Legacy of Disaster

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Chapter 2

We finally reached the city and I was more than eager to get off the wagon and stretch my legs. I always wished we could just take the small plane to town, it would get us here faster and I feel like the government took all the fuel so we couldn’t go far without it. Since I slept most of the way I know I’ll have to stay up and watch over tonight. I wish the world was still safe so we didn’t have to do this. Mum made soup for the trip so that we had something easy to eat and made bread to go with it. Mum always baked good bread and often used it for trade for chocolate since it wasn’t produced much anymore.

The sun was setting finally and we had went ahead and started a fire that we also use as protection from anyone who might want to rob us even though we never have been truly robbed because everyone stays to themselves. I plan to try a new part of town I hadn’t seen before. I really want to take the risk and explore one of the tall buildings and I am pretty certain that they are as stable as they can get since they haven’t fallen yet. I wonder who I could run into if I go into one of them. I really just want to see if I can find something to see if the government has anything up and running.

The smaller buildings around town have either been used for shelter or have already fallen apart due to the disaster and no one had really cared to help restore them. Mum is always trying to find different kinds of soup, the luxury of shampoo and conditioner is usually pretty rare to find but we still manage to find some. I plan to find a book so that we can make our own. We usually do make alot of our own stuff but we still need little materials and meats.

As we are setting up camp I tell mum and dad that I plan to take a small walk and I will be back soon. So I start to walk down the street, it feels empty but people just like to hide. I am headed to one of the tall buildings because I really want to see if I can find anything. I make my way to the big empty yard that has weeds overgrowing it and the big round fountain that used to hold running water in front of it, some of the glass had been broken in front of the lobby and it sort of looks likes a war zone but I think it was just from the blast and no one had bothered to take a look around to see if anyone was alive.

I slowly push the big glass door open just in case any other glass wanted to fall and I would have a chance to move. The lobby was very empty and I could see skulls and bone of those who didn’t survive. I can see papers and ashes everywhere. I wonder what people were thinking during the final minutes of their life. I find the receptionist desk and I see what appears to be a computer on it with the head of a skull laying on the keyboard from someone who must have been working there during the destruction. I wonder if I can find some source of electricity I think to myself. How is it that in 14 years no one has bothered to see if we can get stuff running again? Surely there must be a way. I wonder if there if a breaker box in this place, I’ve read about those and they should also have a backup generator. If I can find one maybe I can turn on the computer and see if I can find out any information, I continue to walk down a long hall of many different offices and continue to see more skeletons, i guess I see why many people didn’t bother to pick them up because there is just too many of them to carry around and not enough people. I finally reach an end of the hall to a door that says information, I turn the handle and great its locked. Now where in the hell am I going to find the keys, surely one of these dead guys have one. I know that’s insensitive but its only true. So going back and I start to look for one that may look like a security guard, that guy always have a key of some sort on them. And sure enough I find one and he has a ton of keys like good god how many floors do you look after? I think I am going to keep these keys on me for future needs. I go back to the information room and shuffle through a few keys and eventually I find the one that lets me in. And it is indeed the control room that might restore power to this building but I only want to restore power to just the first floor so that I don’t attract attention to myself and get into trouble or bothered. I look around more since each area is labeled and I find the one that say backup power and it in labeled by floor which I was extremely grateful for, and I am able to only turn on the power in the lobby which is exactly what I need so that maybe I can see if that computer works. I have never used a computer but I have read about them and surely it can’t be that hard to figure out.

Ah yes I see lights on for the first time and man are the lightbulbs bright in comparison to candles. I go ahead and make my way back to the lobby to take a look at the computer that seems to be blinking at me. I hate to do it but I push the dead guy out of the chair so I can sit down and look. I found the power button and it seems to be booting up. I hope I don’t blow anything up, that would be bad. Ok so the computer does in fact still work and it seems to still be in good running condition which is amazing how it still works after the impact. Ok so I got it turned on and its asking for login stuff which I really hope that they have the password and stuff around here somewhere, yes! I found a paper that may have what I need on it. Sure enough it lets me gain access and it asks me to restore to the previous page so I click yes after I figure out what this little mouse thing does. As soon as I restore the page I see messages from other people who worked here. It appears that they had some idea that something was wrong before the impact, that they knew that there wasn’t much anyone could do. Not many people had time to find shelter and if they did they may or may not have had time to get to it.

