Legacy of Disaster

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Chapter 8

A year had passed since the incident in space and area 51 had occurred. My family is now back in Ireland and most of our people were actually safe from the impact. My mums parents were still alive and I got to meet them for the first time. It was a nice feeling and mum, grandma and I discovered that I looked like grandma which was cool.

Jack and I were officially a couple and he is pretty much a part of this family now. Life is great as we keep progressing to restore Earth. This was our planet and we won’t let it get run over. We have to keep us alive and I would fight hard to do that.

Last I heard America was slowly getting back to normal, they even had a leader again and he was honest as far as anyone knew because the people were tired of being lied to. We were happy to make it home and to help our people. They held on strong without us but they were still loyal to us upon return. I am finally making some kind of friends and we even held a royal ball after a little while to raise the hopes of those around the world and to show that even when disaster strikes that you should always find time to enjoy life and to have fun with it. It was perhaps one of my favorite evenings and to actually attend as a princess from some fairy tale because I often forget that I am one.

The night of the ball when Jack and I were dancing with everyone else, he stopped suddenly to surprise me with the gift of a marriage proposal. After I accepted I found out through mum he had asked for my hand long after we got back from space and dad was so proud to see him go through with it. The future is always unpredictable and tonight was a good example. I guess I shall see where the next chapter in life take me.

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