The Assassin Queen

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She was the strongest and most fearless woman he had ever met. She was courageous in all ways. She was a goddess that walked among men. Loved and feared by so many people.

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Chapter One

At the beginning of time, there were four women and four men. Each woman and man had a symbol or a mark, signify that the other was their soul mates. Each couple then went out and established land to make a Kingdom for themselves.

The Lights, Jackson, and Carrie found fertile land to build their kingdom. They had fifteen kids together, one after the other. Each of their kids took lands from their parents; lands that their parents had set aside to grow the Light name. Blake was one of the youngest but always felt as if he didn’t fit in. When it was his turn to leave the kingdom and start his own; he fell in love with someone who was not his mate.

When he found his mate, Blake didn’t want her. His soulmate was so crushed that she cried out to the moon goddess for help. The moon goddess heard her and decided to punish Blake Light. She cursed all of the people who lived in the Blake’s Kingdom which was called the Black Light Kingdom, especially his family line.

She was the strongest and most fearless woman he had ever met. She was courageous in all ways. She was a goddess that walked among men. Loved and feared by so many people. She was smart and caring, especially to those who truly knew her.

However, she has done some fucked up things. She was brought up to be a killer and that is what she did. She was feared by many. People would shut their door or look away when she walked through the kingdom. She never failed her king, because if she did, she could not live with herself. The kingdom depended on her success.

At the young age of five, her parents were killed in the great war that only damaged the kingdom. They were the Black Light Kingdoms’ greatest warriors. They were so strong but yet so terrified to leave their baby girl behind. Luckily, the king and queen had made an agreement with the fearless warriors. When the king and queen heard of the death of the great warriors, they carefully broke the news to her. Emotions that she didn’t have the words for came over her like nothing she had ever felt. She was scared, lonely, and most of all hated the king and queen for sending her parents away. She wished she could have done something to help them, but she was far too young.

King Ashton was a great king and knew just what he had to do. He talked with Queen Isabella, and both agreed. The night that changed her life, the king went into the girl’s bedchambers. The King found the girl hugging her doll. Charlotte’s favorite doll that looked like her mother.

“Charlotte, I think we need to talk.” The King stated sitting on the bed. Nothing. The little girl sat there, tears in her eyes and looked away from the King.

“Charlotte, what do you want to be when you grow up?” He asked getting off the bed. Again nothing from the little girl. He scanned the room and noticed an uneaten tray of food. He sighed knowing the girl’s pain, for he had felt it too; the loss of parents at a young age.

“You know Charlotte, I lost my parents at the age of eleven.” The girl looked at him, egging him on; hoping to feel some companionship. “They were murdered, by the Dream Light Kingdoms Left.” Waves of emotion began to overcome him. He closed his eyes and composed himself. “I was forced to be king at such a young age, but I managed and had help. The emotions you are feeling, the hurt in your heart, you are not alone. I know how to help you but you need to talk to me.”

The young girl looked at her doll and set it aside. She scooted down to the edge of the bed. She straightened her back and looked at the king. She wanted to say something but words were not her friend at the time. The king looked back at the girl noticed she had changed her posture. She looked strong even at her age. She looked like she could be something. She could change the course of the kingdom.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” He asked her sitting next to her. He fiddled with a ring on his finger. She looked up at him and smiled.

“A princess!” She informed the king. He chuckled a hearty laugh. He placed a hand on her hair a smoothed out her hair.

“What if you could be something more than a princess? Something more powerful?” He asked cocking an eyebrow.

“Anything to help the kingdom.” The young girl had heard her mother say that time after time. Always putting the kingdom first, well after their beloved daughter.

“What if you were trained to be Left?” He asked. Confusion flooded her face. He smiled and answered her unasked question. “You would be my son’s Left. You would help him make the Kingdom successful. You would know the secrets and tradition of the kingdom better than the King himself.” She smiled at him.

“Would my mother and father want me to do that?” The king thought for a second, remembering the conversation the parents had discussed with the rulers.

“Yes,” he lied. The kingdom needed something unique and different. Something different than anyone had ever seen.

“Then okay.” The King took her hand and lead her out of the room.