Why wasn’t the government trying to help protect people? Why did they leave them all alone, without help? There is definitely more to this than what my family knows. I browse a little more before I become paranoid and decide to turn off the generator for another time and lock the door back so that no one decides to find out what I know until I can do more investigation. I find what news paper articles that I can get, I see papers that read that the end is coming and no one will be saved. I think people knew what was about happen and tried to stop the government but they were too late. The world was way overpopulated and we needed to kill off alot of people and start over. It makes sense but I don’t agree with killing everyone off, why didn’t they decide to try and use another planet to send people? it was almost possible i’m sure. So it was the government who decided not to warn anyone til the last minute, where is everyone hiding?

I go ahead and push the thoughts to the back of my head for now as I still have a little bit more day light left to look around, sometimes the sun can be a little hot but I’m glad the sun is still around. I go ahead and keep walking down the long street til I find a little “antique” shop. Inside the shop a find old electronics such as Gameboy and and old Ipad whatever people used these for, they look incredibly fragile. I found a camera that looks like it runs of a thing called batteries and to my surprise it turns on. I see pictures of people and families that look like they were having alot of fun in their life, my question is why they decided to leave their pictures here. I manage to find some books that help me figure out how this thing called the “internet” works and how I can find my way through a computer so that I can go back and see what else I can find out. I look around the shop and can’t seem to find anything on the outside. I wonder if anyone lives in the building above this shop I think to myself. So I find the stairway and go up, the door is unlocked which makes me nervous because I wonder if anyone has been here and it appears a family was trying to get out during the impact. It appears they were in the middle of a meal as I can see plates on the table. I take a look around, and the place is empty. Where did these people go? I hope they found shelter. I wonder why people don’t live in places since its closer to town. I found a set of keys in here too and they might go to the shop door and if it does I may make this place my home if I decide not to go back with my family. I may go back home just for this weekend and not say anything til we come back next weekend. I look around the bedroom and in the closet. The woman who lived her appears to have been the same size s me and her clothes were really nice. I don’t see any mans clothes though. There are baby clothes, so it appears that she may have been a single mother. I wonder what happened to the father. I look around the rest of the house and see cook books and makes on how to make stuff. I decide i’ve seen enough for now and make my way back downstairs.

I exit the house and lock the door behind me so that no one decides to take it from me. I went ahead and started to make my way back to Elm street to the trading area where my parents were. It was getting dark now and i knew it was bound to be a long night. Grandpa and dad were setting a fire and mum was unpacking the soup she made, she always made my favorite potato soup since potatoes were easy to grow so something always had potatoes in it. We are sit around the fire and dad asks me what I got myself into because he knows that I tend to get into things that I shouldn’t but I am careful what I say as to not be scolded. I tell them I found an another abandoned shop without disclosing its location for now. So I go to ask them if they believe the asteroid was government made, they say they believe something along those lines could happened but there’s no way in knowing. I ask if they ever want to try and find headquarters to find out what happened and why it happened. Mum hushes me as to tell me that i’m asking too many questions. But I really wanted to find out all that I could and someone around here possibly has to have the answers that I seek. Now that dinner was finished and everyone was headed off to bed. It was just me, my thoughts, and the fire that kept me company for the night. Nights like these were nice since I was alone to only think about what life has in store for us. While I sat there I decided to brew some hot tea as it sometimes got chilly at night. Tea was always a comfort drink for me and it helped clear my head as well. While lost in my thoughts I hear something I thought. I look around and can clearly see that there is nothing there as the fire is still pretty bright enough to illuminate everything around us. I brush it off as possibly a rat. There it was again, a rustling sound. I wonder if I should wake up my folks, I wait it out since it hadn’t decided to attack yet.

I heard it again and this time I was on my feet, walking around and scoping out the area. ‘hello?’ I call out, yet no answer. ‘if you don’t show yourself I will wake my family’ I went ahead and added since I decided to open my mouth. ‘please don’t wake anyone’ I hear a shy strong accent coming from the shadows. ‘come here I want to see who I’m talking to’ I say, and they slowly make their way into the light of the fire. It was a young man who appears to be about the same age as me. ‘What’s your name?’ I asked because it wasn’t really polite to converse without a proper introduction. ‘Jack, Prince Jack of England’ he replied ‘so you’re of royal blood too?’ I asked ‘yes and I suppose you are too?’ he asked ‘yes I’m Princess Alice of Ireland’ I replied with confidence. My family never lets me forget that I am royalty even if we don’t exactly have that lifestyle that they used to have.

