Behind The Unseen Stars

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Chapter 15: Never Mess with a Mother

For the last month, me and Luca have been working out our problems and it’s been going really well.

Lucas still treats me like I’m fragile but I have learned to love it I know he only does it to keep me safe. It has been harder for me to let go of some of the control than I thought it would be.

I don’t like not being in control just as much as Luca doesn’t like a, but it’s not like he has to used to anything because I’m always the one that has to give in but I keep reminding myself I do it because I love him and I would do anything for him.

Jade keeps telling me I need to enjoy being on my feet and doing things because when it comes to me been two weeks away she will be putting me on bed rest.

I don’t know why after she told me that she ran away like Lucifer’s hounds were on her hills, but it was to see her run that fast.

And Luca said that she has a run that fast in years. So, I guess she feared what I could do to her. But I wouldn’t hurt her I know she would only put me on bed rest to keep my cubs in me safe.

I think Luca was the one that she would have to fear of something happened to me or the cubs, he wanted me on bed rest now but I told him I wasn’t going on bed rest until I absolutely had to I didn’t want to spend the next month lying in bed.

I also knew that they were keeping something from me but every time I asked about it and they told me they would tell me when I needed to know and apparently, that wasn’t right now.

I was currently taking a nap underneath the sun on a fur that Luca had brought out for me, he then apologized because he had to leave to take care of things but he did leave two guards with me.

And no matter what I told those two guards they wouldn’t leave they just kept telling me it is their duty to keep me safe.

And I know I’m 25-year-olds but every time I think of the word duty or someone says the word duty I do my best not to laugh, I mean come on how can you not laugh when someone says duty.

I chuckled to myself as I stretch out and do my best to set up on my own, which was very hard and I wasn’t having any luck today.

“Alright you two are supposed to be at doing your duty to keep me safe so, get over here to help me up.” I groaned out in frustration, Luca had made me as big as a well.

I watched as both of them scurry over as fast as they could but then they both hesitated in touching my reached our hands.

“Help me about this gardener so help me you too will be walking with a limp for weeks, don’t think I will castrate you guys!” The look on their faces said it all they were absolutely terrified.

I heard a chuckle come from behind me, he knew who that chuckle belonged to rooms in castrate him to.

“If somebody does not help me up in the next 30 seconds so help me I will do it to all three of you, and I will.” I watched as the two guard’s faces went greener than green and they grabbed at their crotch area.

“You guys are dismissed I will take care of her.” I tilted my head back to see Luca who is standing directly behind me.

“Luca so help me you better give me about this ground, my back hurts I’ve gotten the sun I’m supposed to get. Now take me to bed, Beaver dam it!” Luca chuckled again as he bent down and picked me up with little to no effort at all.

“My love, you can’t keep threatening to castrate my man. And did you just a beaver dam it?” He kissed the side of my head started walking back into our cavern.

I was laying out on our patio that he extended further out, he didn’t want me leaving too far from our room.

“You know I don’t swear Luca. But I have to express my frustration somehow. And what is wrong with threatening when you totally mean it.” I didn’t let go when Luca laid me down on to our bed of furs, I kept my arms around his neck.

“Rina, you need to let me go.” Luca chuckled as he reached back to unhook my arms around his neck.

“Come lay with me. I want some cuddle time, and so to the cubs.” I smile in victory when I see that he could not unlock my arms from around his neck.

He sighed in frustration, “Rina I have work to do I just came to check on you, Jade is going to come sit with you for a while and keep you company.”

“Luca, you are going to tell me what is going on. I’m not stupid, I know you’re trying to keep something from me but we already made this deal, we keep nothing from each other.” I pouted.

Luca sighed and set it on the bed with me leaning against him, “Little mate, you are so much trouble. I can think of one mate that would question her mate, believe it to you to do it. Can’t you just except I’m keeping you safe, and that I would tell you if you needed to know?”

“You know that’s not how this works. Luca, you know where I was born and raised. I wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up, so you can expect me to just do everything you say. Compromises remember?” I leaned up to kiss him just underneath his jaw line.

“I remember Rina, I don’t know what you did to me to get me to agree to compromise with you but let me tell you this there’s going to be a day that I lose it and I do not compromise but for you today is not that day. I’m taking my men to scout out where I think your fathers hiding out.” He laid in his left hand over my baby bump gently tracing it with his fingers.

“You’re telling me you found my father? Luca, why am I only fighting about this now? Is he here? Or is he on a different world?” I did my best to not shake in fear but I knew I wasn’t doing a very good job.