King Ashton had a soft spot for this girl and was thinking about his son, Nicholas. How she could be the perfect woman for Nicholas. She would kill for Nicholas. She would die for him if it came to it. So the king and his wicked thoughts decided the fate of the girl off of a lie. He promised her that her parents would have wanted her to do this.

The next day the girl was sent off to the Academy. The school was created for the future Rights and Lefts for every Light Kingdom. It was horrible for her. She was the only girl and she lived alone. She had to endure the torture from her classmates, alone. She sat by herself at lunch, bullied every day, and cried herself to sleep every night. She spent five years going to school all year round, getting the best education in the land.

Left’s, as she was told, was the king’s killers. They made sure the king’s agenda was made aware of and pushed through. Left’s made sure the king was happy by collecting outstanding debts in the most extreme ways.

After five years of school, she was sent away to the LSA. It stood for Left School and Academy. They were trained at the Left School on tactics to be smart in doing the horrible act to come. However, the Left Academy was where they were educated on their skills. They were trained by some of the first people in all of the kingdoms.

Charlotte was pushed for years. She loathed the pain at first but soon felt numb towards everything. She became the best in the class. The boys would try to bully her and push her around, but that soon stopped.

On one fateful day, she was fed up with the mistreatment. She was pissed at the boy who had taken her clothes while she was showering. After minutes of thinking, she scampered back into her dorm and threw on other clothes. Her long black hair was tied up in a ponytail. She was still damp when she entered the café. All the boys began to snicker at her. She walked up to the culprit who had her clothes by his side. She demanded that they were given back.

“No way, bitch.” The boy stood up and hovered over her. She was used to vulgar words being thrown her way. A wave of anger came over her. For once she decided it was enough. She swiftly swung her leg in the direction of his manhood. He crumbled to his knees and wailed out in pain. She proceeds to punch him until he was unconscious. One of his friends tried to stop her but was unsuccessful. She knocked him out with one swift blow towards the nose. A few others tried but again were unsuccessful.

Suddenly the sound of clapping filled the room. She turned to face her king. She knelt immediately and put her head down.

“Stand, my child.” His voice was so smooth. She did as was instructed. He motioned her forward. They walked halls of the academy. He asked her question about her training. She properly responded to each of the questions, giving him adequate information.

“My child, you are coming home. Your training is done here.” They continued chatting before she was dismissed. The next stage of training was going to happen at home.

For the next three years, she was trained by Richard; King Ashton’s left. She was taught all of the kingdom’s secrets and dearest traditions regarding the position. She soon got the hang of the job. She and the next king became close friends. Prince Nicholas was an interesting man. He listened intently to his father in all of his meetings but always talked about how he would change things to Charlotte. The future King seemed flippant. She grew weary of him; although she kept her thoughts to herself.

At the age of fifteen, she found herself witnessing the king’s death. King Ashton, Prince Nicholas, current Left Richard, and Black Light as she liked to be called; found themselves on a mission. Both the king and prince had requested to go minus Richards and her warnings not to.

There had been some nobles starting to rebel against the royal family. Despite the fact that the Royals had a massive army, King Ashton had wanted us to do it. They arrived at the destination around ten o’clock at night. Both Richard and her were dressed in our normal outfits. She had placed each of her weapons in their designated spots. Charlotte took her favorite weapon out, two-sided sword. The royals dressed in all black with protective gear placed over their chests and backs.

“Charlotte, you take the lead.” She nodded at her instruction. She opened the door after a few seconds of fiddling with the lock. They walked into the house and found their target. He rested on his couch, most likely passed out from the opened bottle of whiskey. I placed the cool tip of my sword under his chin causing him to wake up in a sweat.

“Why do think it is okay to start a rebellion?” Charlotte asked loud enough for everyone to hear. “The Royal family has been nothing but kind to you and this is how you to decide to repay him. Sit up.” He did as she commanded. She kept her sword at his throat.

“You are making a grave mistake sweetheart.” The noble spat at her. Richard chuckled and egged Charlotte to go on.

“I don’ mistakes when it comes to the good of the kingdom.” She suddenly felt another heartbeat in the room. She scanned the room, the moonlight causing the room to glow, to find the King being held at gunpoint by another one of the nobles.

“You kill me; he kills the king.” She looked over at Richard to see him holding the Prince under his arm with a knife next to his throat.

