The Assassin Queen

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The Palace church was decorated in its classic colors. Hundreds of people came to watch the ceremony. Charlotte sat by Jeremy watching Adrian becoming queen. The ceremony was elegant and everything Charlotte had hoped for her niece. All of them had grown close. Anna and Travis had a few kids too, all of the royals children had been given a great education and great training. The family had worked hard to make sure the Kingdom stayed at the top, which meant each child was groomed to become helpful and successful for the Kingdom.

Once Adrian was crowned, they had a party to celebrate. All of the family was there, happy to see another Queen on the throne. Charlotte watched as Adrian danced with her soulmate, they were very cute together. They had been together for a few months before the coronation.

“Excuse, Ms. Charlotte?” Charlotte turned around to see a beautiful young woman. She had short brown hair and green eyes.

“Yes?” She said.

“My name is Kylah, I’m from the Pride Lands. King Jonah’s daughter.”

“I haven't seen you since you were just a baby. How is your father?” Once Charlotte became queen, he had reached out to different lands, apart from the Light Kingdoms, Night Pride being the first to contact back.

Charlotte remembered meeting Jonah. He was a strong, handsome man with a beautiful wife. Jonah had always been open to the idea of having a woman in charge. He supported equality throughout the world, despite all of his Lords and Royal disagreeing with him.

“He passed away a while ago, leaving me the Kingdom. I am here on business. I have a proposition for you.” The young Queen stated.

“What would that be?” Charlotte asked, sipping a glass of champagne.

“I am dealing with a bunch of assholes who don’t want to see me succeed. Will you come and mentor me?” She asked. Charlotte had a wide smile on her face.

“Yes of course. It will be my honor.” She said smiling.

“That is amazing, but I need to warn you that the Pride Kingdoms, all of them, have always been run by men. Women aren’t usually in my position.”

“No worries, honey. I will help make sure the men know you mean business.”

The next day, Charlotte had packed all of her things that she deemed important. Including various books, notepads, and other items that helped her when she was ruling. Around twelve she was all packed up and ready to head to the Pride Lands.

Before leaving, she asked her driver to stop by the Royal Cemetary. After a thirty minute drive, they arrived. The driver got out and opened the car door for the Royal. She smiled and walked to her husbands grave. She laid down pink roses.

"I'm leaving for a little while, but don't worry I will be back. I love you too much, my heart still belongs to you after all these years. Even though I only knew you for a few days, a week or two at most, I loved you. You were my soulmate, a gift from the moon goddess herself. Anyways, I'm off to the Pride Lands. I am gonna help a wonderful young girl become a strong leader." Charlotte let a few tears slide down her face. She wished the outcome of her life had been a bit different. Wondered what it would be like if she would have turned King Ashton down and not became a left. She placed her lips to her hand and then to the headstone.

Charlotte's heart ached. She had a job to do. Duty before the heart. The Kingdom would always come first, no matter what kingdom it was. She clings to her training because it was the only thing in her life that didn't leave her.

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