Legacy of Disaster

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Chapter 5

I went up to the doors to see if they were locked and pulled on the handle. It wasn’t locked which was super bizarre to me but I went in anyways since curiosity was getting the best of me. The halls were dark but I looked for signs of the important offices. I was looking for the maintenance room for the one thing this building had to have and that was a generator. I was lucky to find what I was looking for and power was restored. I left the room and soon hear other footsteps walking down the hall and the faint voice of my mum calling my name. Then Jack called out for me to come to the west wing so I suppose I was on the right wing and made my way to him. He had found what I was looking for and the rest of my family was with him as well. The president’s office was quite nice to be honest, slightly dusty from the time that had passed. I went over to the desk and sitting right on top was a folder that read OPERATION PLANS and I opened that folder so fast. I was in disbelief that our own government would leave our people to die and suffer as they got away to safety. They did discover a new planet, the planet was about four hours after reaching orbit. We all read the papers and couldn’t believe not one single person was told of the disaster. I had been right all along as well as other who knew it. I had laid my hand on the desk and apparently had hit a small button because all of a sudden a tv screen had lit up and a man came on and he had a message for anyone who had found out. “hello to who ever has figured out and is still alive to see this, my name is General Greg and I am the commander of operations. As you can see we didn’t say anything about the discovery of planet Apollo or the asteroid that would destroy Earth. There was no point in telling anyone because Earth was already overpopulated and we needed to let it sort itself out. We packed up those who paid good money to live and our families and left for Apollo a week before the Earth was destroyed. Since you lived and found this, it is best to tell you that was our placement in the solar system is just a little bit due north of Mars, it was discovered during a mars landing and was kept secret for if anything were to happen to Earth. We have no idea if we can come back but we have a way for you to get to us. Go to Area 51 and you will find the launch site as well one more shuttle that is big enough to hold just two passengers. The shuttle is already rigged with coordinates to get to us. Please come to us and bring us back to Earth.“. We all sat there completely lost. They left us all here to die and expected us to come up with a rescue mission for them? why s they could keep more secrets and do this again? I looked at dad for an answer and he didn’t seem to have one, I guess we all needed a moment to decide the next plan. “how about we set up came for the night?” dad suggests. Mum was all for it and we found showers within the building. Being able to use a real shower was a very nice feeling and I hope we can find one that really works one day. Mum found a kitchen, the food was bad but mum still had a way to prepare some kind of meal for us. It was a night we hadn’t had in a long time. To sit and rest. We had gone so much since grandpa had passed away and since we started this mission. “i want to go to Area 51.” I told everyone. “now Alice, what do you think you’re going to do when you get there?” dad had asked. “find them and let them know they can stay on Apollo or something.” I replied. “we could go and see what we can find, even if we do know what happened.” mum said. Jack kept quiet but I think I knew why. He wanted to know just as much as I did. “we can go but I don’t think it would be safe for any of us to go into space, no matter how much aviation training you’ve had Alice.” dad said and it was decided we were probably leaving in the morning. I couldn’t wait to see this place. I’ve read that they kept alien life forms there and other top secret stuff.

Everyone had fallen asleep and I still couldn’t sleep so I went for a walk and I went back to the Generals office to see if I could find anything else that may be of some importance to this mission. And indeed I did. I could a journal that he kept and discovered how truly scared he was about all of it. He talked about this mission to Apollo being a fail and that they were never going to see Earth again and that they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

I read further on and the he was leaving his children behind because he couldn’t take them and he sent them to an island that may not even exist anymore, I really feared more for this guys family than I did for him. He left them helpless as much as they left us all helpless. He went on to talk about the samples they were able to collect from this new planet and that the water supply was good. They still didn’t know what kind of animals were on the planet and if they were dangerous or not. They didn’t know if there was any way back to Earth and from the sounds of it, they don’t have any way back and that really makes me wonder why. Was it a fuel issue?

He was scared about the world coming to an end and he had no answers for anyone and that wasn’t enough. He spoke how he often broke down in his office because he was supposed to have a solution to these kinds of problems and all he could come up with was to leave Earth but not many people could do that because there was simply not enough shuttles to carry everyone.

I decided that it was time to leave the office as it was getting even more depressing by the minute. I had decided to venture to other offices and see if anyone else had left behind clues. Most just had aimless paperwork, some had left notes to their family members if they happen to come here and find their office. So many people who worked here left their families here. I couldn’t just up and leave the people I love just to live. i decided it was time to go lay down and get some rest as I didn’t know what we were going to do in the morning.

I dreamt of the other planet that night and wondered how those who got away were doing. Were they suffering like us here on Earth? I couldn’t imagine so but they left us and everything they had just so they could live, they almost deserve what they got. I left that dream and dreamt of something I had never seen. My family was back home in Ireland and we were having a ball. I was wearing a traditional dress with my Irish sash and my black curls neatly put up. It was a nice little dream and I don’t think I will ever see something like that in real life unless the asteroid never hit.

