Legacy of Disaster

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Alice is of royal blood who is living in a world shattered by distruction. she soon findes herself on a quest of finding out what destroyed Earth, to falling in love, and to restore mankind. Alice learns that the Earth was destroyed and many people either died or disappeared and she wants to know why and how she can save the dying planet. she falls in love along the way and learns to be strong to save her home.

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Chapter 1

I remember it like it was yesterday, only I was a baby and all I could remember was yelling and a small impact and that’s where it all started. We survived thanks to my dad and his quick thinking. My family didn’t know this was going to happen because they weren’t even from this country, we were here on holiday from our homeland of Ireland. Our family was of royal blood, I was told we had it all but we worked hard to have what we had and the only thing that got us by after the disaster was the fact my mother was a seamstress and my father is a doctor and my grandfather the king could fly planes.

I grew up learning how to garden and heal people. My parents wanted to make sure I could survive at all costs. There are days when I wish I could take one of the planes I was taught to fly and fly home, my only problem is that I can’t get a hold of a world map and I haven’t quite gotten the hang of reading coordinates but I’m still learning. When we came to America we wanted to visit Dallas, Texas because mum had heard great things about it and they had already been to California, New York and Florida and mum thought it would be a great place to spend a two week vacation with their new born princess which was me. They said it was beautiful before the disaster and all that was left was rubble. Some of the tall buildings had either fallen or are now half grown over with plants. The highways were left with abandoned car and father said people were burned to a crisp similar to the Pompeii disaster. When I was 10 years old I finally was old enough to ask what happened when I was a baby and why we were stranded here now. According to dad the Earth went dark as if there was a solar eclipse and he pulled my mum, grandfather and me into the shelter. There was an explosion and what had happened was that an asteroid hit the Earth. They have spent many years trying to communicate with other countries to see who survived and who didn’t. Father believes that it took out everything from the lower regions and the asteroid broke up into pieces and destroyed other parts of the world as well as the Eastern side of America.

For years citizens went through looking for survivors, with dad being a doctor he was needed to help save what lives that he could. Hospitals were not of much use so you had to do the best you can to find help. Life was never the same for my family either. Coming to America as royals we had everything according to mum, fancy clothes, nice cars. All the luxuries that life could offer. But my family didn’t sit around. Mum learned to make clothes and made a living out of designing clothes and dad went to school to be a doctor. My parents were very useful after the disaster and they were proud of this.

I learned everything from books. The king my grandpa taught me how to hunt and prepare my own food because knowing how to feed myself was important if we had another disaster and I lost everyone I knew. I was taught by dad anything I may find useful in the medical field, mum taught me how to sew and one thing I loved that I learned was to fly a plane. Flying came very natural to me. I often wonder if I can gather enough fuel to fly my family back to our homelands and make it safely, dad tells me its not possible right now as he has been pondering it for years. I plan to go back it’s just a matter of time. I remember asking when I was 15 how old was I when the asteroid hit and I was told that I was 4 years old, so the apocalypse struck in 2064. according to dad, America was way overpopulated as it was, they said traffic was pretty bad, driving cars around here is a rare thing because after everything happened we went back to riding horses and cars were only used to go long distance if it was absolutely necessary. Dad still owns a car and has taught me how to drive it which was cool but I think I am much more of a horse person myself.

So now that you have a brief history of the past, lets start the future by telling you that my given name is Princess Alice Kennedy, my father and mother are Seamus and Nora and then theres my grandpa King Scott.

let’s bring you to 2078, the year I turn 18 and the year I plan to go to Ireland if I can find the fuel.

Grandpa has told us time and time again he will get us all home one day even if it kills him. My grandfather and parents have strong irish accents and because I pretty much only grew up around them I gained their accent and that’s the only thing I have to prove I am from Ireland. My hair isn’t the typical red hair, no I was gifted with curly black hair and blue eyes. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall with I suppose an average figure. My mother has red curly hair and my father and grandpa have black hair, so I suppose that’s where I got the weird mix from. I liked to go places and explore areas that seemed abandoned and find things from before the disaster, I would find pictures of people standing in front of a tall castle wearing mouse ears and I’m not really sure why I suppose it was a theme to the place. I later found out it was called Disney that they were at. I found the things called CDs and I eventually found the system they go into, man people 20 years ago had a terrible taste in music. Music now is pretty much piano, dad said we used to have radio. I like all the variety that they once had. I wonder how things would be if the asteroid never hit. Would we have flying cars? probably not, but dad said they were pretty close. he said they were close to alot of scientific breakthroughs, we got to mars and tried to colonize but life couldn’t be sustained.

