Legacy of Disaster

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Chapter 6

We finally arrived to area 51, the place was unlike anything i had ever seen. The shuttles that got left behind were partly covered with sand and the buildings were that were left abandoned were falling apart. “this is it guys, we’re gonna find the rest of the answers.” I said aloud but there was no reply from anyone else as they were just lost in thought too.

We pulled up to what looked like the main building and got out. The entrance door was left as it was and it looked like not a single person had seen this place for years. I went ahead and grabbed my flash light from the van as we started to make our way inside. It looked scary and we didn’t know what was waiting for us on the other side of those doors.

We walked in but much slowly than we had any other place. There was skeletons of people who got left behind. I felt bad for these poor souls who never got a chance to make it out alive. We kept walking and made our way to the labs. I had read about this place and all the experiments they had done in this place, and the scariest part was that it was all true. Inside the main lab room there were actual aliens and other things that were far beyond what I could name them to be. This place was a freak of nature if I do say so myself.

Dad and Jack went ahead to go find a generator to maybe get some electricity within this building, while mum and I kept looking around. There was tons of papers and blueprints for plans. We found a paper with the planet and the coordinates on it on a big round table. This must have been the place where the General gave his orders and what they decided on. I wonder what went down the day of launch.not long after finding those papers we heard the generator followed by lights turning on. Once they were on I saw that there were cameras and I found the room that had the tapes. I went back to the year and managed to find the day they had launched. It looked like there was a riot that broke out and gun fire was the leading result to help it all die down per say. It looked like they were in a hurry and it looked like there were people who were against this whole operation, unfortunately those people didn’t make it. I guess that explains why there were skeletons now, I thought to myself.

I went over to one of the desks and went ahead and snooped through what I could find as further evidence of the day and apparently there was several people who did work here who wanted to get together to threaten the government of their secret and they knew it would be a fight to the death to tell the world and some were willing to take that risk. I wish those people had a fighting chance because maybe more people would have had time to take cover. Some people who made threats were in fact offered shelter from impact with their families if they kept quiet, some people took the offer and it turns out when it came time for those people to board the shuttle they were left behind anyways because they were no longer needed and their threats did nothing to them in the end. It was so sad to read the demise of these faithful workers and watch their families sit their scared as to what was to come next.

We saw that one shuttle was still in good condition and I wondered why it was left here. What purpose did it serve? I think I knew what the purpose was but my heart isn’t sure and I don’t know if I have it in me to take such a risk. I knew I could fly it because once we entered the craft to take look I knew I could fly it. Was this my life calling? wa I meant to fly this into space and find the hidden planet and help bring them back home? Were those traitors deserving of even coming home?

I decided I was going and there was nothing that was going to stop me. We decided later that evening as we set up camp within the building that night I was going to break the news to my parents what my next plan was and I was sure they would tie me up and lock me away.

“i’m going up there guys, I want to try and bring them home.” I said with confidence

“no I absolutely can not allow it Alice.” dad said at once

“Alice, honey this is enough. We can start over. We don’t need anymore answers.” mum tried to reason with me.

Jack sat there in silence and I wondered why and then he looked up from his gaze to the fire.

“Well if you have to go, then count me in.” he said and in that moment I hugged him.

I knew then that my parents couldn’t stop me because they both knew I could fly and knew I was damn good at it.

“we leave tomorrow so you better rest up.” I said to Jack with a grin.

“i think this is mad Alice, I should have never let your grandfather teach you to fly because now you want to risk not only your life but his as well to find a government that abandoned us all.” dad said very bluntly.

I was hurt but I wasn’t going to let this hurt me, not now not ever. I was going to finish this mission and then I would restart and move back to Ireland to find the rest of our people.

We really needed to sleep as tomorrow was the biggest journey of my life and I wasn’t much prepared for what else I was going to find. What if we can’t get back?

I decided right then that I needed to go check out the shuttle and make sure it was in good running order and gather what supplies I could find.

It appeared everything was in shape as needed and I hoped I didn’t miss anything but I could be wrong as I had never seen a shuttle up close and only in books. Jack went to find and pack what supplies we may need for this trip, I was happy he was willing to go with me because I really didn’t want to do this alone. I knew this hurt my parents but they need to understand that I want the answers and if they did survive I would tell the world of their betrayal.

I checked all the specs that I could of the shuttle and read what blueprints that had any kinds of instructions in it. I checked the fuel and made sure we would have enough to get back. I also checked for any faults that could occur during the trip and as far as I could see there for none and this shuttle was in good running condition. Dad saw me checking everything out and came over to try and talk me out of it and i was going to listen but nothing will stop me from doing this. I know he’s scared and so am I but we needed peace to know if those people made it or not.

“please don’t do this Alice, i’m scared you won’t make it back.” dad admitted and he hugged me.

“dad we’re going to be fine and we will be back, i’ve checked every spec of this craft and it seems to be fine.” I told him

I know things will be fine and I just had to see all this for myself. We went ahead and went back to our bunk for it was going to be a long day and few days because I wasn’t quite sure when the next time I would sleep. I read that it would take us four hours after we reach space to get to this other planet. I’m sure it couldn’t take too much extra time to get there but I also didn’t know how long it would take us to get back. It could take a day, it could take two days or it could take a week. I knew my parents wouldn’t rest until I got back and believe me I probably won’t rest til we get back either but this has to be done.

That night I dreamt of what space would be like, even though I saw aliens that I had seen today and that kinda scared me. But I won’t let it stop me. Tomorrow will come quickly and hopefully this mission comes and goes quickly too. I wasn’t going to admit it but I was scared to death and more than anything I didn’t know if I would die up there but I know this I the risk I had to take. I lost the rest of my dream that night and fell asleep hard.

I woke up to it being super hot and felt as if there was sand in my hair. I got up and shook myself out and went ahead to search around for a shower room and decided a bath would be a smart idea before we got this show running. Mum made a small bit of breakfast and after that it was pure work to get everything set up for launch. I told my parents it would probably be safe once we got in to go ahead and get back as far as possible because I didn’t need them hurt by the force of the engine.

The time had come for Jack and I to board the shuttle as I said goodbye to my parents and dad and mum hugged Jack as well and he told him to keep me safe and that we both needed to come back alive and in one piece. I didn’t cry but I felt like the inside of me was breaking as if this could be the last time I would see them and I was determined to make sure I got back to them. We boarded the shuttle hand in hand with our suits on and we were on a mission of a lifetime and I could not have been more glad to have him here with me.

Time came as we buckled in and I started her up and heard her roar and we started to take off. It was rough and it was at great speed. I was used to G-Force but I wasn’t sure if Jack was ready for this kind of thing. Please don’t throw up or pass out I thought. I set the controls to the coordinates to the planet and we took off. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt in my life.

I watched as the sky got darker and darker past me, I wish I could see what Earth looked like right now but that would have to wait, the engines pushed us harder out of the atmosphere. We felt a few more kicks and then it let out and once I saw things float around the cockpit I knew we no longer had gravity.

This was it the moment I had waited for so long, we were in space and we were floated, I unbuckled and wanted to see it for myself before we continued the mission.

Looking out the window at the Earth that was once perfectly round, now had big crater holes in it. It looked like some parts were hge volcanoes, I wished I could have taken a photo of it to show my parents but we there was no way I guess it would be a good story to tell them when we got back. flying was one of my favorite things to do and to be able to see Earth and all her beauty was something I had never dreamt of seeing. I wish I had a camera so that I could show mum and dad when we got back but I knew that wasn’t possible right now.

Floating around the shuttle without the use of gravity was beyond me, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not but I knew I couldn’t wait to get back to Earth.

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