I didn’t just have me to worry about now had to worry about Luca and my four cubs that weren’t even born yet.

“My love, you didn’t need any more stress. You’re stressed enough as it is, were not sure if he’s on the planet are not. I have a site to check here on the planet and one back on earth. I don’t think I’ll be back and tell late, I’m going to check both places thoroughly.” He kissed the side of my head and pulled me close.

“Luca, you need to be careful. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you. So, please take all the men you think you need and more and that is a command coming from your Queen.” I push myself away from him and stood up in front of him, I took his hands in mine and laid them on my baby bump.

“You need to come back to us, I can’t be a mother on my own I need you here.” He leaned forward and kissed the baby bump before he stood up and pulled me into a kiss.

“I promise you I will come back, you need to take care of yourself and are cubs. Promise me that you will do whatever Jade says, promise me.” It wasn’t a question it was a demand.

“I promise you know I listen to Jade.” I brushed my lips across his one more time before pulling away.

I heard a throat clear behind me and knew that they were ready for their King to go. I turned around to see my husband’s right hand man Marco and Jade was standing next to him.

I felt Leo hug me from behind and kissed the side of my head before he walked out of our cavern taking Marco with him.

“Jade they’re going to be okay, right?” I gently sat back down on the bed.

“Of course, they’re going to be okay. Luca may be my idiot brother but is also my King and he is very smart.” She came over and sat in the chair by the fireplace. “How are you and the cubs doing today?”

“There’ve been more active today.” I sighed as I looked up at her.

“Rina, you know you’re supposed to tell me these things. I need to make sure you and the cubs are okay and nothing happens to you. We have never had a pregnancy like yours before so I need to know the slightest bit of changes” She got up from her chair and walked over to me kneeling front of me placing her hands on my baby bump.

“Sorry Jade but please don’t tell Luca. He would go nuts he thinks every time they move going to pop out. You should see him last night he felt him kick and move around and he was telling me that he was going to go get you so you could help as we were ready and the cubs were coming.” I rolled my eyes as I watched Jade use her magic to check on the cubs.

“That does sound like my brother, he is always been overprotective and overly concerned with everything.” She chuckles to herself.

“Everything’s okay with them right Jade?” She pulled her hands away and looked up at me.

“Yes, Rina I believe they are just fine it seems like they’re trying to tell us something though. It seems like they’re trying to use their magic to send you a message but I can’t read anything. They are babies so it’s coming out and jibber jabber.”

“There trying to send me a message? That has me worried why would my cubs try to send me a message unless… it was a warning.” I looked into Jade’s wide eyes and I knew my mirrored hers though I know it might had changed colors again.

“It’s a set up. My father’s drawing all the men out, he’s going to come here himself or he is going to send someone to get me. We need to get Jules up here, she’s our strongest female fighter. Jade I need you to try to contact Luca I’m going to get Jules up here with some of the other female warriors.” I stood up from the bed with newfound strength and energy I had to protect my pride and my cubs at whatever the cost.

I left Jade standing in the middle of the cavern as I went out into the hall, I still wasn’t good with the mind leak thing but I knew if I yelled into the hall Jules would hear me and she would be here instantly.

“Jules! I need you to come to my cavern, quickly bring some warriors with you I’m sure there’s going to be an attack.” Before I could even finish my sentence, she was standing in front of me with six other women.

“My lady Rina, what is it?” She took me by the arm and urged me back inside my cavern with the other warrior women following her.

“I know Luca took almost all of the men he only left those around the border. Jules, it was a set-up, my father planted those spaces so Luca would leave me a unguarded. I don’t think my father was counting on the women knowing how to fight, I need you to run up all of the women children that don’t fight and keep them safe in the dining hall and the rest of you to come up here.” I stood by the fireplace out of the side of the balcony doors, I quickly through a force filled up in front of it so nothing could come through.

“I will stay up here with you and two of these women the rest will go down and round up and protect the rest.” For the women rushed out of the room to do as she bedded. I was going to talk to my husband to see if she could be a commander she would make a good one.

“We have to try to get Luca to come back but knowing my father he has put up some sort of block to keep our communications from reaching him. Jade have you reached them at all?” I looked towards Jade to see that she was shaking where she stood.

“No I can’t get anybody it just bounced back to me.” I use my magic to push her down into the chair from where I stood, I knew it would not be a good idea for me to move from my spot.

“There’s only one other way that I know of to reach them, it’s called fighter flight. It’s a spell, I will send a message straight to him but the only problem is it takes a lot of energy so need you two too be on guard and make sure nobody comes in”

I didn’t even let them think about it let alone try to stop me I immediately started drawing the symbols in the air. “Luca. It’s a trap. Not safe. Need you now.”