“The kingdom will fall tonight, little one.” Richard spat at me. Her mind began to race. “Come with us and you will live.” She made eye contact with the King. Her heart dropped, he had helped her become who she was. She looked over at the prince, he looked scared out of his mind. She knew at that moment what she had to do.

“I will do no such thing.” As the words slipped out of her mouth, the sword plunged into the noble’s heart. Her free arm shot a quick bullet into Richards’ head, killing him instantly. A cry shattered the room. Her eyes darted to King to see a sword sliding into his chest. She quickly shot a bullet in the criminal’s head. She sprinted over to the Kings side. Both the prince and she knelt over the Kings weak body.

“You will do great, my son.” He mumbled. He reached his hand to his son’s face and caressed it gently. The King turned towards his beloved Charlotte.

“Protect him. I know you will be a force to be reckoned with.” He squeezed the new Left’s hand. He took one last breath and closed his eyes.

The new King wept for a few minutes. Charlotte closed her eyes and whispered a prayer for the late King. After mourning, Charlotte slid the ring off King Ashton’s finger. Both of them stood up. They stepped away from the dead body in the room. She knelt down and held the ring up to the new king. She bent her head out of respect for the King. He took the ring and slid it on to his right ring finger.

“I will serve you, my King,” The girl said. She placed her right hand over her heart. “To the success of the Kingdom.” She stood up and placed her hands behind her back.

The King’s face was white. He was scared. He wasn’t ready to be King. His father had so much to teach him. He glanced at his father’s dead body and sighed. He knew that it was his time to rule whether he wanted to or not. He had no choice. He closed his eyes and thought on ways to tell his mother and sister; nothing good was coming to his mind. Suddenly anger washed over him. He was mad at his left. How could she do such a thing? How could she allow his father to be killed?

“You.” Their eyes met. He raised his hand and slapped the woman in front of him. “It’s all your fault.” She kept her head down and her hands behind her back. She knew he was going to blame her.

“You’re father always told me that if it was between him and you; to pick you.” She spoke. King Nicholas huffed. He knew she was not lying.

“I must tell you something in confidence.” He stated. She nodded her head. “I don’t know what I am doing.” She looked up at him. She threw her arms over him, enveloping him in a hug. He wept on her shoulder for a few minutes.

“Now my King, it’s time to do your job. You have to be strong for the Kingdom. Leave the rest to me; this is what I am trained to do.” The young king nodded his head. She grabbed the phone in her pants pocket and dialed a number. She spoke quick and softly, informing the person on the other line of what happened.

They waited until the proper people arrived. Five men dressed in black and gold walked into the house and disposed of the traitor’s body. Five other men dressed in white and gold came for the late King’s body. They were to take it to the palace, underground so they women who dealt with dead bodies could take care of him.

A man wearing red and white walked into the house. He looked around assessing the damage.

“Please take care of the house. Clean it or do whatever.” Charlotte spoke. The man in red looked at her and scoffed.

“I don’t answer to your little girl.” She rolled her eyes and grabbed her sword, aiming it at his throat.

“You will if you want to keep your life.” The moonlight hit her right arm just right, causing the Left symbol to glow. He glanced down at the symbol and gulped audibly.

“I am so sorry,” he stepped away and started his work.

Nicholas watched in awe, his left was surely the strongest. He watched her walk out of the house and followed her lead. Once outside, he looked up at the stars. He thanked his father for all he had done.

Both of them were looking up at the sky. She was thanking her parents. Suddenly a shooting star went through the night sky. Both of them smiled. They looked at each other at the same time. She nodded at him, sliding into the car. Quickly they were off, back to the palace.

When they arrived at the palace, both accepted for it be in frenzy. People rushing around. People crying. But they found none of that. The palace was dimly lit. Guards stationed in their respective spots. They walked into the living quarters. The King went into his sister’s chambers and woke her up. The young princess had her arms wrapped around his neck, still half asleep. All three of them walked into the queen’s chambers.

“Mother, wake up please.” Nicholas gently shook her awake. She sat up rubbing her eyes. The princess went to her mother and sat on her lap. Nicholas sat on the far end of the bed. Charlotte stood by the doors, making sure no one could get in.