It must be daylight out since the sun was hitting me in the eyes, I was more than annoyed by that because I was still tired and I wasn’t ready for what today had to offer. But maybe I would find more clues.

I went ahead and walked the remainder of the halls to see what I could find although I knew it couldn’t be more or compare to what was left that had been found. I tried really hard to imagine what it was like in here day to day when people worked. I saw normal desks that had computers still intact. I saw newspapers and other paperwork. I decided I would sit at one of them and turn on one of the computers. I found the pass code and decided to snoop through the messages the workers had passed back and forth to one another. It was the same when I was back on Elm street. People of course knew about it but didn’t know what to do about it or if it was possible to save their families.

These people were really scared and unsure what was about to happen. I saw messages that were goodbyes to their fellow co-workers and that they were leaving to seek shelter with their families. I wonder where those families are and if they made it out safely like we did. It is so terrible that they didn’t bother to warn anyone of such destruction.

They should have done the humane thing and tell others instead of leaving us to suffer and suffered with us. We had every right to know just like they did. Why wasn’t our kingdom warned of such a thing? We didn’t hurt anyone and I think we weren’t told because grandpa didn’t want to be caught up in the mess around the world and wanted to save our people from being part of that, which was smart but also dumb because if we had known we would have stayed in Ireland and getting our people ready for this. I hope our people didn’t think we had abandoned them, if anything they probably think we’re dead just like everyone else because they knew we were going on holiday in America. I wish we had time to tell them but if word got out to them they would have told everyone else and I guess that’s why we weren’t told because they knew we were an honest country and we didn’t hold secrets from our people. The Irish were good people like that and we held strong like that. I realized right then how proud I was of my heritage and that I was not ever going to let that leave me.

I hope that I can show my people that we had never left them to fend for themselves and that we just like them were struggling just the same and that we were still a strong family despite the fact that their king was now dead and that my dad was now the king, I wonder if this had crossed his mind yet. It was hard to think of my father being the king of his people when it was grandfather who had leading us. Dad was a good protector and leader to us and made sure we had everything we ever needed. I hope one day he can lead our people like grandpa had done. I heard great things about grandpa and how he saved what was left of our country and brought us up from the bottom of the pit.

I sure did miss grandpa and wished he could be here with us to see what we were seeing and he was probably looking down on us and proud of dad leading us forward like he would have done. Despite what has happened i’m sure we will go back home day and live like we used to. I’m sure this would please grandpa and mum alot. I know she misses home and her parents more than anything.

Well I had seen enough and I knew there was nothing else I could do so I went ahead and decided it was time to help the family pack up and head to our destination, I had no idea how long that would take to get there but I hoped it wasn’t too long. Dad said we would be taking turns driving on the trip and we would travel at night or close to sunset so that it wasn’t so hot during the ride. I wish we hadn’t done that so that I could see what the world looked like now but I suppose there was no point in that.

We still had plenty of daylight left so mum and dad went to nap before the trip and Jack had wandered about. So I decided I would go catch up with him since he hadn’t said much. He was quite a tall guy with wonderful flowing brown hair, I still couldn’t get past those pretty blue eyes. His english accent had never left him despite being here so long. I found him in the library not too far from the president’s office, just looking through books. “can you believe the English history on these shelves?” he said to me once he noticed I had entered the room. “what do you mean?” I asked. “i mean i’m looking at the history of my relatives and can’t believe the lives that some of these people had led, I found out why our kingdom was falling apart. It was because the people decided they didn’t need a ruler or royal family. They wanted to be on their own without our help.” he said to me. “our culture is almost the same but dad said the kingdom was well loved by those around it, he said that the people didn’t mind us because we treated them well.” I replied. I mean I didn’t know too much but I knew it wasn’t as bad on our end.

“Alice, have you ever been in love before.” he asked out of nowhere.

“i’ve never known what the feeling would be like but that day when you kissed me. I think I understood what it could be like in a sense.” I replied with my unsure answer.

“when I met you I hated the world because I was alone and then when your family took me in, I started to have a feeling that I couldn’t be without you because you were the only one I had ever known to show me what being in love feels like.” he replied and I waited because I knew he wasn’t finished. “i think I am in love with you Alice and I would truly give anything to keep you safe and to help you get home to Ireland, even if it meant I couldn’t find the rest of my family.” he finally let out. I didn’t have any words for him except to do the only thing I could think of. I approached him and took him into my arms and kissed him the same way he had kissed me on that tower. I knew I was falling in love with him and he was with me. We were not going to be separated, no matter what.

We decided we were going to go hand in hand to explore the rest of tHe building. His hand left mine as soon as his eyes caught sight of a newspaper that had come from England. It read THE ROYAL FAMILY HAS PERISHED! on the headline and I felt his heart break. He finally saw what his mother and father looked like and he looked just like both of them. In that moment we both knew he had no one left.

