My Fake Boyfriend

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Life Of Zach and Liiza (Why Don't We story) Liiza and Zach have been best friends since they were babies and their best friend Rilee. Their parents know each other a lot and they are neighbours. After school resumes, there are three new guys that joined. Corbyn, Jack, and Daniel. They all meet together with Zach in the same class and became friends. But...... the three of them have girlfriends, and Zach doesn't. So...... What did he do? He asked Liiza to be his fake girlfriend. Now that he lied, they decided to have a date. All the boys with their Girlfriends but what about Rilee? Zach is going with Liiza and Liiza's doesn't even know anyone so she also lied that Rilee had a boyfriend. So they brought in their old friend Jonah. They broke tiles with him when he deceived them. Now what are they gonna do when everyone finds out that they are faking What happens, when Liiza starts falling for Zach and Rilee, starts falling for Zach?

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Chapter 1: One Dance

My Fake Boyfriend

Its Sunday night and we all know what that means.

Holidays are gone. Back to school.

I sit on my bed watching Netflix and stuffing Popcorns in my mouth. I hate sleeping early which is why I watch Netflix till I sleep. My mom always tells me to sleep early but I never listen which is why I suffer every morning.

I was laying on my stomach and watching Enchanted. I watch this movie like a hundred times but I have never got tired of watching it.

I stare at the TV and my eyes started closing slowly till darkness finally drowned me.

I woke up while my alarm was singing One Dance By Drake.

I groan and got out of bed and went to the washroom. After removing my clothes, I got into the bath.

A few minutes later I got out and wore my clothes. I was wearing a t-shirt with V-neck and high waist skinny jeans, then I wore a blue scarf around my neck and a blue heel.

I went down the stairs where my breakfast is already prepared and my mom was cleaning up in the Kitchen.

“Good Morning Mom,” I said walking down the stairs and waving at her.

“Morning Dear. Come and eat your food before it gets cold. You don’t wanna be late to school on your first day do you” she said.

I finish eating my eggs with bread when the doorbell rings and I ran and opened the door. It was Zach.

“Bye Mom” I shouted walking out the door.

“Hey Cupcake, you ready?” I asked him.

“No, I’m not ready. I just came here so I will waste my time” he replied sarcastically, giving me the dah face while I just roll my eyes and walk out.

“Bye Mrs. Starr” Zach shouted and closed the door.

Zach had light brown eyes with brown hair. He was also one of the hottest and richest guys in school. Unlike the other boys, Zach was not a player. He preferred to respect girls and not play with them.

He is wearing a wearing a white polo T-Shirt with a blue jean.

I got into Zach BMW and sat in the passenger’s seat. In case you forget I did mention that Zach is one of the hottest and rich guys in the school so yeah he does have a BMW.

“Hey Willy” I greeted his driver.

“He Liiza, how are you?” He asked.

“I’m good” I grinned and he started the car.

His real name is William but I call him Willy in short. He is in his early 40s. Honest and amazing. He has been working for Zach’s family for over 10 years.

“Soooo.... Baby Girl How are you today?” Zach asked.

“I’m good what about you?” I asked.

“I’m good too, thanks. You look good today” he said and winked.

“Thanks...” I replied dryly.

I’m used to his praises. Sometimes they are just to tease me and sometimes he really means it.

“Even though you’re getting fatter and fatter,” he said grinning making me roll my eyes.

I saw that coming

“Keep rolling your eyes, you might find a brain back there” He snorted and so did William.

“Stop!” I smacked him on the arm with a slight smile on my face.

“Fine sorry” He chuckled.

Must be wondering why he calls me Baby Girl but it’s kinda like that since we were small, we call each other different names,

For example, he can call me: Cupcake, Baby Girl, Cookie, sweetheart, or anything else that comes in mind.

But one thing for sure is that he calls me Liiza or Liz, when he’s hiding something, angry, or nervous.

Zach and I have known each other for 16 years now, so basically you might have figured it by now that we have been friends since we were born.

We grew up together and our parents have been best friends since High school and we are now neighbors. We hang out with each other every day and help each other with home works and other things.

Zach is also that type of annoying friends. You know the ones you bath with when you were a baby, yup that type. He annoys me every day but he is also very overprotective and if anyone ever hurts me then I guess that person has to wake up In the hospital.

It was a short ride to school and after we reach, I got out of the car and went straight to my locker to get my books.

A while later after getting the books I need, I close my locker and then I saw Rilee walking towards me.

“Hey, Riles” I said waving at her.

“Hey, gurl. How’s life?” She asked

Rilee is a blonde with naturally pink lips. She has grey eyes. She is very light in color with a wavy waistline. We have known each other for 5 years now. Today she’s wearing a yellow crop top with white jeans.

“Oh yeah. Life, it sucks” I said rolling my eyes.

“Oh trust me, it does,” she grinned.

“Hey girls.” Said Zach walking towards us with some unknown boys.

Zach kissed me on the forehead as he always does since we were young. He had always treated me like his sister.

“So this must be your precious GirlFriend if I’m not wrong,” said one of the guy to Zach.

“Eh...I’m sorry bu-” I started when got caught off by Zach.

“Liz this are my new friends,” Said Zach.

“Hi, I’m Jack.” Said one of the boys

“I’m Corbyn. Must have heard of me already” he said smirking.

“And finally I’m Daniel”

I said hi to each one of them with a soothing smile and shook their hands.

“So.... About what you sai-” I once again got cut off by Zach.

“Liz if you don’t mind, I can I speak to you.....Alone?” Zach asked

“Eh....sure,” I said walking to a corner with Zach.

“Zach, what’s going on?” I asked folding my arms across my chest and narrowing my eyes at him.

“Liz I.....I need your help” he asked rubbing the back of his head.


Yeah, this guy is up to something,

And, he called me Liz so he is up to something.

“You got a minute to spill it” I said looking at his shining light brown eyes.

There just so cute. I can’t resist them.

He got down on his knees. My eyes wide open and my jaws dropped.

“Z-Zach you don-” I got cut off by him.

“Shut up stupid. It’s not what you think” he chuckled.

He put his hands together and pleaded looking into my eyes

“Liz I have known you since we were born and I have always treated you like my sister. I protected you and saved you from all trouble and never asked you for anything till now. Liz will you please fake to be my Girl Friend in front of my friends till I find one then I will tell them that we broke up........ Pleeeeeease” he blabbered.

I just stood there frozen, not saying a word.

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