The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Eleven

Johnathan came out and was greeted by the lords, seven of them to be exact. Each had parts of the Kingdom that they oversaw the success of. They sat down in the conference room that was connected to the office. All of them began discussing the plans to get him back and what to do. Charlotte’s team came into the room and sat in chairs that were aligned along the room. Colton and some trusted guards had made it to the Royals built in-house, to watch over them.

The doors opened and Sarah and Charlotte walked in. All of the lords rose to their feet and bowed down. She walked over took the King’s seat which caused a few to gasp.

“My queen, that is not your seat and should not be in here.” Lord Duke of the South West region spoke. He was old, sixty to be exact, with grey hairs and round belly.

“I am the Queen and currently in charge of the Kingdom at the moment.” Lorde Duke and two other men laughed.

“My queen, You are a woman. You should not be in here. You have no authority when it comes to this matter.” Charlotte rolled her eyes at his misogynistic views.

“Johnathan, please make sure this is the last time I have to say this to anyone.” The Right and Left made eye contact, and he understood her perfectly. She stood up and placed her hands on the table. “I am not just a Queen. I am Left. I have been trained for years to kill and destroy. I know who did this. I know how to do this. I will not tolerate your misogynistic views. If you don’t like me as your queen, you may leave with no hard feelings. If any of you are disrespectful to me or any of my staff again…” she chuckled evilly. “You will fill my wraith and it will not be pretty.” Lord Duke sat in his chair, looking at her up and down.

“That's cute sweetie, but when the King is missing the Lords take over. Not the Queen.” He challenged her.

“Jeremy, Travis.” She nodded her head in the direction of the lord. They jumped, stalked over to their prey, and pushed him up against the wall. Charlotte stood in front and placed her sword at his throat.

“Would you like to keep your life?” She whispered into his ear. His eyes went wide. He nodded his head. “Now let’s get to business.” The rest of the day they spent going over different strategies.

Trevor found himself in a cell, just like he found his mate. His wrists were tied together. Some sort of drug running through his system. He was aware of the surroundings and where he was, but he couldn’t remember how he got there.

He shut his eyes and retraced the events of hours before. He remembered Charlotte sitting on her throne to his left. He remembered the sound of glass breaking and dozens of people coming in through the roof of the church. From his right he could see Aaron jumping into action, protecting the King. They scurried off, with Trevor looking back at Charlotte, giving her some sort of permission and reassurance. His memory grew foggy at the point they left the church.

The cell door open and in walked a man that he recognized, Aaron.

“Thank God man, help me get out of these.” Trevor held his hands up to his friend.

“Sorry man no can do, I don’t work for you anymore.” At that moment, Brent and Nicholas walked in.

“How could you betray me?” Trevor asked, hurt.

“She killed my family,” he stated coldly. Aaron closed his eyes and allowed memories to wash over him.

He was twenty at the time when they died. He was working at the palace one night, helping Trevor with some work. He came home to find his parents two dead bodies on the floor. Both of their throats slit. He fell to his knees, weeping. His parents died for no reason, so he thought.

What brought him back was a deep, disturbing laugh. Aaron and Nicholas made eye contact. Nicholas had a wicked smile across his face.

“I remember why I sent her on that mission? Your parents did not like me as the new King so left. Your family was once very important to the Black Light Kingdom. When they left, I needed them killed. They knew too much.”

“You bastard.” Was all he said before a bullet was lodge in his head. Aaron’s lifeless body fell to the ground.

Brent hollered for a few men to come in and dispose of the body. Then, they dragged Trevor out into the torture room. He hung from the ceiling by chains, just like his soulmate had been in a few months ago.

“You know, Trevor, your soulmate was in those chains awhile. Especially after she lost my baby. I can’t believe that bitch, lost it. I can’t believe that a torn up woman like her, was matched with you.” Nicholas spat. “You know she created this room. I would watch her when she tortured her victims. She was so good at it. I got off on her torturing a few men. She always looked so hot doing her job.” Those words got a rise out Trevor.

“When I get my hands on you, you will wish for mercy. You are weak and small; you are nothing compared to me.”

“But who is chained up?” With those words, Brent started his torture on King Trevor.

Two days had passed, and Charlotte was ready to make the trade. She and her team were ready to fight if necessary. When they arrived at the Black Light Kingdom, it was early morning. Two black cars made their way to the palace, Johnathan driving one and Jeremy the other. Charlotte was honestly scared. She didn’t know what Nicholas had planned. Ryan and Travis were sent out to scout the area.

She had a few people on the inside, who met her and gave her information. Sarah, Roxy, and Katie went out on a different assignment; hoping to find where Trevor was located. Johnathan and Charlotte talked for a few minutes. Trying to decide their next move.

“We found him, and he does not look good,” Sarah said through the intercoms. “Charlotte you need to come to get him.” She left without a second thought. Johnathan was yelling at her to come back, and that it could be a trap. She didn’t care.

She found him in the same cell she was once in. He chained and beaten. Charlotte opened the cell door and rushed in. She wrapped her arms around him, placing a kiss on the top of his head.

“Charlotte, you need to leave. Nicholas is coming for you.” Trevor muttered out.

“I am not leaving you.” Charlotte heard footsteps coming down the hallway. She did her best to break the chains but failed. She felt a sting on her neck. She looked to her left to see Nicholas. Her eyelids felt heavy. She stood up and tried to fight off both of them but failed as the drugs that she had been shot with took over her body. Charlotte looked at Trevor who had tears streaming down his face.

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