Trial of the Jackals

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Dani here: Join my friends and I for the ride of a lifetime as I venture across the world trying to find who I am supposed to be, but remember. Running from a God is harder than you think. What would you do if someone told you that you were a long lost princess of Ancient Egypt that has been reincarnated throughout the centuries, but has never survived? Tell them they should hop on the nearest blue bus and hit the loony bin right? Thats what Danielle Thompson wish she could have done when given the opportunity. Instead she is on the journey of a lifetime with a talking dog and a stranger that doesn’t seem so unfamiliar. Racing for her life and trying to regain what she has lost. Join Dani as she finds out who she is meant to be, where her heart lies, and what she is to become in this daring trilogy across the past and present. But first, can she surpass the Trial of the Jackals?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter I: The Beginning

Walking across the dark sand, my golden sandals seem to repel the sand from entering between the cracks. The white, satin dress that clads my body moves gracefully with my movements, my lightly tanned skin on show. Long, dark brown curly locks flowing down my back, moving slightly with the slight breeze. The breeze warm as it seems to envelope my skin.

Looking around the area I have become very familiar with in my vivid dreams, I smile. The dark sky filled with millions upon millions of stars, more than I have ever seen in my lifetime. The river close by moving steadily, its dark green waves hiding whatever is below.

Ever since my sixteenth birthday my dreams suddenly started bringing me here, not every night, but at least once a week. At first I was totally lost and would wander around carelessly, finding myself even more lost then I was in the beginning.

But one day a small coyote appeared to me, but for some odd reason it didn’t look like a coyote. It was like a coyote, but smaller like a fox. I think I read about them somewhere in my high school studies, but could not pinpoint the name at the time. Later on, I discovered that they are called Jackals.

But anyways, the jackal started nudging me towards a specific direction, leading me through miles and miles of nothing, just sand that magically never entered my open sandals and the river that called for me to touch it, but looking at it told me that touching it something very bad would happen.

Eventually the flat sand started turning into more of an uphill trek until finally we came to this giant cement door, that had pictures carved into it everywhere, lined with gold. Upon arriving the jackal motioned his head for me to touch the intricate ankh positioned in the center of the door.

That is where I found myself now, almost four years later, the same outfit as usual. Touching the ankh, it begins to glow a golden color, before pushing itself into the cement making the door pull up into an unknown place.

The entryway reveals the usual soft golden glow that reflects off the walls from the lit torches that lines the small hallway that leads to the grand two doors lined with gold and covered in intricate designs that tell the story of the gods. The story of how they came to be.

A long, long time ago, all that existed was the Waters of Chaos, better known as Nu, when one day, a pyramid-shaped mound arose out of the water, in which it was called ben-ben. The sun god Ra arose out of this mound, becoming the first god to existence.

Upon arriving, Ra then continued to spit out Tefnut, the Goddess of Moisture, and sneeze out Shu, the God of the Air. I know, super gross. Many other gods arose out of this water over times well, Hathor, Goddess of Love and Thoth, God of Knowledge for instance.

Shu and Tefnut, gave birth to the world we know today, Geb, the Earth god in which we walk upon, and Nut, the sky that mankind look upon every day.

Geb and Nut were always destined to be apart, the love they shared brought forth the four gods, Osiris, Isis, Nepthys, and Set. But in order for mankind to come to be on Earth, Ra sent his son Shu to separate Geb and Nut, and become the air between.

The only places the two lovers were ever able to touch being there toes and their fingers, forever destined to be apart. But their separation gave birth to the life that we know today.

When I first arrived I had no idea what any of the hieroglyphs and pictures said on the intricate door, until I met them. I met them all. Sure I don’t believe I actually “met” them, I believe my imagination is just very vivid due to my interest in old mythology.

None of this could even possibly be real, if I told anybody about this, especially my parents, they would be sending me to the psych ward before I could even say hieroglyph.

Opening the intricate doors, I smile as all of the gods turn to look towards me. Osiris sitting at his throne, green and handsome as ever, holding the crook and flail in his lap, legs slightly wrapped in mummy wrappings making it impossible for him to stand.

Isis, in all of her beauty, stands beside him, her beautifully intricate golden wings relaxed behind her back, a smile gracing her full pink lips, as her dark hair sits flat against her pale complexion.

Hathor, Goddess of Love stands off to the side talking to Horus. The sun disk headdress Uraeus, upon her head, set between two cow horns. Her facial expression soft as she looks up to smile towards me, a smile that could make any man, female, or beast do her bidding.

Horus, her beloved, with the head of a hawk, but the body of a man, wearing the pschent. Which is actually just a red and white crown which symbolizes his kingship over the entire kingdom of Egypt.

Nephthys, Isis’ sister, sits off to the side, her crown upon her head showing the hieroglyph that represents her house, beautiful just like her sister. She never usually talks to me, as she is almost never present when I arrive. But always steal glances towards me as she focuses on whatever is in her hands at the time.