Flying cars could have happened if the government allowed it but they didn’t due to people flying into the country and they couldn’t control who was coming or going and put a ban on it. It would have been cool to see one of those cars in actions so I can fly one, I wonder if it was any different with the controls.

We often went to town on fridays to gather any supplies with other traders we may need for the week or two. Trading was something grandpa grew up learning so he taught dad pretty well. We always got a good bargain for the things we wanted. I only went so that I could ditch them for the night and go exploring in the city, we always went to downtown because most trades were off a place called Elm Street. it usually took us half a day to get to downtown and we stayed the night. We took a carriage most of the time since fuel was rare to purchase and when it was bought it was often an expensive trade. The American currency was useless after the disaster so we often saw them used in burn piles for people to keep warm. I often heard “money” was really important and I couldn’t imagine these little pieces of paper having control over everyone’s life.

The ride to downtown is often a hot and boring one until the city comes into view. We usually take the highway because the path is more direct even if the pavement has turned pretty bad, theres a few bridges that are still in good use for at least a few more years. Others have fallen due to the blast or natural causes. There are still plenty of cars sitting in the road with skeletons in them that people never got out to bother to bury because no one has that kind of time to dig a whole bunch of burial plots. I have heard they were planning to dig a mass grave since many people can’t be identified, so that they can start cleaning our little bit of town.

The tall buildings that come into view have overgrown with plants and most have fallen due to low maintenance. I really want to explore them but I can’t because even I know it’s unsafe and I really don’t want to risk my life for that. I’d rather risk it flying to my homeland.

The one building I like in the downtown area in the one that has a ball at the end of it. I wonder what people used that for, dad tells me he thinks it was a restaurant. If it was I wonder what kind of food they made. I’ve never had anything but home cooked food. I guess people went to these restaurant places and they were served food and then gave them money. Life seems easy but I heard it was hard to get that money.

I like how we go and trade stuff, we have a garden so the vegetables to people for wheat or other items my family needs. I usually try to find any books that I can and they are really hard to find because most people have used them to burn for heat.

Electricity I heard was the most precious luxury there ever was but I don’t remember it. I’ve always used candle light and even now those are becoming rare. Our town is working on getting electricity soon so we can bring our town back to life. I’ve read books to try and get a generator working but it’s still too dangerous for me to work with. Seems like we live in the early 1800s with the way we have to boil our water for baths if we want them warm and read by candlelight and cook with a fireplace. Mom says she misses using the stove to cook.

Downtown is always changing it seems, they are always fixing up the smaller buildings and opening up new shops. This week they opened up a place called a bar, dad said I am not allowed to go in there I guess because from what I read they serve alcohol and that it makes you do things against your better judgement.

I wondered how people still manage to find alcohol, like were there still people making it and trading it. I guess it was a smart way to get goods that you needed. We always traded vegetables to people in need of them for a decent bargain since we knew we could get the things we needed and we didn’t need much.

Dad is often really strict about some things, like when I run off once we get to Elm. He says he just doesn’t want to lose me if something were to happen to me and I know I get it but I will be an adult soon and I will be free to make my own decisions. I just want to see more of the world, or what’s left of it at least.

There is so much we don’t even know that going on, last I heard was that a place called England and I looked it up in a book it has a royal family like we are and their country was falling apart at the time the asteroid hit. All I heard now that people say is that London fell and it can’t pick itself back up but I think they will eventually one day just like here in America we are all picking up, it has just taken a really long time to do so. I really like the city but there are dangers and I try very hard to carry a knife on me if I were to get mugged. I was taught to fight but some people can be much stronger than me i’m sure. I try to see all of the downtown area that I can just in case there are things that I can get my hands on to take back home. I’ve discovered many many books, authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, and Stephen King. They were all really good writers, I’m not much of an writer but I definitely like reading what work I can find. Reading about places that don’t exist anymore is really cool. America seemed like a place where all dreams could come true if you just worked hard enough.