There were no words this time. I just watched a man who had been strong for so long with hopes of be reunited with his family, fall to his knees as he realized he had no one left. I sat there with him as he had let out small tears and tried to comfort him the best I could. “my family is yours too Jack.” I told him because that was all I could offer him. My parents found us and asked what happened because mum heard someone crying and it woke her. I handed them the newspaper without saying a word. Mum was just as shocked and dad was thinking that I was as he said it too “son, you’re a part of this family and you will never be left behind. I’m terribly sorry to hear about them.” he told him as I knew just as well there wasn’t much we could do for him.

My parents left and didn’t want to impose too much. I let him sit there for a minute to gather himself, I went to nearby computer and turned it on since I was waiting for him. I found some music on this one. It seemed to make him feel better, because he got off the floor and tried to pull me into a dance which was just us trying our best because apparently we didn’t know how to dance to this type of stuff. How did people dance back in the day I wondered to myself. I saw a smile come to him as he seemed to be enjoying himself.

The song had ended and so did the moment. But at least he got through it and made himself get his head back in the mission, because I really needed him to help with this. Without him neither of us really could have found the answers we were looking for if we didn’t look together. We continued to look around the building in case there were more things we had missed. Unfortunately there wasn’t much else we could find out that we didn’t already know.

The sun had started to set and dad was eager to get on the road as he was telling us it was time to load up and go here shortly. He had gotten gas from other cars that were still here, he said he was impressed with how many of these cars still had alot of gas in them. I wondered why we didn’t just take one of those and then it hit me that we didn’t have the key nor did any of us know how to start one without them, I had read about a thing called hot wiring but I didn’t understand how it possibly worked.

Jack must have been wore out because it didn’t take him long to fall asleep on the ride and i knew I wasn’t far behind him so it left me to think like everything else. Like would he be okay with being with us or would he leave and find his own way? we knew we didn’t have the answers and that we would just have to wait and see.

The night was growing darker and it just made me even more tired but I wasn’t ready to fall asleep but I knew it would be morning before I was ready for it to be. My dreams were dark this time, filled with sadness and I didn’t like these kinds of dreams. They were negative on me and I tried so hard to see the good in things when stuff got bad and held strong like dad usually does.

When I woke up it was raining and it was pretty hard which was unusual as we had never had bad weather where lived. Dad had pulled over on the side of the road since he couldn’t really see and we decided to wait out the storm. It was actually nice sleeping weather since it wasn’t much of thunder and lightning. Dad had found an abandoned house near by and decided we would just use the building for shelter for the night in case the van wasn’t safe enough for us.

There wasn’t any electricity left in this place, the air was moldy and I didn’t know how safe that would be. Mum said this place creeped her out and stayed closer to Jack and I had to agree with her. We lit some candles up so that we could see. It seems to have belong to an older couple just before the impact. I wonder like I always do as to what happened with these folks. Jack and I stayed down stairs to seek out the rest of the house before there was a scream that filled the whole house and scared me to death. We ran upstairs where it was heard and mum was standing there with her head on dad. “what’s wrong?” I asked breathlessly and I didn’t need and answer for what I had just seen.

In the bedroom of this old couple was the old decaying couple themselves. They must have died long before the impact and their relatives must have never had time to seek them out to give them a proper burial. We all decided we couldn’t stay in that house since seeing that was more than enough to drive us out but we weren’t leaving so soon. Dad had said we were going to stay til daylight and give them a burial that they had deserved. We all slept in the van since the weather had died down.

The sun rose up fast it seemed and the house was finally able to be seen. The burial was something we had done before but this was far worse than any of us had ever seen. Jack and dad decided they would handle it, while I sat there with mum to comfort her. I think this was hardest on her. I wondered what was running through her head and I didn’t dare ask since it wasn’t my place but I feel like I knew. I think she saw her parents in that dead couple and was scared that we would find her parents just like that and this made me hold mum tighter as to say that everything would be okay and she kissed my forehead as a mutual agreement. My mum and I had a strange relationship, we didn’t have to speak much to understand each other and I knew this would make her stronger. Somehow grandpa always saw me as stronger than her but I couldn’t see it but I saw what he saw now and I tried not to let that go to my head but instead I just gave my comfort in a silent way so she at least knew I was there distantly.

Once we were done we knew it was time to pack up and leave this place, it had taken it toll on all of us and we needed to keep pushing forward to finish this mission. I will be happy once we found out the last part of this and go back home so we could start over. I wanted Jack to see our kingdom or what was left of it anyways.

The day was getting hotter the closer we got to Nevada. It seemed like a desert here. We finally arrived within the state and found a town called Las Vegas, dad said this place was famous for a thing called gambling. Where people went to spend money for nothing and I don’t see why people found that as fun. It looked like a broken sandy city now. This place probably was a playground for adults. It looked like a war zone now and I think area 51 had something to do with that. There was red caution tape everywhere and signs for evacuation. Why were they making people leave? Didn’t these people think to fight back? we kept driving and eventually left that ghost town. The roads were long and empty and I hoped we wouldn’t have to walk through any of this. I fear we wouldn’t make it through.

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