But my personal favorite is not present, like usual when I first arrive. When the jackal first brought me here, I was scared out of my mind, these god like beings were nothing like I ever saw before. It was like something you would see on a movie, a horror movie to be exact. Seeing a mans body with a falcon for a head was like walking into the the Pyramid horror movie where the creature rips out your heart to weigh it on a scale.

Yea I know, super scary, I covered my eyes and screamed like a little baby through the entire movie.

But anyway, my favorite god would be Anubis. The God of the Underworld, with the body of a human, but the head of a black jackal, but not like furry like the one that brought me here, more smooth and kind of scary looking. But the aura that comes off of him is what draws me to him. It reminds me of something, something I have never been able to place.

Yea I know, a weird god to have as a favorite, you would think like Isis or even Hathor, being both young, kind, and beautiful. No, I like the god of death, where it seems that wherever he goes, death goes.

“Danielle, how nice it is to see you, its been a while.” Isis speaks up, shaking me out of my thoughts. Leaving her husbands side, I meet her half way up the stairs to his throne, stepping into her familiar embrace. Her wings brushing my bare skin, the gold tipped feathers soft as goosebumps arise to meet them across my upper arms.

“It is nice to see you as well, and yes it’s been almost two weeks, which is odd, because I usually visit once a week,” I reply smiling up to the seven foot god, did I mention they are all at least seven foot? Anubis being almost seven foot five. Isis straightens up, towering over my petite, five foot five stature.

“Yes my dear, we have noticed, it appears there is something coming to pass and we have not had the time to socialize in a few weeks.” Osiris says from his throne gesturing for me to go to him. Isis takes my hand in hers, as we climb the stairs, his skin seems to grow even greener as I approach, the slight smell of death prominent.

His Atef crown upon his head, the ostrich feathers up the sides of the crown, and beard as long and black as ever growing more distinct with proximity.

Letting go of Isis, I lean in for a hug, wrapping my arms around Osiris, for being dead he sure doesn’t feel like it. “Do you know what is coming?” I ask as I pull away, seeing Isis has repositioned herself beside her beloved husband.

“That is something we cannot tell you at this time or even discuss. We are only pawns in the upcoming battle, just going along with the universes plan.” Horus says from behind me, at the bottom of the stairs, offering me his hand to descend.

Leaving Osiris’ side, I descend the stairs, watching the transition I know so well. His falcon head becoming blurry, before refocusing into his handsome face, his clear blue eyes focusing onto my small form. The soft brown hair hanging down, lying on his neck, body muscular as ever, only wearing the usually white skirt, known better as the shendyt.

Placing my hand in his, I walk down the stairs and into the arms of Hathor, who gives me another brilliant smile. “Welcome home Danielle, oh how I missed my favorite visitor.”

“I missed all of you too, I always look forward to visiting, even though I have no control over any of it.” I reply as she holds me at arms length. “Where is-“

“Anubis? He will be here shortly, he had something come up as usual, you know how he is, busy, busy, busy.” We laugh together as her bare neck catches my eye. She told me during one of my visits, her precious menat used to lie there, a beautiful turquoise necklace, that she long gave away to someone special to her.

After arriving for the first time, the gods were all really nice and welcomed me with open arms even though I thought I was going mad and was scared for my own sanity.

We would sit for hours and each would tell me vast stories about ancient Egypt and all there was to know about it. My favorite story being of Anubis, before becoming the God of the Dead falling in love with a simple servant girl who was working at the palace. It was just so romantic.

“Look who’s here, my favorite girl.” a deep voice says from the doors I previously entered through. Hathor moves out of the way, allowing me view of the God of the Dead. The dark sand around him disappearing back into the ground. His usual jackal head gone, replaced with high cheekbones, eyes as dark as the night sky, with a strong jaw. His hair short on top of his head, pure black with a slight curl to it.

“Anubis! I missed you oh so much” I say as his arms encircle me, making me feel safe and warm. A feeling that I crave while I am awake.

“I missed you too my dear, but we do not have much longer, you know how it is. You will awake soon enough, it is almost day break. But I need you to understand something, the others may have said something about something coming to pass. You are apart of this, and I need you to be strong and accepting of the things you will learn in the next coming days. Do you understand?”

Nodding my head confused I look around at the others, smiles across their faces as the world begins to fade. Looking back at Anubis, “We will all see you again soon, do not be afraid, everything will turn out correctly.” The world is almost back to black as he speaks his last words, “You will be great, Dendera.”

Snapping my eyes open, the morning sun just peaking out over the trees. Ra, the sun god starting his daily journey across the sky. A fresh dew across our freshly cut lawn, the sky as beautiful as ever.

Sitting there, looking out my bay window, only one thought swirls through my mind. “Who the heck is Dendera?”

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