The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Ten

Johnathan jumped into action seconds after people came through the ceiling. Men and women dressed in black came through the ceiling. Guards, who were in charge of protecting the royal family and other Royals, went into action. Trevor looked over at Charlotte and nodded his head. Aaron took Trevor, while Charlotte went to protect.

“Press the middle of your necklace!” She looked over at Thomas who yelled at her. She gave him a quizzical look but did as she was told.

As if out of a Marvel movie, her dress torn to shreds and she was encased in a suit. It was white and gold, fitting perfectly to her body. She looked at Thomas as his family was running away to safety. It was nothing like she had ever worn. She was a simple person and this suit was anything but. From her neck to her toes, a skin-tight suit encased her body. It was flexible, yet protective. Gold trimmings and designs were scattered on the suit.

“Thank you.” Was all she said before she was punched square in the face. Who ever did that was a dead person. She threw her arms down and blades came out of her suit like her sword sleeves.

Johnathan and Charlotte were tasked with diminishing the threats. The ran about the church knocking the tens of men that had dropped from the ceiling. She did her best to not kill any of them knowing that she needed answers.

Amidst Johnathan and Charlotte’s fight, guests were screaming and crying. Charlotte juggles between keeping the guests safe and fighting against the attackers. People flooded out of the doors trying to get away. Chaos overwhelmed the two. Luckily, Aaron had done his job and contacted the police and other higher member guards to come and help. The guards and police began escorting people away to safety. They also aided Charlotte and Johnathan by putting the intruders in handcuffs.

One man stood out amongst the crowd. His body and tattoos that he had mistakenly forgot to cover up, were all too familiar to Charlotte. He looked like an old friend from the LSA, Michael Gambeson. She walked over to the man and pinned him against the wall tearing his mask off.

“Hello Charlotte,” the man spat at her. This man was not a Left, but attended the school anyway to get the best training. He was a top tier assassin who she had worked closely with at the Black Light Kingdoms.

“What do you want? Why have you come here?” She seethed.

“Nicholas is not happy with the choices you have made.”

“Why should I give a shit about what he thinks?” Ryan and Johnathan walked up behind Char, ready to help her if needed. Michael chuckles something ugly. His eyes close back and wicked, evil grin spreads across his face.

“Because he has something that you want, more someone.”

“Who would that be? I know for a fact that he doesn’t have the right plans.”

“He has Trevor,” that was all he said before closing his eyes. His hand moved to his leg and pressed a button on his pants. He groaned as his life slipped from him.

“What the fuck?” Ryan says coming up to Charlotte. She dropped the hold she had on him and allowed the lifeless body to fall to the ground.

“He was sent here to take Trevor, which won’t happen. Aaron has him, he is safe.” She turned towards Ryan. “Please make sure that is true.” Ryan turned around and sprinted off to the Kings safe room. Johnathan took it upon himself to talk to give orders to the rest of the police and guards.

Minutes ticked by. Charlotte excused herself and walked to the Royal’s safe room. They were all there, heather furious at Charlotte. Daniel was comforting her, trying to calm her down.

“You.” Heather left Daniel’s warm embrace. “This is all your fault.” Heather came at Charlotte with such intensity. She began yelling things at Charlotte’s face. Charlotte breathed in a deep breath before pinning the woman against the wall.

“This is the last time I tell you. Do not talk to me that way again, or I will have you thrown in the dungeon or banned from the palace all together.” She let her go and walked over to Jeremy. She informed what was going on and that they were waiting to make sure Trevor is here and okay. The group of them move from the safe room to the offices, Charlotte thinking two-steps ahead; she was ready to go in to her warrior mode.

As they made it back to the office, Ryan came back breathless and Trevor-less. His face was pale and he looked sick. In his hand was a note. Charlotte,was written on the top. He handed it to her and went to sit down.

My dearest Charlotte,

You have had a mole in your group for the few days you’ve been there. I have been planning his capture for a few weeks now. Ever since I found out that you two were mates, I was going to get him. Come to my palace, in two days. Your life for his.


Tears streamed down her face, as thousands of questions ran through her head. Who took him? Aaron? No, she thought. It couldn’t be him.

“Where is Aaron?”

“Gone,” Ryan muttered. “That bastard.”

“What is going on, where is Trevor?” Daniel asked.

“Aaron, took him. Took him to Black Light for Nicholas. He’s gone.”

“No!” Heather yelled before collapsing in her husband’s arms.

“Travis, Roxy take the royals back to their house here. Make sure they are safe, I will send Colton and a few of the trusted guards to protect you.” Johnathan sated. He could see Charlotte shutting down. Johnathan took it upon himself to give instructions and protect the people around him. He sent Jeremy and Ryan out to help the crowds leave and the Royals who had flew in from across the world.

Charlotte sat in Trevor’s chair and continued to weep. Sarah had been sent out to gather the lords, that in this situation they were needed to help.

“I know you are upset and distraught, but I need you to be the badass Left that I know you are. Trevor would want that.” Johnathan encouraged. “I will leave you in here for you to collect yourself before you come out.” She nodded her head and he left.

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