Legacy of Disaster

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Chapter 7

According to the coordinates and the computers in the shuttle, it would take us about 3 hours to reach Apollo and I fear that would be the longest time I would ever have in one place but I was prepared to make the best of it. The Earth looked half shattered from the view I had and the rest of the atmosphere looked amazing, I could see the milky way and it was unlike anything I had ever dreamt.

“what are you thinking about?” I asked Jack since we were alone and I didn’t want to seem awkward.

“how I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.” he replied

“what do you mean?” I asked

“when I met you my life was meaningless and just keeping myself alive, and then I meet you and we go on this adventure to save mankind.” he replied. I didn’t realize what an impact I made on his life but I was thankful he was here with me.

We pretty much floated around during the duration of that flight and waited for what could come next. It was way too smooth for a trip and I prayed that it would stay that way. I was surprised for a shuttle that hadn’t been in use for 14 years that it worked so well. We decided to venture around the shuttle since it was on autopilot and I didn’t think we had anything to worry about up until I hear a noise that sounded like one of the boosters may hae gone out and sure enough as soon as we get back to the cockpit it was showing we here down a booster and I had found instructions on how to fix it. The one thing I hated about that fact was that fact is that one of us would have to put on a suit and go out into space without floating away. I knew it would have to be because I knew for a fact that Jack wouldn’t know a thing aboout how to fix this and my grandpa taught me basic mechanic repairs so i’m sure it couldn’t be much different than that.

“i’m going to have to go out there.” I told Jack.

“you can’t, it’s too dangerous out there.” he told me

“well we can’t sit here forever. It has to be fixed so we can get there and get home.” I replied.

And with that I went to put on the rest of my suit and prayed that it would fit. It took me no time at all to get my gear on and get ready to go to the door that would let me out. I was scared of this more than I would let on but I had to be brave because the sooner I got it fixed the sooner we would be to getting home.

I made my way out the door as soon as it was secured and Jack made sure it was secure so that he was safe. I opened the first bay door to ease myself to the outside of the shuttle. I was careful to hold on and made sure I was hooked to anything to keep me close to the shuttle. I made my way to the booster that needed to be fixed. I saw where it had needed a wire reattached and looked like an easy job to do. I had eased the tool I would need from a pocket of my suit careful not to lose it. I had to do the best I could to get these wires back together.

I could see Jack peering out the window, he looked nervous and was probably just as scared as I was about this operation but I knew it wouldn’t take me long. There, I thought to myself. It was fixed and I started to make my way back to the bay door but the worst possible thing happened. My hand slipped and I started to float in space until I felt a tug on my suit and realized I was still attached to the shuttle and I have never been more relieved to be secured in all my life.

I safely made my way back within the bay and sealed it so fast that I was more than ready to get back within the shuttle. As soon as I got in Jack had made his way to me and held me for the longest time that I felt the world stop and felt him take hold and I wasn’t about to let it go either. I looked at him and I kissed him because I knew this would make for a great story one day. An Irish princess and an English prince kissing in space, sounded like some cheap romance novel I laughed at the thought as it crossed my mind.

We didn’t have that much longer to wait before we were to be there and I was more than ready to get this trip over with. As we kept going I saw particles flying through space that I pretty much couldn’t identify much of it and I wondered where all this could be coming from.

I hope that if there was any life there that I could find that General and ask him why he didn’t warn anyone? why they wanted us all to die and not help others. This was not how things were supposed to go. I saw more and more debris and it was getting more frequent as well. Were they littering? that couldn’t be possible but up in space I guess you would never know.

We were finally coming upon a planet in the distance. It looked like a burnt planet and the shuttle kept flying towards it. What happened to it? I wondered to myself.

“what do you think that is?” Jack asked me.

“i don’t know to be honest.” I replied to the best of my knowledge.

My worst possible fears were coming to life. We found Apollo and it was gone. That explained all the particles floating through the air. It was the planet that the government went to just to escape the asteroid and it looked like their mission failed them. Was the asteroid lined up with this planet as well and the government didn’t know?

“this is impossible.” I said aloud

“no it’s possible but why?” Jack replied. We stopped the shuttle from the mission and decided we no longer needed to continue and I went ahead and set our coordinates to take us back to home. I couldn’t believe this happened. The asteroid was in the direct path of both planets and Apollo got hit first which knocked the asteroid out of place and actually spared the Earth from being completely destroyed. For this I was grateful that this was the end result but also sad that these people who lost their lives. We gave a moment of silence and it was time to head back because there was nothing let to be done.

The trip seemed to take less time to get back and we could see Earth coming back into view. I was more than thankful to be heading back and to help restore what was left of Earth because we knew now that was left to do. I will be going back to Ireland once we return unless i deicde to sleep for a week which was possible.

“what do you want to do when we get back to Earth?” I asked Jack

“go wherever you go.” he told me as he took my hand.

“then come back to Ireland with me and my family.” I told him

“you can count on it.” he replied and with that we sat in silence as we started to make our way back into the gravitational pull. The shuttle started to shake as we kept descending back to Earth. We were falling back way too fast I felt. we could see the tip of the shuttle getting red with heat the faster we came in and I knew it wasn’t long now. we could see oceans and land and I started to panic wondering if it was going to take us back to where left until I could see the autopilot start to map itself and then I was sure we were headed back to mum and dad and for this I was glad. I didn’t have a plan for what we do if we got back and we would have no way to get us back to area 51.

It was steadily flying now as we had made it back and landing wouldn’t be much longer now.we started approaching more desert areas and other places. I wondered where we would be landing but I let those thoughts leave as I noticed we might have issues with the booster again.

“Jack the booster is going out again.” I told him

“well it’s not like you can get out and fix it now, do you think we’ll make it back?” he asked

“we should but we might need to make an emergency landing so that we don’t die.” I replied

It was rough now and I hoped we got remotely close to my folks so I could land this thing.

“shit! autopilot is now down” I said in a worried tone.

I soon took hold and started to fly us as far as I could to our destination. I knew I didn’t have long left before I had to land regardless of where we were. I saw a good bit of road ai saw a van near by and I think it was my folks and I just decided it was time and started to guide us down.

“hold on this may hurt.” I told Jack and he nodded as a way to say he was ready. Steady I kept telling myself and I felt the spirit of grandpa in the back of my mind guiding my hands to help me land. I knew I could do this but it was scary but I remained strong. It was time and slowly I got us back on the ground. I saw the van of my parents racing towards us as we got out of the shuttle and out of these awful suits,

Jack took me into a hug and wouldn’t let go and kissed me as if his life depended on it and this was the best kiss. It was a lost in the moment feeling. We were safe and alive and we will rebuild our lives with this closure.

Mum and dad were out of the car in a heartbeat and hugging us both.

“what happened up there?” dad asked.

I told them the entire story as we made our way back to camp dad set up and I was ready for this part of life. We all got what we were looking for. I told them Jack and I wanted to go to Ireland so we all could start over and find the people of our kingdom and mum and dad agreed to it.

It was then I realized I was meant to find Jack and save us all from just surviving but to live. And we did.

Life will never be the same after today. The world will restore itself with time and some things will stay as they are. When we need the areas we will clean them up and make them livable again. I knew it will change more and more as I got older as I am still pretty young. I wondered how life will turn out when I am as old as mum and dad. We had alot to learn about what we were to do next. I knew I had a plan and I hope that we can restore our homelands and make life as it used to be. Or as close as it could have been anyways,

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