House of Stone

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Typhon & Blake enter the forbidden forest with dreams of seeing The King's Tournament. They are soon tangle up in a secret someone will kill for. Centuries ago, all 8 realms were ruled by a single king. The throne, however, was not inherited by the firstborn. The Kings’ children had to prove themselves worthy, and they did this by each governing a different realm. The most prosperous ruler would inherit the throne. King Serafous was kind and wise, but his children were proud and greedy. They excelled at their tasks, each realm prospering in its given field, making the king's choice impossible. When it came time for the king to choose he announced his decision was unresolved and he was postponing the crowning. Furious, the realms started fighting amongst each other and war broke out. Fearing that naming a successor would doom the kingdom, the king declared a tournament would be held, and the winner would rule over all the lands. Only the runner-up would be excluded from the winner’s rule. Every four years the rulers of the realms compete in five challenges for the throne. Centuries later, Typhon and Blake hope to become official assistants who will accompany The House of Stone to the King's Tournament. A day before the officials arrive, everything changes by a chance encounter in a forest they are not supposed to be in

Adventure / Fantasy
Stefan Schoeman
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Though it is still dark when the man wakes, he was not supposed to fall asleep.
He could have dozed for a few minutes or a few hours, an unknown variable that may cost him his life. He inhales through his nose, dreading the scent of dawn. The sun will soon split the skyline into red and gold, and on this day, darkness is an ally.
He packs with haste and peers out of his tent.
A trained killer unfamiliar with fear, he makes an uncharacteristic mistake that will change the lives of everyone in his kingdom, and that of a boy he has never met.

His footfalls make no sound, but that does not comfort him.
His pursuers will be silent as well.

His tension eases as the morning wears on, and after an hour he is sure that he can take a break to check his inventory and sooth his dry throat. He squats against a tree large enough to hide his frame and opens his leather bag.

It is not comfort that makes him miss the inconspicuous snap in the distance, nor the feeling of security that makes him ignore the shadow that appears for only a second.
It is what he finds at the bottom of his sack that distracts him, letting his finely tuned senses slip. Apprehensively, he pulls out the familiar sphere that he meant to leave behind.
A whisper from the distance pulls him back and by luck, or an unlikely miss, an arrow shoots past his ear and hits the tree across from him. He does not need to look to know who shot it.
He will only be this lucky once.
His luck has run out too soon.

On his feet again, he is alert of everything that he missed seconds before.
Damn it! He screams internally, clutching the flat sphere in his fist.
Any move now, no matter how small, must be calculated or it could be his last.
He listens to the wind, the earth, the trees.
He focuses his eyes.
Takes a breath.
And runs.

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