Hardloop Die Dood Geeste Kom: Run The Death Spirits Come Book Two Baba Yaga's Hut

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Baba Yaga's dancing hut...... The witch herself, she is a woman of many mysterious tales...... The hut, an empowered influence of nature's magic that plays havoc with the mind's senses..... On the run from hostile natives for atrocities of the hunt, The Khans have sought the refuge of the legendary witch Baba Yaga..... What they find within the grove will be more deadly than any native to be encountered in the wilds of the African Savannas and jungles...... And then, there is the witch......

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Chapter 1: The Grove

Night has now quickly fallen within The Grove.

Mandawa, with no other choice of refuge for the Khan family; has guided the group into the high branches of one of the oldest of Kapok Trees the family has ever laid eyes upon.

The trunk of the tree alone, it was four times larger than the size of telephone utility poles and about two times higher.

“.....Fear not hunter man..... many spirits of this would, and they shall watch over us as we sleep....′

Thomas Khan shook his head on the notion. The man, he was not overly convinced in any way that up within a tree in Africa is ever safe; but he was too tired to argue.

His family too, they listened to their guide. as yet, he has not led them wrong.

“..... The Hut of Baba Yaga, it lies one day’s journey; within the heart of The Grove.....”

“..... The dangers of this wood, anything we need to be aware of?” Thomas khan asked Mandawa as he stretched out upon one of the largest of the tree’s cross branches.

“..... Occasionally big cats and snakes find there way within, but this is of rare frequented visitation..... The real threat hunter man is Black Rhinos and spiders.....”

Thomas Khan now looked over the tree they were in once again.

“..... Spiders? How big are these spiders?”

“..... The species Nephila Jurassica..... It has been said still inhabits this grove, and they can grow larger than six inches of body..... With twelve inch legs....."

Thoughts of spiders the size of spiders larger than the size of his foot, these were not all that comforting to the man. Mandawa smiled on his silence.

"..... Have no fear Thomas..... These spiders, they are extinct; and they grow larger with every told to our children....."

Thomas Khan settled back to rest. the man deciding that he was going to make it his necessity to be a watchman for the safety of his family in the dark. His family, they were already fast to sleep.

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