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The fight was over quickly. Raynar ended up pinned on his back with both swords crossed against his neck, poised to kill. The lady’s breath was even and she was barely sweating. “‘Tis much more fun when our Fathers meet and leave us out of their discussions,” sighed Baldric. “It would probably be more enjoyable to sit in and cause such a ruckus that our fathers’ faces would turn hotter than dragon flames.” The two boys shared another laugh as their training instructor came over with her hands crossed behind her back. Her deep brown eyes were narrowed, and her tan training tunic made her light brown skin appear lustrous, like a living shadow. “The two of you are louder than a crash of rhinoceroses rambling through a forest,” she chastised. “How can you hope to best one another when your moves are as slow as a slug?” She grabbed a short sword from the rack on the outside of the training pit, spinning it expertly. “Get off of your lazy arses and fight like real men.”

Adventure / Action
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Hi everyone!

I know, I haven’t updated in a loooonnnngggggggggg time. I get it, I’m sorry.

I will be setting up a schedule for updating my books and will soon be updating frequently and regularly.

That being said, I will be revising all of my works. I am unsatisfied with my imagery and character development.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you to all my lovely readers!

- Lizzy Beth

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