough to touch her nipples. “Hmm,” Joopi said in a very masculine tone. His voice was becoming deep and rough. “So soft,” he said. Kendrew reached his hand inside too while Matyes continued to hold her firmly. More male pixies and fairies died. Then Joopi went for the skirt of her gown. “I wonder if her legs are the same,” he said. He threw the skirt up over her and Matyes’s heads. Matyes pulled his head out, but not hers. Joopi simply ripped any cloth that was in his way out. When he got the top of the leg exposed, he stroked the skin there too. “Ah, yes,” he said, “soft and sweet.”

It was then that he noticed a part of his anatomy was reacting strongly. And he was not the only one. He reached down and loosened that which was called his codpiece to allow that which was under it it’s freedom. Soon Kendrew and even Matyes managed to do the same. Joopi thrust two of his fingers into her. She squirmed again and tried to get loose. But Matyes grabbed her again, holding her too firmly. She could feel him as well, hard against her posterior.

Her nether regions began to become quite moist. She could not stop it, though she wished to. This was not her husband whom she loved. But it did not matter. An instant later Joopi was thrusting his pole into her. He kept pumping until he got his release. Then he pulled out and took Matyes’ place while Kendrew pushed his cock into the queen. When Kendrew pulled out Joopi was trying to kiss the queen and stroking her breasts down to and including the nipple. Then it was Matyes’s turn. He roared when he got his release. Then he was out and it was Joopi’s turn again. This time he was so rough that the queen began to bleed. Both Kendrew and Matyes were rubbing her breasts. When he got out, Kendrew and Matyes both had another go at her. Kendrew went through the front and Matyes through her anus. They continued until they were exhausted. The condition of the queen did not matter any to them. By now, she was losing consciousness. She was also bleeding more heavily. Finally, they let go of her and she collapsed in the corner of the garden. They withdrew somewhat drunkenly. They staggered off a little and managed to do themselves back up again. They finally stumbled out of the garden all together, leaving the queen in a heap along the gar-den wall in a corner where it looked as though no one would find her. But those fairies and pixies that were still alive saw. They began to cry over her.

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