The Assassin Queen

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Chapter Thirteen

Charlotte woke up in her bed, the one that she had shared with Trevor for a few short nights. She reached her arms out hoping to find him but failed. She got up and went to the bathroom. The sunlight filled the bathroom causing to groan from a headache. She turned on the shower and stripped of her clothing. Stepping into the shower, the hot water scolded her body. She cried while showering, mourning the loss of her husband.

After her shower, she threw on some baggy clothes and decided to go get some food. She walked out of the apartment and noticed how quiet the palace was. Instead of the normal purple flags that hung from the wall, they were black. She ran her hand over face and sighed. After a three minute walk to the dining room, she sat at the table she normally set at.

“Queen Charlotte,” one of the maids came over to her. “What can I get you?”

“What day is it?” She asked.

“Wednesday, it’s been a while since you made it back. The Kitchen staff has been worried about you.”

Charlotte smiled. “Thank you, just make me whatever please? I am famished.” The maid smiled. She nodded her head and walked back into the kitchen. The door opened with Ryan and Johnathan walking in. They walked over to the Queen and sat down. Neither of them saying anything, both wore black and had bags under their eyes.

“When his funeral?” She asked.

“In two days. How are you?” Ryan asked.

“I just woke up. I am far from fine, my whole body hurts.” She said truthfully. Her head had been in her hands the whole time, not wanting to look up. Johnathan sighed causing Charlotte took lookup. Ryan’s mouth fell open at the sight at Charlotte's neck.

“What?” She spat.

“Your neck,” he gestured. She got up and found a mirror. Her hair was oily, eyes had bags around them, and a deep red line across her neck. She ran her finger across and cringed. She then looked down to her soulmate tattoo seeing that it was now black.

Charlotte slowly walked over to the table and sat down. The maid came back with water, coffee, and food. She set it down and left. Each of them grabbed what they needed and began to eat in silence.

The funeral quickly followed. It was the hardest thing Charlotte had to witness. She was still hurting, her heart was broken, her mind was at a loss. She didn’t know what to do, how to feel, how to function. Even though they had only known each other for a little while, they were meant to be and she was torn that her actions had gotten him killed. Heather was furious at Charlotte and blamed her for the whole thing. The two couldn’t even look at each other. Charlotte was a mess and Heather made it worse.

Daniel had moved back into the Palace to help Johnathan get everything back together. Ari, Anna, and even Thomas did not want to take the throne. Daniel was a bit too old, and Johnathan was not at all capable of doing the job, or so that’s what he thought. Within a week, the lords would be up here to decide who would rule the Kingdom.

After the funeral Charlotte retired to the apartment, taking off her black clothes and putting on an oversized t-shirt. She slipped into bed and tried to let sleep overcome her. But she tossed and turned for hours. When she was tired of not sleeping she got out of bed and walked to his office.

When she entered she made a straight line towards his chair and sat down. She scanned the desk seeing different papers spread all across it. She opened some of the draws and looked around. Lastly, she opened the middle drawer which triggered a noise. She looked over to see a book sticking out of the shelf.

Curious, she got up and walked over taking it out. It was a classic book, one of her favorites The Great Gatsby. She flipped through a book and found a note. On the top, it had My Queen, written on it.


I had this odd feeling, that our relationship would be short. I have put in place all the right things, to make sure you rule the Kingdom. I would trust no one but you. I hope you find someone else to make you happy. I want you to be happy.

I love you, to the moon and back.


Charlotte fell down, clutching the book and note to her chest. She couldn’t believe Trevor knew, whether it was a small inclination or a big one. She was going to be the leader of the Kingdom but was in no shape to do so. She let herself cry until there were no more tears.

The next morning, all the lords had arrived. All of them waiting to discuss the next steps of the Kingdom. Johnathan and Daniel sat at the head of the table. Along the wall sat Ari, Anna, and Thomas. Each had a coffee in hand and a water next to them. The lords had been asked to prepare a plan. So each lord had a laptop with their files ready to go.

“Good morning,” Johnathan said standing up. “The obvious first thing to do would be to pass the crown to Anna seeing that she is the oldest. However, after discussing it with her, she does not want the crown. Neither does Ari or Thomas. None of them have been prepared and would prefer to see the crown stay with Queen Charlotte.” He stated.

“We will not approve that,” Lord Duke said. Johnathan ran a hand over face and through his hair.

“What would be your reason, Lord Duke?” He asked. Lord Duke never found a good wife and went through many women throughout the year despite his age.

“She is a woman, a woman belongs in the Kitchen or in the bedroom. Not ruling a Kingdom.”

“Anything else, then your sexist views?” Johnathan spat back.

“No, we don’t think she is fit. She doesn’t have experience. She would be the downfall of the Kingdom.” All of their lords nodded their heads in agreement. With that, Charlotte made her entrance. In her hand, she held the note from Trevor and another piece of paper.

“Good thing it is not up to you.” She walked in gracefully. She stood in between Daniel and Johnathan. She handed each other them a piece of paper. Both scanned over it and traded the papers.

“These are legal, therefore this meeting is over. Queen Charlotte, you are now the rightful ruler-”

“No!” Lord Duke shot up. “If she is a ruler, then I am out.” All of the men followed his lead.

“Fine, but you will lose your lands and be stripped of your titles,” Charlotte said. A few of them stopped and came back, but Charlotte saw right through their facade. “You stood up, you were going to leave; so leave. I will not tolerate people who are only after money.” The lords that tried to put up a fight failed. Travis and Jeremy walked in and made sure they were escorted out.

“I want all of the lord’s stripped of their title and land. Make sure they leave the Kingdom within the week.” Johnathan nodded his head and wrote down the instruction.

“I don’t think that is wise, Queen Charlotte.”

“We will never change unless they are gone. I will not be undermined by them, every step of the way.” Daniel nodded his head.

“I will establish the lords to my team, there are certain people I trust and those are it.”

“Alright, I will be here for another week or so making sure everything is fine. Charlotte,” he said standing up, taking her hands into his. “How are you doing?”

She closed her eyes and looked down. “I am fine, I miss him so much.”

“I do too,” he wrapped her in his arms for a few seconds, trying to comfort her.

The family left and Charlotte walked into his office. She sat in his chair and looked around, just like she had done last night.

Charlotte looked around the office and began working. She opened up old files, reading and scanning them to gain information. She grabbed through the book, teaching her the Kingdom and their ways. She spent most of the day learning. The next day she came back and did the same until she had learned all about the new Kingdom she’s in charge of.

Charlotte spent the rest of her life taking care of the Kingdom. She did not have an heir, so she groomed Ari and Jeremy’s firstborn to become the next inline. By the time Charlotte was sixty, the next in line, Adrian was ready to take over. She was gonna be the next queen and wanted to follow in her Aunt’s footsteps.

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