Nicholas gently broke the news. Both the queen and the princess cried. The queen’s heart ached. Queen Isabella looked at the Left seeing the sadness written across her face.

The princess was almost too young to understand. The princess got off of her mother lap and ran to Charlotte; who she considered her big sister. She jumped into her arms and cried in Charlotte’s shoulder. The Left whispered soft encouraging words to the princess.

“I must start preparing for his funeral.” The queen said wiping away her tears. Charlotte walked over to the queen.

“Don’t worry your highness. It’s my duty to take care of all of the arrangements.” The queen nodded her head.

“Everything will happen very quickly. He will be buried in two days and then three days later, Princes Nicholas will be crowned king.” Charlotte explained.

The next five days went exactly as planned. The funeral was elegant and regal. The queen held it together well. Charlotte stood by the mourning family, helping them get through their loss. The kingdom wore black for the two days. The queen spent most of her time alone in her room. The princess carried her favorite stuffed animal with her, a lion which her father had given her days before his passing.

Nicholas was crowned King three days later. The cathedral that was previously used to mourn the king’s death was now covered in red flowers. The place was decorated to the nines. The throne was stationed in the middle of the room. The room was covered with royals and the different colors of the Kingdom. Kings from all across the lands came to witness the coronation. The Kings brought different gifts, food, and women. Some of them brought their queens with them, others did not. People came from all around to watch.

Charlotte stood to the left of newly crowned King. His right-hand man, Brent, stood to his right. Brent was a strong and powerful man. He too has been chosen at a young age to be the King’s Right. They were supposed to work closely together with the King. However, Brent did not like Charlotte. He felt threatened by her. Brent saw the closeness between the King and Charlotte.

The coronation continued with a few minimal errors. Charlotte and Brent worked together to make sure the King and his family were having a good time. Charlotte walked around the palace ballroom, keeping a close eye on certain individuals that she grew weary of. She made small talk with others. Brent did the same. But he had to fight off the girls that were throwing themselves at him. Brent was a stunning man. Taller than the King. He had black hair that was always cut nicely. His eyes lured the women in; they were a warm brown color. Of course, he was built. He trained the guards as one of his many jobs. He worked out every day even when he didn’t want to because it was for the good of the kingdom. He was to help protect the King and the Royal family.

After the coronation ball, the King retired to his chambers with a few women on his arm. Hoping that maybe they would become his soul mate. That was unlikely most men and women in the Kings family line, never found their true soul mate. Nonetheless, each of the girls was giddy; hoping to get the chance to show the king their talent.

Charlotte rolled her eyes at the number of girls that threw themselves at both the King and his right. She walked away from the Kings new chambers, partially disgusted. There were other royals walking about the castle. She smiled and made small talk with a few. She found herself outside walking to her own chambers. She stopped to admire the stars. A few tears escaped from her eyes. She missed her parents, she missed the Late King who was a father to her. She felt another presence come up from behind her. She quickly pulled out a knife that she kept hidden and put the man behind her up against the railing with the knife to his throat.

“Who are you?” She looked at his face.

“King Trevor.” Once the word fell from his lips she let him go stepping back. She studied the beautiful man in front of her. There was definitely an age difference, but man was he stunning. She could tell he worked out on a daily basis, he was bigger and stronger than Nicholas. He had beautiful blue-green eyes and luscious dark brown hair.

“I am so sorry King.” She bent her head.

“I did not mean to frighten you.” She looked up at him. He gently placed his hand on her face. She felt something between the two of them. He stepped towards her, closing the space between them.

“Has anyone told you how beautiful you are?” He asked. He knew this girl was something special. He scanned her arm and did not see a mate mark. Her hair was long and black, with loose curls in it. She was a few inches shorter than him. She was lean and fit, definitely a woman to not be messed with.

“No, not in some time at least. I must get going. Busy day tomorrow.” She looked down at his arm. She noticed the most intricate tattoo she had ever seen. It was his soulmate mark, the color was silver; meaning he hadn’t found her yet. Gold meant, they were mated and together. Black meant that the other soulmate had died. She lightly ran her finger over. “I hope you find your soulmate, King Trevor.” She placed a soft kiss on his cheek and left him standing there. As she went to sleep that night, King Trevor was all she could think about.

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