I know the message was vague but it was the only thing he was going to get this point I also knew my husband was smart and he would understand and he would get back as soon as he could.

I just hoped it was in time.

I went to tell Jade and Jules that I had done it when our cave rocked with an explosion and I fell to the floor.

Luca’s POV

I was going to search for earth spot first for Rina’s father, but I had this overwhelming feeling that I need to do search your first and so that’s what I did.

We left the borders of my territory, we were in no man’s land looking for any sign or mark of magic from a warlock hadn’t seen anything yet and I also knew that we weren’t safe on the open for long but we had to keep searching to make sure nothing was here.

Up ahead there was a little shack hidden amongst the ticket I started toward it when I felt something pushing at me, it was like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

I didn’t even think twice about letting through but what I heard surprised me it almost brought me to my knees.

“Daddy we need you to come and save us mommies in danger.”

I just knew that it was my cubs they were talking to me I didn’t know how but they were. And just like thought it couldn’t get any weirder I got a very vague message from my mate. I knew it wasn’t through the mate bond was a spell.

Luca. It’s a trap. Not safe. Need you now.”

Then the connection to both were cut off I called out to my pack but I could only contact the men that were with me I told him quickly we need to get back to our pride they were in danger.

Before we could even take two steps back in the direction of our barriers the ground shook with an explosion, I felt my heart sink all the way into my toes.


I took off running so fast I didn’t even feel the change take over me as I shifted into my lion.

My lion was enormous, I was probably about twice the size of the average lion. I was also very rare lion, I wasn’t like the others my main and everything else was black and to make it even more unusual for my lion I had the brightest purple eyes.

I could feel my paws hitting the ground, the ground shook like thunder like thunder was hitting it.

I didn’t realize I was running faster than I’ve ever ran before and I had left my man behind me scrambling to catch up to me.

I felt myself break through the barrier but I kept on going I needed to get back to the cave, back to my mate and are cubs.

Our cave came in sight and what I saw nearly destroyed me I could tell over half of our cave had collapsed in I don’t know how many were injured or if dad.

All I could focus on right now was my mate and are cubs, I took off around the side of going for our balcony before I could even reach it I stop short when I heard my mates terrified scream.

I didn’t stop for long before I broke through the shilled that was blocking the balconies doors and into our cavern. My lion was almost big enough to take up half of the room, I looked around to find my mate and what I found made my heart stopped.

I saw my sister Jade laying on the floor in front of the fireplace I could tell she was still breathing but she was knocked out cold there was a poll blood slowly forming underneath her head.

And laying by the cavern entrance was Jules she was propped up against the wall breathing heavily she was holding onto her side it looked like someone had tried to take a bite out of her and succeeded.

But what caught my attention the most was my sanding in the entrance. He had his left arm wrapped around her throat pulling her back into him I could tell she could barely breathe, in his other hand he was holding a knife, it wasn’t pointed at her… it was pointed at her stomach, pointed out are cubs.

I didn’t realize I had let a large roar escape past my muzzle until I watched Jules head snap up from the wall she looked at me with pleading eyes, I felt her voice into my mind.

“I am sorry my King, I have filled you.” She turned her head away for me bearing her neck to me letting her know that I could take her life.

I didn’t have time to answer her or even think about it before the man spoke to me.

“Did you think we would’ve find her, she’s going to be so much fun and your cubs, we are going to turn the all against you and then we’ll watch as they slaughter you and your pride.”

Before I could do anything, else I watch as my mate took it into her own hands.

I watched as she called her magic to her, she called her fire to her skin, with my cubs growing inside of her, her fire was even more intense than what it normally would be. As he was letting go of her shrieking in pain everywhere his skin ad touched hers was being burnt. She grabbed the knife from his hand, she then whipped around and slid it across his neck in one swift motion.

“You will not harm my mate or my cubs.” She growled as she finished before I watched her slump towards the floor.

I got to her just in time I caught her in my arms as I transform back into my human.

I could tell that she was okay she just fainted, I am pretty sure I just got the first glimpse of her lioness Cleo.

I quickly called out to my men to find the survivors and the get them to the sick bay building that was around back, I told two men to come and get Jules and Jade get them there immediately that they were first priority.

I would take care of Rina; my magic was already searching her making sure she and the cubs were okay.

I was going to take great pleasure in killing her father. But the one mistake that they made, you don’t mess with a lioness and her cubs.

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