Jack appeared in front of the fire, he had thin brown hair, blue eyes and was tall as well. He was very handsome but I had also never met a guy who seemed to be the same age as me. ‘how old are you?’ I went ahead and asked. ‘just turned 18 last week’ he replied ‘you?’ he asked ‘I turn 18 next week.’ I replied and decided I’d go ahead and ask him the one question that was itching at me ‘why are you here in America? away from your family?’ ‘I was sent over by my mother when it got dangerous for the monarchy.’ he replied and I was shocked I didn’t know that there was other countries who had anything wrong going on, I was terribly wrong. ‘Have you been able to get in contact with any of your family?’ I asked ‘no I have no way of knowing who is alive or not since the impact.’ he replied. I wondered if he knew anything about the government and if they had anything to do with the asteroid and it hitting Earth. I decided I would wait to ask anything like that as to not sound crazy. ‘Does your family come to town often for trade?’ he asked ‘yeah we usually come every week to two weeks, I only come to explore.’ I replied ‘what about you? what brings you here?’ I asked ‘I live here in these parts and I often like to see who comes in and out of town, I came here after I moved out.’ he replied. I wondered what his plans were and what he had up his sleeve.

He decided to cut the visit short as he had to make his rounds and hunt for some food, he bid me goodnight and I asked if I would ever happen to see him again and he said hopefully and just like that he was gone. I would have liked to talk to him more but he seemed to shy to want to talk about anything else nonetheless. Maybe I’ll run into him some other time. I knew then I wasn’t ready to leave town and that I wanted to stay and I knew it would break my parents heart but I’ve got to get back to Ireland and I want to solve the reason for the asteroid and why no one has bothered to rebuild what was destroyed 14 years ago? it will always be a question that I hope to one day have answers for. I really wanted to take a nap but with everything on my mind I knew that it wasn’t possible to do such a thing. I decided I wouldn’t tell my parents of Jack in fear they may never come back to this spot. I went ahead and decided to have more tea before mum woke up and decided that I had had enough and made me drink water for the day. We grew tea leaves so I didn’t worry of running out. I knew that if I spoke about Jack they would ask where I was all night and why I didn’t wake them up and I was already too tired to deal with all of that.

The sun was slowly coming up and i knew I had about another hour or two before everyone was awake for the day so I decided I would go ahead and take a small nap as to not to deprive myself so that I could look around more since I knew we were leaving tomorrow. Even though it was a short nap and a short dream he was there. I wanted to talk to him more. I suppose it was because of many things but one thing was for sure he probably knew things that I probably wanted to know. I wonder if he would be willing to find out if the government was up to something.

The sun was finally up since I could feel the warmth on my eyelids. My family was waking up and the smell of eggs cooking and coffee were brewing. Mum gently shook me awake and just like that I was awake and lost in my thoughts and I knew it would take up most of my day. Dad asked me how the night was and I told him it was slow as usual and that I was tired. The traders were coming out for the day to see what other people had to offer and I went ahead and decided to have some coffee and a fried egg because if I didn’t I knew I would be hungry later. I decided to let my thoughts escape me as I shuffled through the day

I often looked around for Jack just in case I would find him but he was never within sight. I decided I would go ahead and see what I could find during the day and traveling deeper into te city and go into stores and other buildings. I still didn’t know why other people just left these places vacant. It didn’t make any sense to me. I decided to go into one of the tall building again since it was a news building, I wonder what they knew that citizens didn’t know about. The office building looked like it wasn’t looted or touched since the impact and just seem to gather a bunch of dust. I found papers in the building that seem to have news that was ready to go out the day of the impact that was trying to warn people that disaster was about to stroke and no one was given time to get it out. I really wonder how some places knew the asteroid was going to strike. Did the news stations have spies now? Are any of these people still alive and if they were I wondered if I could find at least one person who was there that day that might just have some kind of information.

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