The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Twelve

Charlotte’s eyes fluttered open as the cold water rushed over her. She scanned the area. She was tied, arms behind her back. They were in a field, Trevor next to her. He was in the same state as she continued to look around. It was just her and Trevor with the Black Light army, spies, and assassins surrounding them. fifty men and woman, along with Nicholas, Brent, and Queen Isabella… Charlotte’s mouth dropped.

“Queen Isabella,” Charlotte muttered out.

“Hello dear, glad to see you have found your soulmate.” The Queen said. “I can’t wait to see you suffer like I did when you allowed my husband to die.” Isabella walked over to Charlotte and slapped her across the face.

“I had to make a choice, and King Ashton wanted me to choose Nicholas’s life over his.” She cried out.

“I know. But he loved you more than anything else; even more than me sometimes. He became obsessed with seeing you succeed. He loved you more than my own daughter.” Charlotte remembers how often King Ashton would come and visit her. Almost every month, and they would go out to dinner and have a nice chat. She adored him, she saw him as a father.

“I loved him as a father, he helped me and care for me. I know it was you that caused the Great War. You caused my parents to die.” Charlotte spat.

“Yes, but that doesn’t matter. I was trying to make the kingdom more successful.”

“Mother,” Nicholas said stopping the cat fight. Isabella rolled her eyes and stepped back. “Charlotte, you lost my baby and will suffer for that.” He walked over to Trevor and placed a knife to his throat.

“Nicholas please, don’t.” Charlotte cried. “I will do anything. Anything. Please, Nicholas. Please,” she wailed out. “Anything.” She muttered out between tears. Brent and Nicholas shared a look. Nicholas began to debate.

“Do not trust her,” Brent seethed.

“Nicholas please, look at me. You can have me. I will do anything for you. You know that. I made that promise to your dad. Please.” She begged.

“If you trust her son, you are a fool.” So many voices began yelling at him. A headache started and he couldn’t think.

Nicholas’s mind was racing. He looked down to see Charlotte with a few tears falling down her face. All he wanted was her. He wanted to wake up with her by his side. He wanted her to have his kids. Then the emotions of when she lost the baby hit him. Rage came over him, he was so hurt by her and her action.

“Shut up!” He yelled out.

“Do it, kill him. Hurt her, like she hurt you.” His mother yelled out. The voices were too much for him to handle. So he did it. At the last moment, Trevor looked at Charlotte, wanting to remember her perfect face. The knife slid across his throat and blood seeped down from his neck. Charlotte’s heart broke into a thousand pieces. Her whole body was on fire.

Charlotte managed to break out of the bonds she was being held in. She sprang into action killing Nicholas first. He didn’t put up much up of a fight. Charlotte and he shared a knowing look, he wanted to die. He felt like his life was worthless. So Charlotte killed him, swiftly, a knife through his heart.

Next was Brent he put up a fight. Taking a sword out and battling against the raging queen. Brent managed to get a few jabs and cuts to Charlotte, but it wasn’t long before Charlotte blacked out with rage and killed him. She then moved queen Isabella who had been the bane of her existence for a long time.

“Please don’t do this,” Isabella begged. “I loved you like a daughter. Please.” Charlotte was consumed with rage and didn’t care, she killed the Queen. All around her the warriors of the Black Light Kingdom began to kneel. They didn’t want to lose their life, so they knelt wanting to serve their loyal leader once again.

The last thing Charlotte remembered was Jeremy and Johnathan running up to her before she closed her eyes; the pain of losing her soulmate was too much.

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