I decided to fall asleep on the the way into town because I didn’t realize we were stopped for some time now. Dad and grandpa are repairing the wheel on the wagon, we never had much trouble traveling in it but from time to time we would lose a spring and we always had plenty because they popped out so much during the times we went to town. I always dream of good stuff when we go to town and I often have to bring a book with me to write down anything I can remember. Grandpa always said that grandma would say that if you don’t recognize what you see in your dreams that it was a memory from your past life and I don’t usually dream of much unless i’m just floating through time and thats already weird enough.

But I did have some dreams where I often met people I have never seen in real life, I was always in a different shell of a person so I still have no idea who that person is either. I dreamt of my life back in Ireland as if I could remember the palace and how pretty it was, I remember mum letting me run through the halls since it was pretty much safe for me to do that and people weren’t going to knock my little self over. Maybe one day we could get back to that kind of life and enjoy the easier things in life.

Often times when we go to town I like to see if I can find what they called them computers to see if I can try and find a little generator so see if I can get one to work. I hear these computers were the way of the future, you could talk to people, watch performances and alot of cool stuff and I always try to hunt one down even if I can’t find a generator I would still have it. I liked how things in the past had it to where you could call people on a thing called a cellphone and most people couldn’t live without one. I heard it was bad because when the asteroid hit Earth it also hit and destroyed our main communication satellite to everyone around the world and because of that no one could warn anyone of what was about to happen. I still get flashbacks in my dreams of it but I was still so small. I heard an asteroid is what killed the dinosaurs, I read that in a book somewhere and I often wondered if history was trying to repeat itself and it failed and only wiped half us.

They finally got the wheel fixed but it would still take us another 4 hours til we reached the city. We often left later in the day so that it wasn’t as hot but it really didn’t matter what time we left because it was hot no matter what, even though I have been here for so long that it really didn’t matter anymore.

When we do get to town we often slept in the wagon since we had a tent to cover us unless you wanted to make camp in one of the buildings and risk getting your horse or wagon stolen. We learned that from watching it happen to someone else. Deciding to sleep in the wagon was fine but someone often had to play patrol at night to make sure our horse didn’t get stolen. I usually would stay up at night to watch out because I always slept during the trip as it was. Nights were cooler and gave me time to sneak around. One thing I found from my sneaking was a gadget called a flashlight. It has electricity I assume from these would circular things. When I found it I was overjoyed because it made sneaking around at night near by much easier.

I never told my family about it because if dad knew he would probably take it and not give it back because these things are rare to have and I needed it more than them. I often found alot of things that my family could use like extra candles or canned food. For ten years not many people loot anymore. I guess even when there are empty store some people still fear the law, the way I see it is by survival and no one is running the store and I need stuff.

Now I always find the things that most people wouldn’t need, toilet paper is still a luxury and there is still plenty of it out there, as well a pens and pencils, paper depending on what you want can be tricky. I like to find old newspaper articles to read because I want to see how the times were and they seem like they were going pretty bad. Alot of people were jobless and homeless and America needed help, other countries were also falling to hard times as well. It seemed like the world needed a man-kind killer to slow down the population and to make people fight to survive and only the strong can live.

Coming to town overnight has its bad moments, we once came all the way here and forgot a very important item we needed for trading. We would have never come back but we need items til we get a better dealing system. Dad said they used to have factories where things were made so all you had to go to was a place called a “store” and pay with that money paper, dad said it was really easy. I wasn’t a big talker among my family, I liked to keep to myself and learn about the world in my own way, even if I made mistakes. Dad never really liked it and prefer that I learn by the book, mum however was easy going and let me learn my way, grandpa was the fun one to learn from he showed me how to do the coin from behind the ear magic trick.

Finally we were almost to town as I can now see the buildings in the distance, I always wish we could just live here instead but it is too dangerous so dad says, I don’t really see how it is as long as you stay in the right areas. We often only stayed 3 days and I would sneak out during the night on one of those claiming that I needed sleep. It was nice to get out on my own and see things I just wish I could do more exploring during the daytime.

We are only just surviving here, we aren’t growing anymore. We need to repair the damage that has been done somehow. I plan to find where our government headquarters are one day just as soon as I can fly out without being stopped and I am 2 weeks away from being able to do that. I was born on October 31st on a day they once called Halloween, we don’t really celebrate what they called holidays anymore which I never really minded except for our birthday. We always made sure that birthdays were made important because we need a reason to be happy that we’re growing another year older.

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